12 Best Baby Walkers in India for Your Tiny Toddlers

Babies need constant support and encouragement to reach various milestones. Walking is no different! Baby walkers are a great way to help your child gain confidence for their eventual first steps. The best baby walkers come in varied materials, styles, and safety features to encourage your child’s walking skills. Aside from using it as a fun way to incorporate walking as a skill, these probably make for the best birthday gifts for toddlers.

That said, it is recommended to monitor your child when using a walker to ensure complete safety. Given we are spoilt for choice, we have enlisted the best baby walkers to help you get through that overwhelming shopping experience.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Right Baby Walkers For You?

Your youngster needs assistance or support that enables them to take tiny steps as soon as they begin to develop. A baby walker is usually helpful for assisting newborns with their first steps. In India, a good quality baby walker costs anywhere between Rs 1,999 to Rs 9,999. Before you jump into our recommendations for the best baby walkers in India, take a look at the factors that helped us decide on the best products for your baby.


The first thing you should look into while buying a baby stroller is its base. Baby strollers with wide bases offer additional safety benefits. It lessens the chance that the infant may get a catastrophic injury if the walker tips over and falls. Second, if the base is very broad, it could be wider than your doors. This prevents your toddler from entering and exiting places they shouldn’t.

Weight and Manoeuvrability

Your baby may not like using the baby walker if it is too heavy, as they might not be able to move it at all. Look for a baby walker that has an ideal weight and can be manoeuvred freely. Spin the walker around a few times to gauge how freely you can move it. If it needs a lot of effort to move, move on and inspect another one.


The next thing you should do while buying a baby walker is checking it for defects. Carefully examine every part of it, looking for rough edges and loose pieces. Check everything as thoroughly as you want to ensure that there is nothing in the walker that might harm the infant.

Other features

Lastly, as a parent, you must also look into the additional features of the baby walker. This is crucial because when your kid is in the walker, you are providing some independence. Seat belts should be an obvious additional feature that is appreciated. Wheel locks are another useful feature that will hold him in place if you have to look away from the child for a while. Additionally, with the wheel lock feature, you can convert the walker into a sturdy seat for mealtimes.

List of Top 12 Baby Walkers in India

Sunbaby Rocking Walker

Sunbaby Rocking Walker

The Sunbaby walker has a sturdy design and is packed with musical toys. The 2 faced duck and the mini piano with 5 melodious nursery rhymes and flashing lights make it one of the best baby walkers out there. The thick cushions provide comfortable seating. Additionally, the 360-degree rotational wheels aid in easy movement.

With a backrest, footrest, 3-point height adjuster, and detachable toy tray, this baby walker is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure that your child stays entertained and active.

Prominent Features of the Sunbaby Rocking Walker:

  • The Sunbaby Walker has EN71- European Standard Certifications as well as an ISI certification since safety is a top priority
  • The front and rear wheels of the Sunbaby Walker can be removed effortlessly to create a smooth rocking function
  • The height-adjustable walker with safety locks allows you to change the height as per your baby’s height


  • Sturdy and safe design
  • Easily adjustable as per convenience
  • Curved smooth edges for safety


  • Hooks for the seat may not be of high quality

Why We Picked the Sunbaby Rocking Walker?

The Sunbaby Rocking Walker is yet another cutting-edge product that aids your baby in taking his life’s first steps. The walker’s base can be twisted and rotated downward by pushing a button as per convenience. Additionally, your infant may dance to the five nursery songs and the colour-changing lights.

Mee Mee Baby Walker

Mee Mee Baby Walker
Mee Mee

One of the best baby walkers, this Mee Mee baby walker is a sturdy two-in-one feature of the walker and stroller – thanks to the push handles. The baby car seat is crafted with high-quality fabric and comes with a backrest.

Moreover, this fabric is completely washable for hygiene purposes. The toy tray in the front comes with various removable toys to make it a feeding tray as need be.

This popular baby walker includes several features like grip strips on 360-degree rotational wheels, 3-level height adjustment with a safety lock, and a footrest.

