Best Bed Sheets to Grab This Year to Add Colour to Your Bedroom

If there’s one thing that can change the face of your bedroom, it’s the bed sheet. Available in multiple fabrics, colours, and styles, you’ll find something for every aesthetic. The best bed sheets for your room are the ones that can liven up the space while being comfortable and affordable. Also, the greater the thread count of the sheet, the better the quality.

Sleeping on the right bed sheet is very important for a good night’s sleep. Great bed sheets provide comfort and warmth. Apart from the functional aspect, they also add beauty to your bedroom. Ideally, you should always choose a bed sheet made from a soft, high-quality, light, and airy fabric. This ensures you don’t get too hot or cold throughout the year. Also, it is suggestive to pick one that does not keep slipping off the mattress. With the wide variety of bed sheets available on the market, picking the right ones for your bedroom can become a task. To help you make the finest choice, here is a list of the best bed sheets to get for your home this season.

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7 Best Bed Sheets You Need for A Good Night’s Sleep

1. SheetKart Double Bed Bed Sheet

Best Bed Sheets
SheetKart Double Bed Sheet

Add an elegant floral touch to your bedroom with the SheetKart double bed bed sheet. This bed sheet features attractive floral motifs printed on high-quality cotton. It is available in four colours and has a plush thread count of 144. The fabric is strong and machine washable to lessen wear and tear. It also comes with matching pillow covers.

Hand crafted with Rajasthani printing techniques, this sheet features a blended weave which makes the fabric breathable, enhances longevity, and makes your sheet look more appealing.

2. Huesland Ahemdabad Bed Sheet

Bedsheet for home
Huesland Ahemdabad Bed Sheet

This Huesland Ahemdabad double bed sheet and pillow cover combo adds a touch of brightness to your plain old bedroom. The pattern features multicolour checks across the bed sheet and pillow covers, which gives your room a more welcoming look. The bed sheet has a high thread count of 144 and is made from the highest quality of cotton. It is soft to touch, machine washable, and fits very well on a standard double bed.

One of the best bed sheets for Indian climate, it is very lightweight and highly breathable. The pattern of this bed sheet is available in two colours, so you can pick according to your taste.

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3. Solimo Leafy Spring Bed Sheet

Solimo Bed Sheet
Solimo Bed Sheet

This Solimo bed sheet is made from 100% cotton. It has a 144-thread count, which makes it very strong, long-lasting, and soft to touch. The fabric is breathable and drains away moisture, so it always stays dry. It comes in a size of 90 x 100 inches, which perfectly fits a double bed mattress. This leafy pattern is soothing to look at and adds a natural cooling vibe to your room. This pattern is available in five vibrant colours, so you have one for each day.

Perfect for both summers and winters, it comes with 2 pillow covers. This bed sheet is colour fade-resistant and can be washed in the washing machine, making it convenient to maintain.

4. Divine Casa Mix n Match Bed Sheet

Divine Casa Bed Sheet
Divine Casa Bed Sheet

Add a divine touch to your bedroom with the Divine Casa premium range of bed sheets. This modern collection features eight different colours and patterns to choose from. The bed sheet fits nicely on a double bed, and the fabric also has room to be comfortably tucked into the mattress. The bed sheets are made from cotton, which ensures their longevity and can be used in any season.

One of the best bed sheets for gifting, this one comes with a set of two matching pillowcases to add to the aesthetic of your room.

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5. Badoti Bed Sheet

Cotton Bedsheet
Badoti Cotton Bed Sheet

Bored of the standard cotton bed sheets? Enhance your sleeping experience with the multi-colour printed Badoti bed sheet. You can choose from up to seven patterns and colour combinations. This bed sheet is made with polycotton fabric, which is highly durable and lasts much longer. With a thread count of 144, its texture is soft to touch and very comfortable to sleep on. It also comes with matching pillowcases to make your bedroom even more attractive.

This bed sheet is made from the highest quality polycotton fabric, which makes it resilient to wear and tear. If washed in cold water and fried in shade, this one can last you through years.

6. BEVI Home Solid Bed Sheet

Solid King Size Bedsheets
Bevi Home Sold Bed Sheet

Looking for the best bed sheets in solid colours instead of the bright prints? Go for a more subtle yet classy option with the BEVI Home Super Solid Bed Sheets. Available in a range of assorted colours including shades of blue, red, brown, pink, and black, this sheet is a perfect fit for any king-sized as well as standard bed. With a thread count of 144, this sheet is very soft, breathable, and comfortable.

Made from a unique microfiber material, the sheet comes with two plush pillow cases so you get the best of luxury and relaxation.

7. Dreamscape Cotton Bed Sheet

Dreamscape Cotton Bed Sheet
Dreamscape Cotton Bed Sheet

Enliven your bedroom space with this ethnic double bed sheet from Dreamscape. Perfect for regular use, these bed sheets are made from premium quality cotton and have a thread count of 144. Available in a range of colours and patterns, this sheet is extremely lightweight and easy to maintain. Just wash the sheet in your regular washing machine and avoid direct sunlight, and you can enjoy your beloved sheet for years.

Accompanied by two pillow covers, this bed sheet is woven in a fine quality yarn to make them skin-friendly and soft.

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