15 Best Cat Eye Sunglasses Brands in India

Cat eye sunglasses are all the rage now, and rightly so. The retro look and feel of these sunglasses combined with the trendy colors and shades they come in make for an absolutely stunning combination. These nifty little accessories can make or break your look. Be it ethnic or western, if you are dressing up to serve looks, cat eye sunglasses are your best bet to stay stylish and chic. To get that absolute diva-like transformation, you would definitely want a handy list of the best sunglasses out there. Fret not, for we have enlisted here the best brands of cat eye sunglasses that will come to your rescue. Here you can also check Wayfarer Sunglasses Brands & the list of top Sunglasses Brands in India.

List of 15 Top Cat Eye sunglasses Brands in India

1. Vogue Eyewear

best brands of cat eye sunglasses

One of the highest selling brands in the world, Vogue is also endorsed by celebrities because of the great effort put into the designs. They have a repertoire of fun shapes that make them stand out in the market.

All the sunglasses, including the Cat Eye ones are made from UV protected, scratch-resistant glass. They can be availed around a price point of Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,290.

2. Fastrack

best sunglasses

Fastrack is a brand that hails from the house of Titan. It has been a top selling brand in India when it comes to eyewear. Their sunglasses are made with special UV protected glasses. They are light and extremely comfortable and one can truly create a style statement with their Cat Eye sunglasses. They are priced around Rs 799 to 2,099.

3. KillerX

best brands of cat eye sunglasses

Stay fashion-forward with these designer cat eye sunglasses from KillerX. These sunglasses are made with polycarbonate lenses and give absolute protection from UV rays. Available in 4 pretty shades of sky blue, red, black, and yellow, these fashionable sunglasses can be bought at an estimated cost of Rs 1,999.

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4. Awestuffs

best retro sunglasses

Awestuffs is a one stop shop for fashionable retro frames. Made for the millenials, these cat eye sunglasses give a trendy look to your OOTD. Made with high-quality plastic frame and polycarbonate lenses that block UV radiations, these frames are a great addition to your vacation and outings. These stylish accessories come in 4 colours and will cost you nearly Rs 1,000.

5. BlackKill

best sunglasses for women

Stay fashion forward by getting home cat eye sunglasses from the house of Black Kill. Their stylishly chic sunglasses will pair extremely well with just about any outfit you want. These sunglasses are elegant yet playful at the same time.

They have a lightweight body and the polycarbonate lenses keep you protected from UV rays. Available in 3 gorgeous shades, these cat eye sunglasses are priced around Rs 1,499.

6. Black Eagle

best cat eye shades
Black Eagle

Complement your style with fashionable eyewear designs from Black Eagle. Their cat eye sunglasses are lightweight and feature elastic arms that make for comfortable wear. You can get these at around Rs 1,999.

7. Nuvew

best black cat eye sunglasses

These mirrored cat eye sunglasses from Nuvew are all you need to make a fashion statement when stepping out. These sunglasses come in 3 stunning shades and are perfect to give you protection against UV light. You can get these at an estimated cost of Rs 1,445 with some mind-blowing discounts on the Amazon storefront.

8. Sojos

best brands of cat eye sunglasses

Sojos is a prominent brand that has been making premium sunglasses for quite some time now. The Cat Eye sunglasses are made with high quality glasses and the mirrored glasses are one of their highest selling styles.

The colors are classic and fun, and there is something to suit every face shape. They are priced between Rs 1,400 and Rs 1,900 approx.

9. BestoYard

best cateye sunglasses

BestoYard is known for adding quirky twists to the most classic designs and they have a lot of takers. The classic cat eye shape has some nice variations on the designs with an extra rim or a slightly elongated glass shape.

The glasses are mostly scratch resistant and the frames are lightweight and comfortable, mostly priced about Rs 1,999 to Rs 2,450.

10. Silver Kartz

best sunglasses
Silver Kartz

Silver Kartz has been making some very good sunglasses for quite some time now. Their designs are inspired by celebrity styles, and add an edgy look to your regular wear. The sunglasses are one of a kind, with the glasses having a UV protective layer.

They feature comfortable nose pads, are lightweight, and are upto 5 times more impact resistant – thanks to the advanced lens technology. They are priced from Rs 999 to Rs 1,999.

11. Culater

best culator sunglasses

Culater has always had something exciting to offer and the brand has ensured that the designs stand the test of time. The glasses are extremely light and there are both metal and plastic frames to choose from.

Their cat eye glasses have a variety of shapes and they are much loved by young women. Priced from Rs 800 to Rs 1,400 they are quite affordable.

12. Y&S

best fashionable sunglasses

Y&S is a brand that has garnered a huge popularity when it comes to cat eye sunglasses – thanks to the variety they have. Priced around Rs 999 and Rs 2,100, the sunglasses are unique as every design has something new to offer. From animal print glasses to classic ones, there is something to suit every taste.

13. Elligator

best colourful cat eye sunglasses

Elligator is known for making high quality sunglasses at affordable rates and they are much favored by those who want high functionality and affordable pricing. The cat eye glasses are made with a variety of shaded glasses and the frames are made from special alloy to last long. They can be affordably availed from Rs 800 to Rs 1899 approx.

14. Royal Son

best red sunglasses

Royal Son has always made sure that its sunglasses are made with glass that has met the highest international standards, making it one of the best brands around. The Cat Eye shape has received a lot of positive reviews because of the flawlessness of the design. They are priced from Rs 899 to Rs 1900.

15. Sheomy

best sunglasses

Sheomy has been committed to making affordable sunglasses in high quality and that makes them one of the best brands around. The sunglasses may be availed at an affordable price of Rs 750 to Rs 1950 and there is something to suit every pocket, making it possible for everyone to have a style statement within budget.


1. What face shape is best for cat eye glasses?

Cat eye glasses would look on people with a sculpted face, preferably those with an oval face shape.

2. Are cat eye glasses flattering?

Cat eye glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. Not only do they complement your looks but also accentuate your eyes and highlight the prominent areas of your face.

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