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Finding a pen when you need it does not happen with everyone. Most of us keep losing pens in the clutter of our desks. The way out of this is to keep your stationeries organized with a pen stand.

Even though we live in a digital world, we all come across the need of a pen or a pencil at least once a day, be it a sudden phone call where you need to pen down something or to sign that courier receipt. But with things disorganized all over your desks, getting the required item in the right time becomes difficult.

Just one simple pen holder can change the way you work on your desk. Not only does pen holders ensure help in bringing organization to your desk, they enhance the look of your table. Check out some amazing pen holders to personalize your desks.

Top 5 Pen Stands

1. MeRaYo Metal Mesh Desk Organizer

Featuring 3 sturdy mesh compartments, this desk organizer is perfect for keeping your stationery at one place. It is spacious enough to store scales, pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, clips, staplers, rubber bands, sticky notes as well as lip balms. The black metal mesh further adds to its classy appearance while its non-slip pad prevents it from falling off the table due to sudden hits or jerks.

Wide Usability

This metal mesh organizer can be used in offices, homes, as a makeup organizer, as well as in the kitchen.

People’s Pick

2. Craft Trade Clock Pen Stand

Declutter your child’s study or your office desk with this amazing pen stand cum clock from Craft Trade. This dual-purpose pen stand has been beautifully crafted by indigenous artisans and adds a personal touch to your desk. It has the Ashoka Pillar and the National Flag attached to it and makes a great addition to your desk if you take pride in flaunting your patriotism.

Ideal for Gifting

It is simple, useful, and crafty – makes for a great gift for all.

Premium Choice

3. Nexplora Industries

If you are bored of the same old-fashioned pen stands and looking for a unique piece, this is for you. It comes in the eye-catching shape of a bicycle cart, which serves as the compartment to store your stationery. This amazingly designed pen holder can instantly light up your desk with its quirky design. This uniquely designed piece makes for a great gifting idea as well.

Antique Finish

This pen stand is made with high-quality metal and has a glossy black finishing that gives it an antique look.

Next Best

4. Cartshopper

If you are in search of a pen stand that is simple, stylish, and fits your budget, go for this pen stand by Cartshopper. This pen stand features a wooden body with rich brown polish. The multifunctional stand will keep your office desk tidy and clutter-free. It is lightweight and has five compartments with ample space to store several stationery items. You can also store coins, rubber bands, and pen drives in the small drawer.


This stylish pen stand is made with high-quality wood that gives a sophisticated look to your desk.

Value for Money

5. Almand Pen Holder

This pen holder can very nicely fit into any décor and allows you to store a good number of stationeries. It has four compartments, all different sizes. The bigger one can be used to keep pens, pencils, highlighters and rulers, while the smaller ones are perfect to store erasers, stapler pins, sharpeners, clips and other small supplies. This multifunctional pen holder does not occupy much space and therefore, can be a good choice even if you have a small desk.


This pen stand cum desk organizer is made with stainless steel and its matte black mesh design brightens up your desk while keeping it clutter-free.

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