Prominent Features of the Mee Mee Baby Walker:

  • The Mee Mee Walker’s seat is made of high-quality cloth to provide your child with the greatest level of comfort
  • The Mee Mee Walker provides attractive toys for entertainment that play music and light
  • With the use of this safety lock, you may set the walker’s height to match the height of your child
  • The walker folds up little and takes up minimal room in your trunk or in the closet


  • Travel-friendly
  • Made from sturdy and premium-quality materials
  • Seat padding for optimal comfort
  • Complies with international safety and hygiene standards

Why We Picked the Mee Mee Baby Walker?

Mee Mee is well-known baby care and parenting brand that the company introduced in 2006. The Mee Mee Baby Walker is one of our favourites on the list. The long, easily detachable push handle enables parents to assist children in rolling. Additionally, the footrest may be utilised while pushing the walker.

PANDA Musical Walker

PANDA Musical Walker
Panda Musical

This playful animal-shaped walker on our list of best baby walkers is equipped with a cosy seat and backrest. This makes sure the baby stays relaxed and comfortable while learning to walk.

In addition, it has a rattle attached to it and some toys and musical additions as well. This fantastic baby walker will surely amuse your baby and bring a smile to their faces. This walker has a wide frame which makes it more balanced and thus safer for the child. It also features a smooth, scratch-proof and baby-safe plastic surface.

Prominent Features of the PANDA Musical Walker:

  • The PANDA Musical Walker is a height-adjustable and soft-cushioned baby walker
  • The colourful front toys keep baby entertained whether you are at home or on the go
  • The PANDA Musical Walker is made from non-toxic materials and is, therefore, safe


  • Durable and steady
  • Colourful toys for entertainment
  • Adjustable height

Why We Picked the PANDA Musical Walker?

Babies may learn to stand and walk with the aid of the robust PANDA Musical Walker. With this baby walker, you can keep your child happy and comfortable. Your youngster may explore the floor, find their feet, and take their first steps as they practice moving about with the support of the colourful baby walker.

Looking for good quality booster seats for babies? Check out and blog where we have mentioned some of the best booster seats for babies in India. Do have a look and let us know about your top pick.

Baybee Smart Walker

Baybee Smart Walker

Looking for the best baby walkers for your little bundle of joy? With a heavily padded backrest and U-shaped design, this walker by Baybee is a highly comfortable pick. It has a compact foldable frame which makes it easy to carry. It also has a brake function for times when you want the baby to stay in one place.

The musical toy bar rattles make it a more appealing choice. The Baybee Smart walker is a certified EN 71 walker, which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards. This makes it one of the safest and best baby walkers out there. Discover top-rated baby carriers known for their quality and ease of use in Indian families.

Prominent Features of the Baybee Smart Walker:

  • The Baybee Smart Walker has a U-shaped design to make sure that the toe never gets damaged when the infant is learning to walk
  • When not in use, it may be folded up quickly and takes up little space
  • The Baybee Smart Walker comes with compact, secure wheels that can spin 360 degrees to provide your kid with the greatest support possible


  • Travel-friendly
  • Adjustable height
  • Cushioned seat
  • Safe design

Why We Picked the Baybee Smart Walker?

The Baybee Smart Walker is one of the safest walkers on our list. The three-step height-adjustable walker may be modified to fit your baby’s height. The walker has compact, secure wheels that can spin 360 degrees to provide your baby with the finest support as they play.

Amardeep Baby Walker

Amardeep Baby Walker
Amardeep Baby Walker

A made-in-India product, the Amardeep Baby Walker, is crafted with unbreakable virgin plastic using high-precision machines. It folds into a quick, compact structure that makes it easy for travel and storage.

In addition, the eight smooth-moving wheels of this walker deliver superior stability and grip. Also, it is free from sharp edges to offer safe usage.

Beautifully designed to capture your baby’s attention, this baby walker boasts a comfortable and wide seat. This affordable option on our list of best baby walkers surely deserves your attention if you are looking for a budget buy.

