Best Cateye Frames Brands

A trendy shape of eye frame can go a long way in completely uplifting one’s fashion look and cateye frames have a very retro vibe to them. The frames are also versatile because they suit every kind of face shape and they are suitable for almost every age group, making anyone look stylish, without seeming like trying too hard. With so many brands of frames available, here are some of the best ones with their prices so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

Here are the best brands for Cat Eye frames

1. Best Ted Smith Cat Eye frames

Ted Smiths have been known for its innovative design and they have given a new look and feel to these retro styled frames. They are available in both metal and fibers and the frames come in varying sizes to suit the shape and size of the face. They are affordably priced around Rs Rs 799 to Rs 999 and are among the most popular.

2. Best Fahrenheit Cat Eye frames

One of the most reputed names in this segment, the brand has brought innovative designs and patterns to the cat eye frames, making them all the more enticing. The frames are also very strong and sturdy and hence are perfect for those who have to wear them throughout the day or travel outdoors in glasses. They can be availed within a price range of Rs 2439 to Rs 4285.

3. Best Royal Son Cat Eye frames

Royal Son is a premium brand and their frames are very stylish and sophisticated to look at. The frames also come with innovative prints and with a wide range of options available, there are frames to suit the mood for various occasions. One of the best buys in the mid range segment, they are priced around Rs 1285 to Rs 1499.

4. Best Creature Cat Eye frames

Creature frames are known for their strong bodies and the uniquely classes shapes of the frames. They are also available in a number of colors and that means users have every age have something to suit them. The frames are worn by working women and college students alike are priced around Rs 1499 to Rs 2100.

5. Best Peter Jones Cat Eye frames

One of the best brands to make stylish frames, the cat eye frames are one of a kind and flawless in design. The flick of the cat eye shape is given a new dimension and a number of colors and patterns are also available on the frames. One can avail them within a price range of Rs 1400 to Rs 2100.

6. Best Faas Cat Eye frames

Faas frames are known for their strength and they are available in a number of colors and patterns that makes them suitable for both formal occasions as well as for a night out. Cat eye frames are extra stylish and they can be availed at a price point of Rs 1200 to Rs 3100.

7. Best Y&S Cat Eye frames

Y&S frames are available in both metal and plastic variants and so there is something to suit every taste and liking. The frames have a very vintage and Old Hollywood feel to them and they are worn by some eminent personalities as well. One can have them for a price of Rs 576 to Rs 1200 and they are quite affordable.

8. Best Lensport Cat Eye frames

Lensport is a premium brand that has always managed to add something classic and striking even in the most common designs and styles. The frames are suitable for both mature and young woman which has greatly increased their acceptability and their range at the same time. One can buy them around a price of Rs 999 to Rs 1400.

9. Best Sojos Cat Eye frames

The metal cat eye frames from the brands are extremely admired and they add a whole new dimension when it comes to style and sophistication. The colors of the frames are remarkable and they can uplift any outfit with their style quotient. They frames are priced around Rs 800 to Rs 1999.

10. Best Vogue Cat Eye frames

Vogue is a number one brand when it comes to frames and the sales of the cat eye frames have sky rocketed because of their very sleek design and their truly versatile shape. The frames are available for both regular glasses and sunglasses and can be availed around Rs 2730 to Rs 5320. Even celebrities are endorsing them.

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