10 Awesome Surprise Birthday Gift Ideas

You cannot think of a birthday without thinking of gifts. Birthdays and gifts are synonymous of each other and people always expect and also plan on giving a surprise birthday gift. While there are endless options of what you can gift someone on their birthday and surprise them, some people may find it difficult to narrow down on the perfect gift. There are some of us who are always battling with questions like ‘What can we do special on a birthday?’ or ‘What can I surprise my boyfriend with?’ We bring to you a list of the best surprise birthday gift ideas that will surely help you in finding an ideal gift for anyone.

Here’s a List of Our 10 awesome surprise birthday gift ideas

  1. Personalised Photobook

Available at: archiesonline.com

Price: Rs. 499

This is a gift you can surprise anyone with. You can make a customised photobook for your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or best friend. Just make sure you have sufficient pictures and awe them with your creativity. Collect pictures from their childhood and other important events of their life and arrange them in an artistic way in this lovely scrap book. Write some short messages or quotes too as it will make the gift even more thoughtful and personal.

2. Books

Available at: amazon.in

Price: Rs. 180

For a person who loves reading, there can be no better gift than books. No matter how many books they own and have read, they’re always wanting more. Gift your book-loving friend a book of their favourite genre or something they’ve been wanting to read for a long time. They will be ecstatic by your surprise birthday gift and will cherish it forever.

3. Surprise Road Trip Voucher

Available at: makemytrip.com

Price: as per your choice

If it is the birthday of someone who loves to travel then the best thing you can gift them with is a surprise road trip. Keep the destination a secret from them, buy them a travel voucher and wait to see their excitement throughout the journey. This can be a surprise birthday gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend, anyone at all and it will be one of the best birthdays for them.

4. Earphones or headphones

Available at: amazon.in

Price: Rs. 2499

We all love listening to music. It is our favourite companion in a lot of our daily activities. Get a pair of earphones or headphones for your friend depending upon what he/she prefers. They will carry these with them while traveling or going for a jog and enjoy great quality music. These are one of the best earphones while have amazing quality and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Watches

Available at: amazon.in

Price: Rs. 2390

There is no one who does not like a watch. It is an essential part of our daily get-up for work or informal events. It is a vital accessory for everyone. Gift a classy, elegant watch to the birthday person as it will be very useful for them. You can buy it from any online shopping site as they give you multitudes of options and variety. This is a common gift and can be given to your partner, spouse or friend.

6. For a Cologne Connoiseur

Available at: myntra.com

Price: Rs. 2399

If it is the birthday of someone who loves fragrances then the best gift for them will be a perfume they have been lusting after for a long time. Surprise them by gifting a bottle of an exquisite and luxurious perfume which they are surely going to love. Make sure you know which scent they like and which they don’t.

7. Printed T-shirts

Available at: souledstore.com

Price: Rs. 549

If your friend belongs to any fandom, this will be an amazing gift for them. There are many online shopping portals that sell T-shirts printed with famous quotes or symbols of popular movies, books and TV series. Find something apt for your friend and surprise them with this T-shirt.


8. The Favourite Outfit

Available at: myntra.com

Price: Rs. 4613

Is there any outfit your friend can’t stop thinking about but cannot buy because of some reason? If yes, then think of the look of joy and amazement on their face when they open the packaging of the gift you give them and find out it is that very outfit! If the outfit is a little too much on your pocket then another friend can contribute and you both can give it as a gift together.

9. Cake and Flowers Combo

Available at: archiesonline.com

Price: Rs. 1299

It is a special person’s birthday but you’ve been too busy to get them a nice gift. What do you do to surprise them? Don’t worry, there is something at rescue. If you don’t have time but still want to get something special for the birthday person, buy a bouquet of flowers and a cake of their favourite flavour. A birthday isn’t complete without a cake and flowers always put a smile on anyone’s face. It will be an ideal gift for your partner you have just begun a relationship with.

10. Spa Voucher

Most people these days are working and hence they have a very hectic and busy schedule. This makes it difficult for them to find quality time for themselves. Surprise someone on their birthday with a spa voucher so that they can get a spa and relax completely. This is a very thoughtful gift and they will appreciate how caring you are.


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