Best Tea Bags for an Instant Fix

Explore the best tea bags for all tea types, from classic Assam tea to green tea and a lot more.

The marketplace is brimming with an overwhelming tea range from cutting chai to infusion brews to gourmet tea. Most tea lovers swear by tea powder and leaves for brewing the perfect cup of tea. However, the teabag is a real saviour for many helping them brew a perfect cup in a jiffy. Tea bags come in different flavours, containing a blend of tea leaves, spices, and herbs in the right amount to offer an outstanding tea experience. Tea bags are super easy to use – simply pour hot water over the teabag, add sugar, milk, and toppings as required and enjoy. We bring you a quick reckoner of some of the best tea bags to suit all your tea needs.

Best Tea Bags for an Instant Fix

1. Exotic Flavours

If you are looking for multiple flavours in a single pack – Onlyleaf is your best bet. It contains 100% whole leaf tea that releases lesser tannins and is hence less bitter. It comes in a whole gamut of green tea flavoured with the goodness of herbs in a pack of 20 tea bags. You can have a one of a kind tea tasting experience with different flavours of ashwagandha, chamomile, dandelion, hibiscus, cinnamon, clove, lemon, jasmine, moringa, rose, turmeric, ginger, tulsi, mint, and natural spices.

Pyramid Shaped

These tea bags are pyramid-shaped, allowing the leaves to expand and infuse almost to their full potential. You can use a single bag twice.

Editor’s Choice

2. Combo Pack

This offering by Taj Mahal comes in a combo pack of loose tea leaves and tea bags. You can use these tea bags for a quick caffeine fix and conveniently brew a perfectly balanced cup of flavour and strength.


This tea bag is tasted, graded, and blended at the Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre.

Premium Choice

3. Chamomile

This chamomile infusion from the house of Twinings is a caffeine-free alternative. It is entirely natural and sugar-free, and extends a delicate and gentle taste. It envelopes dried chamomile flowers in 25 tea bags. You can simply steep it in hot water and enjoy it after a long day at work.


Brew this subtle and flowery infusion at bedtime to absorb the soothing aromas of chamomile flowers.

Popular Choice

4. Green Tea with Lemon and Honey

Vedaka tea bags contain high-quality and hand-picked tea leaves. This tea bag is flavoured with lemon and honey, making it easier to brew. You will get 100 tea bags in a single purchase of this pack.

Zero Calories

When taken without any added milk or sugar, this tea is a calorie-less beverage.

Trusted Choice

5. Assortment

From whole leaf tea powders to flavoured tea bags, Vahdam boasts an impressive range of tea varieties. This pack contains 15 tea bags with different variants of classic black tea, masala chai, and flavoured green tea. These tea bags are a climate-neutral and plastic-neutral certified product.

Single Origin

The tea leaves used in these tea bags are of a single origin.

Expert Recommended

6. Tulsi

Organic India has earned quite a reputation in the tea section of every supermarket. These 25 infusion bags contain expertly blended tulsi herb for a full-bodied flavour. It is an organic product, free from chemicals and preservatives. Additionally, it is fresh in taste and is soothing to the senses.

Caffeine Free

These tea bags contain the leaves and flowers of tulsi. It is an excellent alternative to caffeinated tea.

Most Loved

7. Vitamin C

Tetley green tea bags are infused with ginger, mint, and lemon for an added burst of taste. Besides being rich in antioxidants, this tea bag is supplemented with added vitamin C to boost immunity. You can avail of 100 tea bags in a single pack.


This tea bag is a 100% plastic-free and staple free option.

Value Pick

8. 25 Tea bags

Dabur Vedic Suraksha tea bags are a potent blend of green tea and herbs. The premix bags of green tea pack a punch of good health by including tulsi, shunthi, black pepper, cinnamon, and raisins in the recipe.

5 Herbs

This green tea is blended with the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs to bolster immunity.

Smart Choice

9. Masala Chai

The Wagh Bakri masala chai tea bag is for all the tea lovers out there who like their tea extra spicy. This instant premix comes in 100 tea bags and allows you to prepare a rich and warm masala chai within minutes. This masala tea bag blends tea leaves with flavourful spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, ginger, piper longum, and nutmeg.


Each teabag is enveloped in double-chambered packaging.

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