16 Best Body Massagers in India for Relieving Body Aches

We often end up with body aches while doing our daily chores or during some sports. The long work hours add to the aches. A body massager comes to the rescue in such situations. Fortunately, tons of body massagers are available. But a body massager is not something we frequently buy. So, you need to pick a good one. If you want to know which body massager is best for you, you can have a look at this list of the top ones you can find in the market.

Our Top Picks:

How do we Choose the Right Body Massagers for You?

A good massager will instantly relieve your stressed muscles and help smooth your movement. Moreover, the best body massager machine will also ensure durability with long-time efficiency.

Below are the three critical factors to inspect while checking out the best body massagers.

Massager’s Variant

Percussion and vibration massagers are the two commonly available variants. For pains arising from deeper muscles, a percussion massager works faster. On the other hand, a vibration massager is a better option for deep tissue and topical pains. 

Available Features

Many features are added to body massagers to work on the painful area efficiently. Some have different vibration frequencies, while others have various tools to tackle pains at different sites. Choose the ones with both features added to benefit your body optimally. 

Ease of Use

Not all body massagers are handy and portable. Some are cordless, and others require a continuous power source. If you spend long hours away from home, a portable rechargeable battery-operated variant will be a better choice. 

List of Top 16 Body Massagers in India

Lifelong LLGMO9 Gun Massager

Lifelong Deep Tissue Body Massager
Lifelong Deep Tissue Body Massager

Lifelong is a consumer-driven brand that holistically develops new products to deal with pain in different body parts. It designs solutions after thorough research and surveys. The brand aims at easing everyday life with pain-relieving solutions. 

Notable Features of LifeLong LLGMO9 Gun Massager:

  • This massager has 6 interchangeable heads to target specific types of muscles and release strain.
  • It has 30 intensity levels to provide complete solutions to various aches. 
  • The massager is the best body massager for pain relief as it quickly reduces the soreness of muscles. 


  • Warranty of a year
  • Runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 2500 mAH
  • Cordless massager


  • Pricey

Why We Picked Lifelong LLGMO9 Gun Massager?

Lifelong is a great massager for the body, especially for the pains in the lumbar, upper back, and waist regions. It relieves muscle stiffness and improves blood circulation.

Beatxp Bolt Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Beatxp Bolt Deep Tissue Massager
Beatxp Bolt Deep Tissue Massager

BeatXP is an Indian fitness and wellness company that took flight in the industry from the lands of Gurgaon in 2020. It introduced quality goods, from gym accessories to orthopaedic equipment, to help people’s fitness goals.

Notable Features of Beatxp Bolt Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun:

  • This body massager implements QuietWave technology for a noiseless massage experience. 
  • It has 4 detachable heads to target every muscle regardless of its position. 
  • It has a forkhead attachment for high-pressure points like the spine and neck, which makes it the best body massager for back pain.
  • The flat head is appropriate for high-pain regions. 


  • 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Beatxp Bolt Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

The BetaXP massage gun provides a professional-grade performance for faster recovery. It is a great body massager for pain relief and getting rid of muscle knots. It has a unique bullet head for unreachable muscles of the foot and joints. 

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager 

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager
Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager

Dr Physio is a venture of the popular medical device company Dr Trust. It is one of the top body massager brands in India, which was introduced to simplify pain relief solutions all over the world. 

Notable Features of Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager:

  • This product is easy to use as it is a lightweight handheld model. 
  • It comprises 4 massage heads for dead skin removal, wave massage, scrapping and rolling. 
  • The ergonomic handle makes it simpler to reach every part of the body for a fulfilling massage. 


  • Sturdy model with a powerful motor
  • Portable 
  • Runs on electricity
  • Comes with a 1.6M cord


  • Little pricey

Why We Picked Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager?

The Dr Physio electric massager relieves stress within a few minutes without harming tissues. It is the ideal body massager for addressing neck and shoulder stiffness as it has a wave massage attachment. 

AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

AGARO Handheld Full Body Massager
AGARO Handheld Full Body Massager

To make every consumer’s life extraordinary, AGARO is committed to making efficient tools. The brand promises to enrich everyone’s life with top-notch products and superior features. 

Notable Features of AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager:

  • The massager has a high torque motor to release muscle stiffness within a few minutes. 
  • This model comes with multiple attachments that are easily changeable.
  • It is the best body massager for weight loss as it has a bubble attachment for massaging fatty areas. 


  • Comes with a protective mesh for a smooth massage
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Lightweight handheld model
  • Affordable

Why We Picked AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager?

The AGARO electric body massager made it to our top picks for its superior performance. It has a long reach as it comes with a 1.8m cord. It is made with super light ABS plastic for increased durability. Looking for a smooth body scrubber? Here is our blog featuring some of the top body scrubbers that you can try. Do have a look.

