Best Ayurvedic Soap Brands

While it is absolutely essential to have good soap for a cleaning shower, soaps that adversely affect the skin over a long period of time can slowly deplete the skin of its natural moisturizers and make it dry and flaky. It can also increase the problem of irritation and those who want to avoid all of that could use Ayurvedic soaps instead. They are completely safe and usually come with a medicated formula that helps to resolve a number of skin problems as well. Here are some of the best known Ayurvedic brands and they are listed along with their prices.

The Best Brands for Ayurvedic Soap

1. Best Himalaya ayurvedic soap

Himalaya ayurvedic soap has now made a permanent place in almost all Indian homes and they are infused with the goodness of all natural ingredients. The soap have elements of nature like turmeric, lavender and sandalwood and are very effective in keeping skin rashes and pimples at bay. They are priced around Rs 80 to Rs 120.

2. Best Kama Ayurveda ayurvedic soap

Kama has been associated with organic soaps for quite some time. The soaps are free from any kind of chemicals and they are known for their natural fragrances and lush texture. They instantly make the skin feel soft and supple and are one of the best brands around. The soaps are priced around 525 a bar and are a little expensive.

3. Best Chandrika ayurvedic soap

Chandrika mainly uses herbal ingredients like tulsi and neem in its soap and it has antibacterial properties. The soaps contain very little detergent base and are by and large quite good for skin that are also quite affordable, priced around Rs 35 a piece. Using the soap daily can remove a number of skin issues for good.

4. Best Biotique ayurvedic soap

Biotique Bio soaps are known for their chemical free formula and the soaps are not cosmetic products, also known to have therapeutic properties. The goodness of natural ingredients like rosewater, yoghurt, cucumber and papaya are mixed with the soaps which makes them one of the best of its segment in the market. They are priced around Rs 85.

5. Best Lotus Herbals ayurvedic soap

Lotus Herbal soaps are light and are free from parabens, which make them ideal for those with skin problems. The soaps are naturally infused with the goodness of honey, sunflower extracts and clay, and they are ideal for both young and mature skin. One can have the soaps around a price point of Rs 90.

6. Best Medimix ayurvedic soap

One of the most loved ayurvedic soaps in India, Medimix is made from the knowledge of herbs and medicinal properties of plants from years of research. The soaps are known to have antibacterial properties and are a great way to bathe when skin rashes and irritation from germs and perspiration is on the rise. The soaps are priced around Rs 55 a bar.

7. Best Khaadi ayurvedic soap

Khaadi Soaps are made without any kind chemical mixtures and they are hundred percent natural. The brand has made steady progress thanks to the love and trust of the buyers as the soaps are extremely mild and gentle on the skin. There are also soaps available for various skin types. One can have the soaps around a price of Rs 145.

8. Best Vaadi ayurvedic soap

Vaadi Naturals is a premium herbal brand and the soaps are made with natural and organic ingredients. They are soaps are especially good for those who have pertinent skin issues like acne and pimples, or suffer from problems of dark spot or tanning. The soaps are priced around Rs 120 a bar and are quite affordably priced.

9. Best VLCC ayurvedic soap

VLCC soaps are made with premium ingredients and combine the best of technology with the knowledge of ayurveda. The soaps have a mild and gentle base and there are great for those who have skin allergies and other similar problems. Priced around Rs 90 to Rs 110, the soaps are great for the entire family.

10. Best Lever Ayush ayurvedic soap

Ayush Lever has brought their Ayurvedic soaps to the public and the product has garnered good reviews from the users. The soaps are not just mild, but they are soft on the skin and do not cause dryness of itching at all. Priced around Rs 40, they are also one of the most affordable soaps in the market in this segment.

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