Prominent Features of the Amardeep Baby Walker:

  • The Amardeep Baby Walker is manufactured with virgin plastic and is, therefore, durable
  • The baby walker rapidly and neatly folds for storage and transportation
  • The Amardeep Baby Walker comes with eight easily manoeuvrable wheels for more stability and traction


  • Wider and more comfortable seat
  • Absence of sharp edges
  • Beautiful base design

Why We Picked the Amardeep Baby Walker?

The Amardeep Baby Walker will keep your child occupied with rattles, music, and light. Put your child in the driver’s seat and let him experience the entirely new world of walking.

Additionally, it entertains your youngster and promotes the development of directional sense. So, bring home many hours of enjoyment and precious memories for your child with the lovely Amardeep Baby Walker.

LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker

Luvlap Comfy Baby Walker

The attractive and colourful Luvlap Comfy Baby Walker comes with a comfy cushion and safety stopper feature. The padded washable seat and 3-level height adjustment ensure the baby is comfortable in it. The musical toys and detachable toy tray installed in the front keep the baby engaged and happy while learning to stand and walk.

This walker comes with a push bar vacuum stopper so that you can guide your kid when they are stuck somewhere or when you are out with them. Moreover, this 2-in-1 walker comes with a detachable foot mat when using it as a rocker.

Prominent Features of the LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker:

  • The LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker has a two-in-one feature and can be used both as a walker and a stroller
  • Parents may quickly stop the walker from moving by pressing down on vacuum stoppers
  • The walker height may be adjusted three levels with a safety lock to accommodate different infant heights


  • A cushioned seat that is washable and detachable
  • Removable foot pad
  • Detachable toy tray


  • Absence of seatbelt

R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker

R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker
R for Rabbit

Available in a compact fold design, this baby walker is EN71 certified to make it baby safe. This stylish walker cum rocker comes in vibrant colours. The multiple brake pads allow the baby walker to stop on uneven surfaces instantly. The inbuilt music adds to the fun, and the soft cushioning seat and height adjustment add to the product’s utility.

Prominent Features of the R for Rabbit Rock N Walk Baby Walker:

  • The Baby Walker combines the functionality of a relaxing rocker with a chic walker
  • The walker has several brake pads that rapidly stop it whenever it encounters an uneven surface, such as steps, to protect the child
  • This walker’s stylish design and small folding make it easy to store it in any corner
  • The detachable toy bar on the front includes a variety of toys for the development of a child’s skills


  • Safe and sturdy design
  • Easy to store
  • Detachable toy bar

GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker

GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker
GoodLuck Baybee

The GoodLuck Baybee activity walker is the perfect accessory to prepare your child to take his first steps. Designed to fold down and nest inside the outer frame, this walker is easy to store when not in use.

It also features 360-degree rotating wheels to help the baby move with ease. The padded seat of this walker is removable and can be washed in a washing machine, making life easier for mommies out there. What makes it one of the best baby walkers is the attractive light and music function.

Prominent Features of the GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker:

  • The GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker’s cushioned seat is machine washable, making spills easy to clean up
  • The baby walker comes with 3 different height options
  • When not in use, the walker is easy to put away thanks to its compact design for storage


  • Washable cushioned seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Can be stored easily

StarAndDaisy Baby Walker

StarAndDaisy Baby Walker
StarAndDaisy Baby Walker

Featuring a wide bottom and a stable shape, the StarAndDaisy Baby Walker is perfect for babies as old as seven months and above. The adjustable leg-height feature allows personalising the walker as per your baby’s requirements.

In addition, the shape of the seat is engineered to support body weight on the legs. The backrest is made of PU material and is waterproof. Additionally, the cushioned seat adds to the comfort when walking.

Prominent Features of the StarAndDaisy Baby Walker:

  • Cushioned seat to make playing in the walker as comfortable as possible for your child
  • Environmentally friendly and water-resistant PU material is utilised for the backrest of the seat
  • There are 3 stages for adjusting the height in the StarAndDaisy Baby Walker


  • Adjustable speed
  • Anti-extrusion design
  • Premium build quality


  • Music box may be too loud

GOYAL’S Monkey Baby Walker

GOYAL'S Monkey Baby Walker
GOYAL’S Monkey Baby Walker

The cushioned seat of the GOYAL’S Monkey Baby Walker will make your infant feel comfortable. The sturdy structure allows for height adjustment as the child develops. Since the seat may be removed, maintenance and cleaning are simple.

