6 Hilarious Online Shopping Reviews That Will Leave You ROFL!

Every once in a while an amazing product comes along and turns out to be a complete game changer. So much so that people don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for an enriching experience. However, as with all things, not everything goes right every time! A few products, in hopes of making the cut, fail miserably owing to one important factor – exorbitant pricing.

While it’s normal for people to express their dissatisfaction through online reviews, a few go overboard on sarcasm to make a laughing stock of the overpriced products.

Here’s a compilation of some of the hilarious reviews from sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. that will leave you in splits of laughter.

1. No Money? No Regrets!

Funny Online Shopping Review - Selling Everything for Headphone

2. Trading eyes for binoculars

Funny Online Shopping Reviews for Binoculars

3. A Pen for Women! Seriously?

Funny Amazon Review - Bic Pens for Her

4. When Headphones are costlier than your Bike.

Flipkart Hilarious Headphones Review

 5. After all, it is an iPhone!

Apple iPhone 5S Funny Review

6. Phew! That was close.

Funny Laptop ReviewGuess shopping sites are NOT just for shopping any more 😛


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