10 Best Brands of Soap For Pimples – Complete Guide With Price Range

Pimples and acne can cause a lot of skin issues and although one tries a lot of home remedies, they take time to yield any results and often one needs some immediate action, especially if there is some interesting coming up. Moreover, pimples have to be treated consistently to be able to get rid of them and this is why it is important to choose the best soap for tackling them over a long period of time. Here are some of the best soap brands with their prices which are known to be effective against acne.

The Best Brands of Soap for Pimples

1. Best Cetaphil soap for pimples

Cetaphil contains salic acid, one of the best medications against acne and it helps in reducing pimples as well as removes the marks left behind by them. The soap is priced around Rs 75 for a bar is a good product for those who suffer from pimples. It also helps in reducing excessive oil, one of the main causes for pimples.

2. Best Margo soap for pimples

Margo soap is made from the extracts of Neem and also contains the goodness of Tulsi. The soap has anti bacterial properties and is quite effective against skin problems because of its anti- bacterial properties. It reduces and then eliminates the bacteria that cause pimples to grow. A bar can be had around a price of Rs 40.

3. Best Savlon soap for pimples

Savlon is an antiseptic soap and is effective in markedly reducing skin issues, including pimples, but keeping the skin clean and disinfected. It might have a slightly drying effect but that can be mitigated by a moisturizer. The soap cleans away dirt and grime and eliminates causes of pimples to grow. They are affordably priced around Rs 35.

4. Best Dettol soap for pimples

This is a another soap that has been a standard in all Indian homes from a long time and also helps against a number of skin problems. The antiseptic formula helps the skin to breathe and reduces the occurrence of pimples by removing germs that fester. Priced at around Rs 45, this is a great soap for maintaining overall health and hygiene.

5. Best Richfeel Calendula Acne Soap for pimples

Calendula is herb known for its medicated properties and it has been proven to be very effective against pimples. The soap is hydrating and does not dry out the skin too much as well. It also has a very mild and beautiful fragrance and the occurrence of pimples is markedly reduced over time. A bar can cost around Rs 50.

6. Best Wow Acne Deep Impact soap for pimples

Wow soap has an entire range of skin treatment and therapy for acne, but the soap is a good place to start. Priced around Rs 150, it is highly recommended for those with oily skin and those who have a problem with recurring pimples. The soap treats the problem from within and helps in combating excessive oiliness as well. The soap is priced around Rs 100.

7. Best Lushveda Anti acne Tea tree soap for pimples

Lushveda anti- acne soap contains the goodness of tea tree, neem and clay- all the ingredients that not just reduced acne, but also helps in achieving glowing skin. Those who have sensitive skin and only want to use herbal products are going to love this soap. The soap is priced around Rs 185 and has been very highly rated by users.

8. Best Stiefel Acne soap for pimples

A very good medicated soap for acne, the Stiefel acne soap has deep cleansing formula and clears out the pores, removing all the excess oil, dirt and sebum, which is one of the main causes of pimples. The soap is detergent free and does not dry out the skin either. One can buy the soap at a price of Rs 125.

9. Best C- Tosc soap for pimples

C-Tosc is a medicated soap and bathing bar, meant for treating acne and pimples and also minor skin issues like rashes. The soap helps is cleaning the pores effectively and also minimizes the damage against pollution that adversely affects the skin. A bar of soap can be had around Rs 155.

10. Best Ionic Activated Charcoal soap for pimples

Activated charcoal is known to pull out all dirt and grime, one of the principal causes of acne and pimples and the Ionic soap is one of a kind in this regard. The formula is especially made from user reviews and with time can significantly reduce pimples till the stop completely. They are priced affordably around Rs 135.

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