Best Curtains for a Stylish and Elegant Home

Infuse your living spaces with a splash of vibrance by adding the best curtains out there. Take a look at the best curtains in India.

If you are bored with the same old curtains or looking for new ones for a new space, curtain picking is a lot of work yet fun. Modern-day curtains are made of various materials – there is a wide range in the kind of fabric you want, the prints, designs, colours, shapes and sizes. It saves you the time and effort you’d spend on buying the fabric and getting them stitched at home. If curtains are on your to-buy list, we have laid out the best curtains to elevate your room décor.

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Amp Up Your Living Rooms with These Best Curtains

1. Home Sizzler Patterned Door Curtain

Home Sizzler Best Curtains
Home Sizzler Patterned Door Curtain

This premium choice in our list of best curtains is perfect to offer your home a contemporary look. Featuring an intricate ethnic pattern, these door curtains provide light filtering and keep the indoor environment replete with optimal natural light. Measuring 7 ft in height and 4 ft width, these brown door blinds are available in a set of four curtains.

Pick this door curtain set if you wish to cover the doors and large windows with the same pattern. The curtains come with eight high-quality eyelets that are rust-resistant. This patterned door curtain is made with 100% polyester fabric that is fade-resistant, durable, and shiny even after multiple washes. You can wash them by hand or in the machine, so they are easy to maintain as well.

2. Home Sizzler Abstract Door Curtain

Home Sizzler Best Curtain
Home Sizzler Abstract Door Curtain

Next up on our list of best curtains is this curtain by Home Sizzler bearing abstract designs and patterns. The curtain measures 7 ft in height and is suitable for doors and single floor-length windows. Featuring a lovely mix of beige and brown, this single curtain has an abstract pattern of branches in two colour tones.

Pick this product if you’re looking for a light filtering curtain for your house. It does not lose its colour or shine even after multiple washes. The eight silver-coated eyelets are equipped with rust-free technology, so you don’t have to worry about rust damage. This curtain is made with premium quality polyester, which offers this decorative piece a natural resistance to shrinkage and wrinkles.

3. AmazonBasics Blackout Curtains

AmazonBasics Best Curtains
AmazonBasics Blackout Curtains

Made with 100% polyester fabric, these window curtains by AmazonBasics are a top contender when it comes to finding the best curtains. These measure 7 ft in height and are perfect for drawing over windows as well as doors. Available in a set of two, they feature large enough rod pockets and a solid pattern that prevents the light and heat from entering the room. More so, these thick weave curtains are a perfect add on to your home space if you live closer to a busy road and want to stop the fussy noises.

You can install them in the movie or TV room as they eliminate glares. This solid coloured window curtain can be washed in machines and has hassle-free installation and removal.

4. LaVichitra Polyester Door Curtain with Floral Net 

LaVichitra Best Curtains
LaVichitra Polyester Door Curtain

This vibrant combination of solid coloured fabric with a net floral fabric by LaVichitra is a set of two polyester curtains measuring 7 ft. These curtains are semitransparent with a see-through upper portion. This ready made curtain features eight metal eyelets to allow the curtains to hang easily.

These curtains have a sleek finish and allow light to pass through, brightening your rooms. Adorn your living spaces, TV room or bedroom with these bright yellow coloured curtains from our curated list of best curtains.

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5. Homefab Silky Door Curtains

Homefab Best Curtains
Homefab Silky Door Curtains

For those of you who worship the soft, pleasant touch of silky drapes, this silky curtain from Homefab is a steal deal. It made of polyester fabric with an excellent creamy colour that stays for a long haul. The material is of premium quality and vouches to stay put even after repeated washes. These 8 feet curtains are bound to add a classy look to your home décor.

Additionally, it features eight pre-fitted eyelets of steel for easy installation. Machine washable, these curtains stand by all that it takes to be on the list of best curtains. You can use it to spruce up the interiors of your living rooms, halls, and bedrooms.

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6. Roomiac Sheer Door Curtains

Roomiac Best Curtains
Roomiac Sheer Door Curtains

Looking to keep it elegant for your next guests? The Roomiac transparent door curtains with floral patterns have got you covered. This classy choice in our list of best curtains comes in a lovely cream colour and can be pulled multiple ways. Draw them over the doors and windows of your house along with another set of curtains or individually.

Either way, these curtains add a classy charm to your room. This set contains two curtains measuring 7 ft in height and wide enough to cover one door of width 4 ft each. They are easy to maintain since you can wash them in the washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Story@Home Solid Blackout Door Curtain

Story@Home Best Curtains
Story@Home Blackout Curtains

This blackout faux silk curtain set by Story@Home contains two solid-coloured curtains measuring 9 ft in height. If you’re looking for curtains that offer full privacy and minimal sunlight, this is perfect for you. While offering minimal brightness into the room, these curtains also ensure noise reduction.

Not just this, these long door curtains have a thick weave that can keep warm air from entering the house, thus maintaining optimal room temperature. The curtains come with snap-on plastic eyelets that are easily removable during a wash. These curtains can be washed in the machine. Bearing an eco-friendly finish and no chemical coating, this curtain on our list is a real find.

8. Soulful Creations Polyester Floral Curtain

Soulful Best Curtains
Soulful Creations Floral Curtain

Designed to fit a 7 ft door, these curtains by Soulful Creations are available in plenty of colour options. Made of polyester, these curtains are semitransparent. These curtains bear beautiful floral patterns and block upto 80% of sunlight to keep a lighting balance.

You can hang them in the living rooms and even kids rooms for an added splash of colours. These curtains can be washed easily with normal detergent. With excellent fabric quality and colours, this curtain is a value for money product.

With such beautiful options at your disposal, its time to elevate your interiors with the best curtains out there !

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