The baby walker comes with a toy tray that lights up and includes musical buttons and is offered in three different colours. You can effortlessly fold and store it when not in use. The front has a cute monkey face, while the backrest is padded and attractive.

Prominent Features of the GOYAL’S Monkey Baby Walker:

  • The baby walker comes with rattling, lighting, and electronic musical buttons
  • The walker features a broad frame and is completely adjustable for improved kid safety
  • The baby walker features a comfortable seat with additional cushions and a backrest


  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable and cushioned seat
  • Attractive design

Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion

Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion
Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion

For infants who are beginning to learn how to walk, the Fisher-Price Walker is a fantastic option. It has several entertaining elements, like lights and music, that will keep the baby occupied. The Fisher-Price Walker features a broad base that prevents tipping for your baby’s safety. Additionally, it is portable and simple to fold, allowing you to bring it on trips.

Prominent Features of the Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion:

  • With eight distinct activities, the Musical Lion Walker keeps your young one active and interested
  • New walkers are supported steadily by the sturdy four-wheel base, which has a large, comfortable grip
  • The Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion has an attractive design to keep your kid interested


  • Durable and safe design
  • Helps in child’s development
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wheels may move the walker fast

Evohome Smart Musical Round Baby Walker

Evohome Smart Musical Round Baby Walker
Evohome Smart Musical Round Baby Walker

This folding Evohome Baby Walker is ideal for you if you’re seeking a modern and fashionable baby walker. It is built of materials that are both lightweight and strong. Additionally, the baby walker is simple to fold and transport.

The walker is portable because of its substantial wheels. This Evohome walker has a detachable toy tray and a height-adjustable function. It comes in a variety of colours and has a lovely pattern.

Prominent Features of the Evohome Smart Musical Round Baby Walker:

  • The Evohome Smart Musical Round Baby Walker features a cushioned seat cushion that is machine washable
  • High-quality bearings in the wheels allow it to stop quickly with a little push from feet or parent hands if the walker moves on an uneven terrain
  • To adapt the walker to the baby’s height, it has six levels of height adjustment with a safety lock


  • Machine washable seat
  • Safe mechanism
  • Adjustable height

Final Word

We hope that our curated list has helped you reach a conclusion about buying the best baby walker for your kid. Based on our research, the Sunbaby Rocking Walker, Mee Mee Baby Walker, and PANDA Musical Walker are our top choices for the best baby walkers in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like base, weight, manoeuvrability, defects, and other features. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Which is the best baby walker in India?

According to us, the Sunbaby Rocking Walker, Mee Mee Baby Walker, and PANDA Musical Walker are the best baby walkers in India. However, we recommend that you go through our entire list and choose a baby walker that is best suited to your toddler’s requirements.

Does walker cause bow-legged?

No, a walker does not cause your baby to become bow-legged. Your baby just leans forward from the hip since he is in a walker. Additionally, the baby doesn’t have to maintain her balance while using a walker. The walker acts as a protection and will stop the infant from falling, whether she leans to the side or forward.

At what age can a baby use a walker?

Baby walkers are typically made for infants who are 4 to 16 months old. In addition, for the infant to utilise the walker, he must be able to keep his head up fairly and have both of his feet on the ground.

At what age do babies walk?

Your infant starts building muscular strength at a very early age, gradually getting ready to take its first steps. Your kid will often start to crawl at the age of 6 months. They will learn to stand up on their own between 9 and 12 months. Between the ages of 8 and 18 months, your baby will begin to walk.

Can I put my 4-month-old in a walker?

Yes, you can put your four-month-old infant in a baby walker. Between the ages of 4 and 5 months, infants are often put in walkers, and they use them until they are around ten months old.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered base, weight, manoeuvrability, defects, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the finest baby walkers in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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