Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


The jingling of the Christmas bells is around the corner! The festivities are all set to begin, and Christmas vibes have already set in. It is that time of the year when your loved ones need to be showered with your affection and care.
So, giving your folks a suitable gift this Christmas will certainly suffice for your love and adulation for them.
But, finding the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones can be quite a struggle. We are here to make your search more simpler. This blog offers a list of some amazing Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones that can make their Christmas memorable.

Here Are The Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas  For Your Loved Ones

1. Santa Chair Hats For A Festive Spirit

Santa Chair Hats For A Festive Spirit

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.300/- Onwards

Thinking about the best Christmas gift ideas? Let’s make your search simpler by gifting these cute Santa chair hats to your loved ones. What is better than decorating your chairs with Santa hats on Christmas day.

These mushy Santa chair hats with plush white rims is bound to elate your loved ones. Make their Christmas cosy while they devour some sumptuous Christmas fare while sitting on chairs decked with these Santa chair hats.

2. Reindeer Lamp To Always Shine Bright

Reindeer Lamp To Always Shine Bright

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.900/- Onwards

Gleam up your loved ones’ Christmas this year by gifting them a reindeer lamp. A sophisticated wooden teakwood stand with a bottled lamp is a great Christmas gift idea for friends and family. Your loved ones can simply place this lamp on any corner table of their home on Christmas.

This will  make their place look cosy and inviting as well as usher in the festive spirit. Creating an intimate environment, you can laze in your bed while this reindeer lamp glistens at night.

3. Harry Potter Bracelet For Adding Magic 

Harry Potter Bracelet For Adding Magic 

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.599/- Onwards

Are your friends Potterheads? If yes, then what would be  best than gifting them a Harry Potter themed Bracelet? From Deathly hallows to the snitch, you can find every theme for your Potterheads. Whenever your friends will wear these Harry Potter bracelets, they will remember how much you know them.

These Harry Potter bracelets can be apt gifts when you want to present something thoughtful to your friends. Gifting these bracelets this festive season makes for the best Christmas gift ideas for your friends.

4. Beer Belt To Enjoy Beer On the Go 

Beer Belt To Never Go Out of Stock

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.599/- Onwards

Don’t let the festive spirit down! Gift your friends a Beer belt so that they would have an ample stock of beer. This quirky beer belt has six bottle holders with an adjustable click clock closure. Let your friends flaunt these ultra-cool beer belts that would allow them to stock up on their favourite beer. Moreover, whenever they enjoy beer while wearing these belts, they would always cherish your sweet efforts.

5. Bluetooth Beanie For An On-The-Go Person

Bluetooth Beanie for An On-The-Go Person

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.799/- Onwards

Providing exceptional sound, comfort, and durability to people on the go, a Bluetooth Beanie is a perfect gift choice this Christmas. In addition to keeping one warm, these winter accessories have built-in wireless headphones, and can become one’s best companion during commute to home or to work.

Let your favorite person stream his/her favorite music, or make phone calls with this bluetooth beanie headset that is available online at extremely affordable prices!

6. Whiskey Stones For A Great Drinking Experience
Whiskey Stones For A Great Drinking Experience

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.300/- Onwards

Who doesn’t like their drink chilled yet undiluted? Certainly, ice cubes tend to keep the drinks nice and cold but end up watering down the drink. Whiskey stones are odorless and flavorless objects that can keep any drink cold without contaminating the drink in any way. Choose whiskey stones as the most useful gift for your loved ones this Christmas and help them savour their drink in a delightful way!

7. Slush Maker To Satiate Quirky Cravings
 Slush Maker For Those Winter Cravings

Available On: Amazon
Price: 380/- Onwards

Some folks do have quirky cravings such as slurping on those Kaala Khattas during the winter season! Give the kids (and adults too!) the opportunity to treat themselves to delicious ice golas, slush and cold deserts. Team up this gift with a ‘Rooh Afza’ (concentrated squash) bottle. Your dear ones are sure to appreciate you for offering such a thoughtful gift.

8. Craft Beer Equipment Kit For Beer Guzzler
Craft Beer Equipment Kit for A Cocktail Lover

Available On: Amazon
Price: 7929/- Onwards

For the beer enthusiasts on your list, consider gifting this useful Craft Beer Appliance. Get your close one this kit that is complete with all the necessities to make beer and they are sure to profusely thank you. This equipment brews 2 gallons of craft beer that one can enjoy till the last sip! Buy one for your favorite person today!

9. Hammock Swing Chair To Always Rock & Roll

Hammock swing chair To Always Rock

Available On: Flipkart
Price: Rs.2199/- Onwards

Christmas is all about being joyous, so make this festive season ultra special for your loved ones. Gift them a Hammock swing chair which can also be placed indoors. This Christmas gift is perfect for lazing up on those chilly winter days while sipping a hot chocolate. An effort that shows you care would  always be remembered by your folks. So, gifting them this hammock swing chair will be a  perfect Christmas gift!

