Vandana Luthra’s VLCC has one motive. The company strives to imbibe wellness and beauty in each and every life. Through its various services including weight loss programs, beauty treatments and more, the wellness organization has spread thousands of smiles. Now, VLCC has come a long way from being solely a beauty service company. It also manufactures some amazing beauty products that will enhance your natural beauty and present the best version of you to the world. Here are some VLCC products that you must include in your beauty routine:

VLCC Gold Radiance Facial Kit

The skin’s natural luminosity is restored with the anti-ageing properties of pure gold. The kit contains a gold scrub, peel-off mask, gel and cream. The hydrated, smooth and supple skin that you’ve dreamt about is just a facial away.


VLCC Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Add moisture to your skin while giving it a heady cocoa aroma with this body lotion. The lotion also contains SPF 15 so you can protect your skin from dryness as well as sun damage.


VLCC Matt Look Sunscreen SPF 30++

If you’ve got the oily skin woes then regular sunscreens will just add fuel to the fire. Forego greasy sun defense products and get your hands on the Matt Look sunscreen. The broad spectrum gives you unmatched protection while the matt formulation keeps your skin fresh and sweat-free all day long.


VLCC Almond Under-Eye Cream

Dark circles can be irksome and stubborn leaving you with no other option but to cover up with makeup. Say goodbye to them forever with this under eye cream enriched with almonds. Vitamin E paired with the goodness of chamomile extracts increases blood circulation while eradicating pigmentation under the eyes.


VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution 2-in-1 Scrub Pack 

Today’s pollution can leave even the most flawless face looking dull and lifeless. It can also lead to breakouts and skin allergies. Remove harmful pollutants with this miraculous anti-pollution scrub that also works as a mask. Exfoliate away impurities to reveal incredibly smooth and healthy skin.


VLCC Kajal

An all-natural kajal with licorice and camphor extracts, this product will not only add drama to your eyes but also protect them from fungus, bacteria and inflammation. It nourishes and relaxes the eyes giving you complete value for your money.



VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Serum

With the skin elixir Comfrey as the main ingredient, this whitening serum reduces dark spots, scars and pigmentation, leaving you with flawless, radiant skin. Being composed primarily of all natural ingredients, the serum is suitable for all skin types.


VLCC Shape Up – Waist & Tummy Trim Gel

Achieve your flat tummy – slender waist goals with this no-fuss gel. Simply apply the gel to your target areas and the fast acting soy protein extracts will work their magic and start melting your fat.


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