7 Best 90s Watches for Kids

Admit it or not, 90s was the best time. Life was simple and sedate back then unlike today where everything is high-tech and perplexing. Everything about the 90s was exemplary, be it cartoons, pop songs, fashion, tazo cards, walkman, watches, or mobile phones. Though we are progressing in life, I guess we are also losing our peace of mind.

Today, we dedicate this article to one of the highlights of the 90s.

List of Top 7 Watches from 90s 

1. Casio Youth Digital Watch F91W 1DG and A15WA- DF

Casio 90s watches

The Casio youth collection was a big hit. There were two models, one with the rubber strap and the other with stainless steel. The best part was you could set an alarm or use it as a stopwatch. Cherry on the cake: water resistance feature.

2. Sonata NF7921PP15J

sonata 90s watch

Sonata is one of the sub-brands of Titan which is a joint venture between Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TNIDC). Sonata was the show stopper of the 90s and this watch would surely remind you of your school days. There is nothing exceptional about Sonata NF7921PP15J. Just enjoy the sight.

3. Maxima Aqua Analog Watch 02244PPGW

Maxima 90s watch

Maxima is one of the oldest and trusted watch brands in India. The Aqua collection is sober, simple, and just enough to keep a tab on time. You might remember Maxima analog watch by its plastic band which is more inflexible than Sunny Deol’s dance steps.

4. Titan Karishma Analog Watch NE9151BM02

Titan old watch NE9151BM02

The bestselling wedding gift in Indian wedding back in 90s- Titan Karishma collection. The watch has everything from stainless steel band to silver-gold imported touch.

5. Timex Expedition MF13

Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Unisex Watch - MF13

Though Timex Expedition collection is still a hot pick, it made its presence in the 90s. The watch sports both analog and digital format. People who used to wear it spent most of their time at cloud 9.

6. Baby-G Series by Casio G-Shock

Baby-g watches

The Baby-G series was launched in 1991 to woo women. It soon became a hit and Baby-Gs was predominantly visible in movies and with college girls.

7. Swatch Vintage Collection

swatch vintage watches

Swatch watches were the definition of cool in 90s. Everyone would have at least two of them. Nothing can be more rad than this.

Nostalgic enough?


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