10. Furry Slippers For A Cosy Surprise

Furry Slippers For A Cosy Surprise

Available On: Flipkart
Price: Rs.359/- Onwards

What would be better than gifting something super cosy as a Christmas present? Surprise your loved ones by gifting them furry slippers. These slippers come with cushiony soft material that offers utmost comfort. These cosy slippers  keep your feet warm from those biting winter chills. Available in various patterns and colours, these furry slippers are perfect to present as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. Whenever your friends and family would wear these slippers, they will remember your care and love.

11. Santa Money Bank To Always Fulfill Dreams

Santa Money Bank To Always Fulfill Dreams

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.320/- Onwards

Want to gift the most thoughtful Christmas present? If yes, then buy a Santa money bank for your loved ones especially kids which they can use to save money in. It is a gift that would be cherished whenever they would put  some money in it. This interesting Santa money bank has a little Santa Claus sneaking up and stealing the money by placing it on the bamboo plate. Wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas with the money bank’s built in speaker now!


12. Shoe Stationery Holder As Desk Organizer

 Shoe stationery holder For Being There

Available On: AliExpress
Price: Rs.300/- Onwards

Let your friends know how special they are this Christmas! Gift them a shoe stationery holder which they can preserve for a long time. It can be placed on their work desks in which they can store their stationery.

This Christmas gift will constantly remind them of your efforts all along. Along with providing a tidy desk, it also looks beautiful as it sits effortlessly on the table. Let your friends flaunt this Christmas gift, so buy it now!

13. Christmas Coasters For Adorning Dining Tables
Christmas Coasters for Adorning Dining Tables

Available On: Amazon
Price: 199/- Onwards

Celebrate this Christmas with a wide collection of table coasters that are available in varied designs. Each coaster depicts an adorable Christmassy design and is a perfect piece for any dining table. A reasonably priced gift, Christmas coasters can be found on various online portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

14. Personalized Fridge Magnets For A Funky Décor Personalized Fridge Magnets For a Funky Décor

Available On: Amazon
Price: 149/- Onwards

Cute and adorable, personalized fridge magnets are the best decorative pieces for your mundane looking refrigerator. So, every time the recipient craves for some refrigerated food (basically several times :P), you have a chance to let them have a glance of these adorable fridge magnets that you gifted them on Christmas!

15. Cute Pajamas For A Warm Hug
Cute Pyjamas For A Warm Hug

Available On: Amazon
Price: 475/- Onwards

Gift your close pals a pair of these cute looking pajamas. They will have the opportunity to lounge around the house in these comfy pajamas. You can even club this bottom wear with their favorite fictional character Tee. Consider throwing a pajama party this Christmas and let your loved ones flaunt their lazy side in style!

16. Stocking To Fill The Day With Love

Stockings To Fill The Day With Love

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.159/- Onwards

Do you want something cute and adorable as a gift for your loved ones this Christmas? Whether you are shopping for a kid or an adult, this small yet endearing gift is sure to delight someone special. These Stockings can be used for holding Christmas gifts, such as candies and decorations. Give your favorites the opportunity to hang this adorbs while they eagerly wait for Santa to arrive!

17. Christmas Carols CD For A Merry Surprise

Christmas Carols CD For A Merry Surprise

Available On: Flipkart
Price: Rs.399/- Onwards

Is Christmas around the corner and you haven’t decided what to gift your loved ones? Here is a simple hack, gift a CD loaded with beautiful Christmas carols. Your friends and family will simply love your sweet efforts when they will play the CD on Christmas and sing the carols.

Are you wondering how to make this CD more personal? Then, wrap it up with a red wrapping paper and stick a note telling them how special they are.

18. Jumbo Jenga For A Playful Get-together
Jumbo Jenga For A Playful Get-together

Available On: Amazon
Price: 199/- Onwards

Is your hand steady enough to pull out that last block before the tower collapses? A fun and interactive game for any party, Jenga is a very interesting block-stacking – stack-crashing game. Gift this party perfect game to your loved ones and help them make the most of any festive occasion.

19. Scented Christmas Candles To Create Festive Ambience

Scented Christmas Candles For Sweet Fragrances

Available On: Amazon
Price: Rs.280/- Onwards

Delve into the aroma of Christmas with these scented Christmas candles. These candles are bound to fill your loved ones’ festive day with beautiful aromatic scents. Available in various fragrances, you can also select each of these scented candles in different shapes and sizes. Your friends and family can light them on special occasions and they would love to know how much you mean to them.

20. DIY Gift Basket For A Sweet GestureDIY Gift Basket For A Sweet Gesture

A love basket comprising of a plum cake and a wine bottle is a mainstream yet the sweetest Christmas gift to surprise your loved ones. Buy one today and top it up with carnations and attractive decorative pieces to give an appealing look to the gift basket.

We are certain to have sorted your Christmas Gift dilemma by now and put you in the perfect gifting mood. Use any of the above ideas and be ready to surprise your loved ones!
Merry Christmas, fellas!

Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)
Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)

An ideator, a wanderer and a compulsive connoisseur of food, Nishtha aims to become a globe trotter someday. Acclaimed as a silent ninja on her work desk, she loves to live wild and free outside of work. A perfect paradigm of the rarely spotted ambiverts, she loves weaving magic by penning down her thoughts.

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