10 Best Gifts For a Mom-To-Be on Her Baby Shower

It’s a happy feeling to know that a close friend or a family member is going to become a mother. As and when the time for the baby shower arrives, we immediately start thinking about the best baby shower gifts that we can get for the mom-to-be. Inevitably, we want to gift nothing but the best and keep looking for perfect baby shower gift ideas. Before the baby comes along, it is time to shower a lot of care, attention and pampering to the mom-to-be. We have come up with a really thoughtful baby shower gift list that a mom-to-be will not only enjoy having but will also help her gather the basics for herself and the baby. Whether you want the mom to spend some relaxing time or shower her with toys for the baby’s first few years, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 Best Gifts for a Mom-to-be on Her Baby Shower

1. A Plush Total Body Pillow For Comfortable Slumber

Available at: Flipkart
Price: Rs. 1624

Finding a comfortable position to sleep in during pregnancy is a difficult proposition. A pregnant woman’s body goes through a lot of changes and it causes a lot of discomfort to her. This patented body pillow is exactly what she needs to doze off in deep slumber. This curved pillow moulds itself to an expectant mother’s frame to support problem areas like hips, back, neck and tummy. What is more amazing about this pillow is that it is temperature controlled and can be washed in a washing machine.

2. A Spa Kit For Mom-to-be for Some Pampering

Spa Kit Mom-To-Be

Available at: Amazon
Price: Rs. 1689

An all-natural and pregnancy safe mom spa set makes a perfect baby shower gift for mom as she can indulge in pampering herself while taking care of the baby. A certified toxin-free bump box contains a 100% natural body butter, body wash, stretch oil and a foot cream that moisturizes the body and gives the mom-to-be a much-needed relaxation time.

3. A Nursing Cover For Comfortable Feed

Available at: Snapdeal
Price: Rs. 890

These days mothers don’t sit back at home after delivering the baby. They take time to rest and heal and then they are out and about, doing their jobs and chores themselves. They can’t always keep their baby at home and hence there are times when they have to feed the baby in public. This nursing cover is perfect for feeding the baby at public places removing any fear of an awkward situation. A mother can feed her baby very comfortably in this nursing cover which comes in pretty prints and patterns.

4. A Spacious Diaper Bag For the Would-be Mother

Diaper Bag

Available at: Superbottoms
Price: Rs. 2199

After the baby is born, the mother has to carry a lot of things with her whenever she goes out with her baby. She needs to find space for a lot of handy stuff like diapers, napkins, extra clothes, lotions, feeding bottles etc. Therefore, a large and spacious bag would be an ideal baby shower gift for the expecting mother to help her carry everything she needs.

5. Pregnancy and Post-delivery Help Books For Expectant Mom

Available at: Amazon
Price: Rs. 170

This is a very thoughtful and helpful gift for a mom-to-be. She will absolutely need a lot of help understanding and knowing about this new chapter in her life and what will be better than these books written by experienced moms and nurses to guide her through. Gift her these books so that she is more aware and well-informed pertaining to the varied nuances of motherhood.

6. Pram for the Baby to Go Around In

Available at: Flipkart
Price: Rs. 3500

Once the baby is born it becomes difficult for the mother to go around doing her chores like going to buy grocery or shopping. She can’t leave the baby at home and carrying the baby along is a difficult task. Gift her this beautiful and comfortable pram for the baby so that she can conveniently go about shopping while keeping the baby with her.

7. Soft-toys for Babies

Available at: Amazon
Price: Rs. 419

Soft toys are among a few things that warmly welcome a baby in the new world and add to their joy. We all know that babies love toys and spend most of their time playing with them. Toys are a good way to decorate the baby’s room or cot. Buy soft toys in vibrant colours or animal shapes, and wait to see the baby playing with them all day long.

8. Breast Pump for Easy Nursing

Breast Pump

Available at: Firstcry
Price: Rs. 1528

An ergonomically shaped and easy to carry breast pump makes nursing a newborn very easy. It allows the mom to be more comfortable and keeps the milk safe if stored. It is easy to clean and work with so that the mom can stay relaxed all day. This is definitely one of the best baby shower gifts for a mother.

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9. Comfy Maternity Clothes For That Baby Bump

Available at: Myntra
Price: Rs. 1295

Carrying a baby means going through a lot of physical discomfort and pain for quite a long time and also putting on weight during the phase. Gifting comfortable in loose maternity clothes will be one of the most ideal baby shower gifts for the expecting mother. Choose clothes in fabrics like cotton so that she is cosy and comfortable in them. This certainly makes into the baby shower gift list as it is one of the most useful things you can gift a mom-to-be.

10. Myntra Gift Card For Her Maternity Needs

Myntra Gift Card for a Great Anniversary Shopping Experience

Available at: Myntra
Price: Rs. 500 onwards

If you’re thinking really hard but can’t decide upon a gift because you don’t want to go wrong and want to gift something which is absolutely the best, we have you covered. Give her the gift of choice with a Myntra gift card. Myntra has an amazing range of maternity clothes, kids clothing, as well as comfy footwear. She’ll be spoilt for choice and completely impressed with your choice of gift.


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