10 Best 25th Anniversary Gifts For Parents To Make Them Feel Special


Anniversary gifts should be special every year. But when it comes to choosing the best gift for your parent’s 25th anniversary, nothing works better than the sweetest present chosen with love.

Make your Mom and Dad feel special on their silver jubilee with a range of both traditional and modern gifts like flowers, couple dinners, cake, couple spa etc. However, if you would like to make a difference and surprise your parents with a more personalized gift then opt for customized gifts. Give that personal touch with customized gifts like photo calendars, personalized clocks, personalized coffee mugs etc.

Here is a complete list of top 10 gifts for your parents 25th wedding anniversary. The exquisite collection of unique anniversary gifts ideas will definitely show your mom and dad that you truly care.

List of 10 Best 25th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

1. Then & Now Photo Frame for 25th Anniversary 

Then & Now Photo Frame

Available on: Amazon
Price: Starting at Rs.1127/-

A journey of love shall always be celebrated and if it’s your parents 25th wedding anniversary then surprising them with a Then & Now Photo frame will be one of the best options. Select the best pictures from their early married days and a picture from today. This gift will surely make them happy and joyous.

Amazon has a great collection of photo frames so get buy it from there and get great discounts.

2. Personalized Wall Clock with Parent’s Picture

Customised Photo Calender

Available on: Indian Gift Portal
Price: Starting at Rs.600/-

Get a personalized wall clock for your parent’s wedding anniversary with their most special photograph printed on it. It would be one of the best ways for your mom dad to remember the beautiful 25 years spent together every time they will glance at the clock. It’s also a great way to prove that love only grows with time.

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3. Personalized 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Card

Gift Card

Available on: Itz Cash
Price: Available in various denominations

Sometimes, picking up the best gift for parents who have everything isn’t easy. But you can still surprise your mom dad with a 25th wedding anniversary Gift Card along with a personalized message that shows how much you adore them. These gift cards can be anything from a physical gift voucher for a shooping store/site, a romantic restaurant or a couple spa. Give them the freedom to choose their own gift and make it memorable with these little gestures of love.

You can get a Gift card from Itz Cash which they can use for multi purposes. You can even avail great discounts along with cashback offers from Cashkaro.

4. Couple Rings to Mark a Milestone

Couple Rings

Available on: Amazon.in
Price: Starting from Rs. 450/-

The act of exchanging rings is an age-old tradition that signifies the purity of a relationship and the promise of commitment. Celebrate the memorable occasion of your parents 25th wedding anniversary by making them exchange these beautiful couple rings. Not only will they re-live their old days, but will also mark the milestone of their beautiful relationship. You can even personalize it with your mom dad’s wedding date engraved on it. From simple bands to diamond-studded couple bands, couple rings will surely be one of the best and memorable gifts for your parents wedding anniversary.

5. Send a Customized Photo Cake to Parents

Available on: Warm Oven
Price: Starting from Rs.399/-

While cakes are a symbol of love and longings, customization will add to that extra charm and beauty to your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary gift. So express your love for your mom and dad’s special day by ordering a personalized photo collage cake. Be sure to put a smile on their face when they see their picture embossed on the scrumptious cake.

Buy at Warm Oven and get some of the best customized cakes at great discounts.

6. Create your Parent’s Personalized Photo Book 

Personalised Photo Book

Available on: Zoomin
Price: Starting at Rs.279/-

The best way to make your parents feel special is by bringing together their sweet memories from the beautiful 25 years spent together compiled in a photo book. This would be the best gift to mark the milestone of your mom dad’s 25th wedding anniversary. Just collect all the precious moments from the past and get a Photo Book developed. We are sure your parents will feel a lot special when they reminisce about their memories.

Zoomin has some of the best photo books and you can also get great discounts on them.

7. Personalized Romantic Coffee Mugs

Customized Coffee Mugs

Available on: Flipkart
Price: Starting from Rs.279/-

Make every morning a little more special for your parents with customized coffee mugs. Your parents morning coffee will taste even sweeter sipped from mugs displaying the sweet memories from the 25 years spent together. The customized coffee mugs is a thoughtful and one of the best ways to mark your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Flipkart’s great collection accompanied with great discounts on it will make you feel happy.

8. Customized Couple Photo Calendar 

Customized Photo Calender

Available on: Canvera
Price: Starting from Rs.550/-

A personalized poster calendar for your parents is adorned with every attribute to make it the best gift for their 25th wedding anniversary. A photo calendar will let you show your parents beautiful memories more creatively. All you have to do is collect your parents best pictures and choose from a wide range of customization options for the calendar. You can not only add photos you love the most, but also choose captions, backgrounds and more.

Gift a photo calendar from Canvera and also earn discounts on the same accompanied by cashback on CashKaro.

9. Personalized Couple Cushions

Customized Couple Cushions

Available on: Ferns N Petals
Price: Starting from Rs. 350/-

Cushions are the newest way of expressing love. For your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary moment, you can shop for a cushion and customize it with your parent’s picture, name or just a sweet message. These cushions will not only make up for the best gift for your mom and dad’s anniversary, but they are also a great home accessory.

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10. Couple Watch for Parents

Couple Watch

Available on: Amazon.in
Price: Starting from Rs. 1000/-

Couple watches will make a wonderful gift for your parents 25th wedding anniversary.  You can even inscribe these watches with a personal inscription or with your parent’s name to personalize them. The bigger and more masculine one will be for your father and the sleek and delicate one for your mother. This will come in similar designs in one box. Couple watches will definitely be one of the best gifts for your parents to celebrate love and togetherness every day.

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