Best Square Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses are meant to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun but they are also one of the most stylish accessories that one can flaunt. Square shapes sunglasses look very unique because they are not the first shape that one usually thinks of. There are a number of premium sunglasses that sell square sunglasses but one should opt for a size and shape that is best suited to the bone structure of the face, or else no matter how good looking the glasses are, they would fail to create the perfect impact. Here are some of the best brands along with their respective prices.

The Best Brands for Square Sunglasses

1. Best Idee sunglasses

Idee sunglasses are stylish and affordable and they are fast emerging as a leading brand among the buyers. The square sunglasses from the brand come in a variety of shapes- there are frames with both rounded edges and sharp edges and it depends on the user and his likes about the frame that he would most likely choose. The sunglasses are mostly priced around Rs 999 and Rs 4300.

2. Best Younky sunglasses

Younky is also about trendy and funky eyewear so it is only natural that they would have some fun square sunglasses. They are extremely well received by the buyers and they are also meant for night wear because they have a night vision sunglass option as well. The sunglasses are priced around Rs 1200 and Rs 7200 and there is something for every pocket.

3. Best Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban is a number one brand when it comes to sunglasses and they have square shaped ones for both men and women. They are quite striking in shape and the glasses are meant for daywear as well as for party. The poolside parties are never complete without some of these stylish glasses. One can have them at a price range of Rs 7300 and Rs 19,322.

4. Best Fastrack sunglasses

Fastrack sunglasses are trendy and meant for the young and happening crowd of today. The square sunglasses are versatile and they can be worn on a number of occasions. One can also get sports sunglasses with square shapes and they are highly preferred by those who are aiming to be trendsetter. One can have them around a price of Rs 1835 and Rs 2280.

5. Best Sheomy sunglasses

Sheomy is a well known brand that makes top quality sunglasses at affordable prices and this is one of the reasons why there are so many followers of this amazing brand. The sunglasses are made with scratch resistant glasses and that gives the wearer an extra edge. They also come with UV protection and priced affordably around Rs 1700 and Rs 3218, they are also quite affordably priced.

6. Best Vogue sunglasses

Vogue eyewear has been a favorite among those who love sunglasses and not without a reason. The square sunglasses are especially made with a lot of panache and the distinctive designs make them one of the top selling styles from the brand. One can have them around a price range of Rs 4300 and Rs 7200 and there are style for both men and women.

7. Best Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses

Tommy Hilfiger premium square sunglasses are sure to set the fashion meter rolling with the one of a kind square shape that is almost inimitable. When styled adequately, these sunglasses can go a long way to establish your credibility as a style icon with your peers. Priced around Rs 3299 and Rs 7288, they are extremely well loved by the buyers

8. Best Y&S sunglasses

Y&S sunglasses are much loved by the users and the square shapes are one of the most sought after styles. The glasses come with UV protection and they are also scratch resistant. Those who want something unique and want to stand out from the crowd are sure to love them. They are affordably priced around Rs 2899 and Rs 5320.

9. Best Vast sunglasses

Vast sunglasses are mostly known for their sporty design but the square frames are also not far behind in popularity. The frames are made with unique styles and the square frames have a subtlety that is most suited to the modern wearer. They are affordably priced around Rs 2300 and Rs 3100.

10. Best Reebok sunglasses

Those who prefer Reebok definitely prefer the best and they square sunglasses have quite a fan following. The sunglasses are made with extreme care and they suit almost all shapes of face. There are variations for both men and women and they are rightly priced around Rs 3200 and Rs 5700.

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