Flexnest Premium Vibration Gun Massager

Flexnest Premium Massager
Flexnest Premium Massager

Flexnest develops unique workout equipment for a 360-degree workout experience. The company amalgamates content and technology to empower fitness enthusiasts. 

Notable Features of Flexnest Premium Vibration Gun Massager:

  • The Flexnest massager is scientifically calibrated to release joint soreness through advanced percussion therapy.  
  • The massager includes a high torque motor that runs at a speed of 3000 RPM for fast pain relief


  • Lithium-ion battery used for 8 hours-long life
  • Includes 4 silicone heads
  • Ergonomic design for ultra-lightweight 


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Flexnest Premium Vibration Gun Massager?

Flexnest gun massager will be your antidote to all sorts of muscle pains. After a long workout session, it will be your partner to resolve all pains. Its durability and numerous features help make its place on the list of the best full-body massager machines in India. 

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Theragun Prime 4th Generation Deep Tissue Massager

TheraGun Prime Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
TheraGun Prime Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Therabody is all about finding natural solutions for daily wellness. Theragun is a part of this venture developed to help people with a comfortable fitness journey. Also, Theragun provides a smart app integration facility with several of its products. 

Notable Features of Theragun Prime 4th Generation Deep Tissue Massager:

  • This product has QuickForce technology for a powerful impact on deep tissues. 
  • It has an LED monitor to check the current speed through the Therabody app. 
  • It has an ergonomic multi-grip to hold the device easily. 


  • 120 minutes battery life
  • 5-speed levels
  • Has Bluetooth for smart app integration


  • Pricey 

Fegsy Personal Body Massager

FEGSY Battery Powered Personal Body Massager
FEGSY Battery Powered Personal Body Massager

Fegsy is a popular fitness brand that offers new-age accessories to support workout sessions. From preventive products like joint caps and wristbands to accessories like yoga mats and tube kits, the brand makes it all at the ease of your wallet.

Notable Features of Fegsy Personal Body Massager:

  • Fegsy personal body massager is made with silicone to provide a smooth experience.
  • It is a battery-operated cordless massager to easily carry from one place to another.
  • The massager gives you a noiseless experience along with multiple modes. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-resistant

Dealsure Handheld Body Massager

Dealsure Handheld Massager
Dealsure Handheld Massager

Dealsure is primarily an ethnic apparel manufacturer that also produces body massagers of varied ranges. The brand believes in blending quality with affordability and provides tons of options for easy selection. 

Notable Features of Dealsure Handheld Body Massager:

  • Dealsure massager can be the best massager for body stress as it releases Infrared rays that improve blood circulation and decrease stress.
  • It employs reflexology therapy that successfully stimulates the nerve ends. 
  • Ergonomically designed and runs at percussion frequency for fast results.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Made with lightweight ABS plastic
  • Portable 

Maharsh Enterprise Powerful Full Body Manipol Massager

Maharsh Full Body Massager
Maharsh Full Body Massager

Maharsh Enterprise produces some of the most affordable home and care accessories along with pain-relieving devices in India. It sticks by the tagline “facilities for all the necessities” to cater to commoners’ needs. 

Notable Features of Maharsh Enterprise Powerful Full Body Manipol Massager:

  • The Manipol massager by Maharsh Enterprise has a good grip for effortless handling.
  • It efficiently works on belly fat and calf muscles to reduce fat and give a toned look. 
  • The speed is adjustable as it comes with a regulator. 


  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

Concepta Electric Handheld Body Massager

Concepta Corded Electric Handheld Massager
Concepta Corded Electric Handheld Massager

Concepta manufactures products from multiple domains. This company innovates both men’s and women’s grooming essentials. It is one of the best body massager brands in India that curates vibration massagers with precise acupressure heads, effective enough on the fingertips as well. 

Notable Features of Concepta Electric Handheld Body Massager:

  • Concepta handheld body massager is apt for physiotherapy of all body parts.
  • Relieves stiffness instantly as it promotes the release of endorphins, a hormone that reduces stress.


  • Inexpensive 
  • Comes with three attachments
  • Comes with a long electric cord for portability

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QUXIS Rechargeable Body Massager

Quxis Flexible Massager
Quxis Flexible Massager

QUXIS covers a large area of products to serve adventure-loving people. It is considered the best brand for body massagers for quick fixes at any place. Portable mini bike pumps and study lamps are the most sold products of this brand. 

Notable Features of QUXIS Rechargeable Body Massager:

  • It is made out of silicone for a smooth experience.
  • The massager is cordless for convenience and seamless use. 
  • It has a memory function to remember the last settings. 


