5 Best Table Fans to Beat the Heat

Top 5 Table Fans

Are you looking for table fans at an affordable price range? By knowing your options, you can get an efficient, lightweight and modern fan within your budget. A good table fan blows air uniformly at desirable speeds and use less electricity than conventional ceiling fans. The best table fans are built with innovative technology to provide the high airflow and have a compact design. Not only do they work well, but their commendable aesthetics will also blend with the interiors of your room.

Top 5 Table Fans

1. KWT

The KWT table fan is the ultimate modern solution to your cooling needs. It has three-speed settings that efficiently deliver cool air throughout the room. This fan can be easily charged using solar energy. It is equipped with an attractive LED light that can be used with or without the fan as required with a button’s push. As per usage and setting, the runtime varies between 3-8 hours. It has a compact design that allows easy placement on the table, and it can also be mounted on a wall.

Rechargeable Battery

This battery operated cordless fan can efficiently operate on both AC and DC modes.

Popular Choice

2. Usha Table Fan

With a modern and elegant design, Usha Maxx Air Table Fan gives a high air delivery. The fan has an aerodynamic design and provides a jerk-free experience. It has a strong durable body and a copper motor which gives it a long life.

High Speed

This table fan is designed with semi-transparent polypropylene blades that are lightweight and run smoothly at high speeds.

Most Trusted Choice

3. Crompton Table Fan

Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan comes with an off-white body colour that is easy on the eyes. It has a wide base for extra stability. The fan is sturdy and delivers high speed operation with no noise.


The fan has a plastic body and blades that makes it light weight, stable and gives excellent performance.

Premium Choice

4. URBAN KING Table Fan

URBAN KING Table Fan comes with a stylish design that looks good in shop counters, bathroom, kitchen, study room or a showroom. The knob at the bottom of the fan has three-level control for speed. It has an auto-cut function in case the motor overheats because of some reason.


The fan is lightweight and can be carried easily. It can be mounted on the wall or can be used as a table fan.

Value for Money

5. Harman Industries Table Fan

Harman Industries table fan can be used as a wall-mounted fan as well. Equipped with a powerful 3-speed aluminium motor, it can deliver cold air quickly. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooling requirements.

Jerk and Heat Protection

This table fan features a pivot arrangement for shielding it against jerks as well as an overheat protection for the motor.

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