  • Affordable
  • 6 months warranty
  • 8-speed levels 

Sanfe Body Cordless Handheld Massager

Sanfe Body Massager
Sanfe Body Massager

Sanfe was introduced to the consumer as a women’s hygiene brand. It provides solutions for the less talked about problems that women face. From sanctuary solutions to intimate care, the brand has an answer for different issues. 

Notable Features of Sanfe Body Massager- Cordless Handheld:

  • Sanfe handheld massager is a cordless variant you can carry anywhere in your bag.
  • It is made with non-toxic silicone for zero odour and ease of use.
  • It utilises noiseless technology to ensure a volume limit below 60dB.


  • Long battery life
  • Comes with multipurpose modes
  • Ideal for full body massages


  • Little pricey

Caresmith Charge Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Machine

Caresmith Massager
Caresmith Massager

Caresmith is a personal care brand working with a team of healthcare experts. It is one of the best body massager brands that pay heed to the importance of technology in personal care. 

Notable Features of Caresmith Charge Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Machine:

  • This massager has a powerful motor with 24W high torque. 
  • It comes with 6 interchangeable versatile heads for different purposes. 


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cordless model
  • Ultra-light 


  • Expensive 

D-Dayons 4D Manual Full Body Massager

D-Dayons Full Body Massager
D-Dayons Full Body Massager

D-Dayons is a multi-product brand looking forward to bringing noticeable change in the lives of Indian people. Kitchen utilities are its USPs which include vacuum-insulated mugs, weighing electronic machines, and grill nets. 

Notable Features of D-Dayons 4D Manual Full Body Massager:

  • D-Dayon manual massager can be carried everywhere without the worries of recharging it. It is the best body massager in India under the manual massager category. 
  • It had 4D rollers that allow 360° rotation for seamless massage.
  • You can also use this massager for slimming your face. 


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Comes with 45 adjustable grip angle
  • Waterproof 

Vandelay Deep Tissue Gun Massager

Vandelay Massager
Vandelay Massager

Vandelay is a healthcare brand that curates products that amply benefits people in hours of emergencies. From thermometers to oximeters, Vandelay manufactures many products inculcating the best technology. 

Notable Features of Vandelay (UK) Deep Tissue Gun Massager:

  • It is a wireless gun massager that can be used from head to toe.
  • This massager contains 8 heads useful in different conditions.
  • Along with the heads, it also has a mesh to avoid skin irritation. 


  • Long life battery powered
  • 6-speed levels
  • Lightweight 


  • Expensive 

BELLUXA Muscle Body Massager Gun 

BELLUXA Muscle Body Massager
BELLUXA Muscle Body Massager

BELLUXA has a wide range of products available on Amazon, from electronics to apparel. Some excellent massagers are also on its list of products. 

Notable Features of BELLUXA Muscle Body Massager Gun:

  • BELLUXA is the best body massager for pain relief in India that includes a heat dissipation design to prevent heat damage and extended durability. 
  • It employs AI technology that prevents short circuits and related damage. 
  • The massager has a brushless motor that rotates at a speed of 3200 RPM for faster muscle relaxation. 


  • Battery operated
  • 6 levels of speed
  • Noiseless 


  • Little pricey

Final Word

All these body massagers come with different features and price tags. There are also both wired and cordless options. While the Lifelong LLGMO9 Gun Massager tops this list, feel free to check out the remaining massagers as well before placing your order. 


Which body massager is best?

The Lifelong body massager is the best. Others on this list are also good options.

Is a body massager good for health?

Yes, a body massager is good for health as it not only relieves aching muscles and soreness but also offers relaxation and reduces stress.

Is an electric massager good for health?

Yes, an electric massager is good for health and can offer many benefits if used carefully. Some of the benefits include:
1. Relaxed muscles
2. Relief in chronic pain
3. Improved skin elasticity
4. Reduced anxiety
5. Relief from premenstrual syndrome
6. Improved mobility and flexibility

Are massagers safe for anyone?

Massages may not be safe for everyone. Before using a massaging device or calling up a trained practitioner, you should identify your health conditions and know how the massage may affect any recent surgery, fractures, or other major health issues.

Under what conditions should we not use massagers?

You should not use a massager or get a massage if you have –
1. Open wounds
2. Cold, fever, or any communicable disease
3. Bruises
4. Fractures
5. Burns
6. Skin conditions
7. Varicose veins
8. Kidney or liver issues
9. Inflammation
10. Hypertension
Pregnant ladies should also avoid massages unless they are done by trained pre and post natal massage therapists.

Is there any side effect of using a body massager?

Body massagers usually have no side effects. You may feel fatigued, sleepy, or find your body more heated up. But these effects usually don’t last long. Overstimulation or high pressure, however, may cause serious problems like aggravated injuries or bruises.

How often should we use body massagers?

Gentle, low-pressure relaxing massages using a body massager can be enjoyed almost regularly.

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