10 Best Round Sunglasses Brands

Round sunglasses look very stylish and there is a very vintage and stylish look and feel about them. The perfectly round glasses are also perfect for those who have an elongated face as it helps in making the face appear rounder. These sunglasses are made by quite a few brands and they come in a variety of sizes and colors as well, so that there is something to choose for every mood. Here are some of the best ones according to their price and they are sure to help you make a great style statement.

Here are the best brands for round sunglasses

1. Best John Jacobs round sunglasses

Perfect to make a longer face shape appear rounder, these frames are a real chameleon by themselves and they can make an outfit go from drab to spectacular, simply because of the amazing accessories they are. Priced at Rs 3499 to Rs 4299, they are quite a deal and they make a great fashion statement.

2. Best Arizona round sunglasses

The brand is known for making premium sunglasses at reasonable prices and they are great for daywear and workwear. The sunglasses are made from scratch resistant glasses and the frames are made from premium quality metal that do not fade or are affected by color in any way. They are also reasonably priced around Rs 999.

3. Best Criba round sunglasses

Criba is known for making some of the best sunglasses and their unique round shape lends themselves beautiful for all kinds of sensibilities. The sunglasses are unique because there is an interesting blend of color and print in the frames as well. One can have them at quite a reasonable price of Rs 499 to Rs 999.

4. Best Elligator round sunglasses

Elligator is one of the top brands that has always excelled itself in making the best sunglasses that seem like straight off the runway. They are stylish and sleek and also resistant to wear and tear in most cases. They are also available in a number of varying sizes and are priced around Rs 1199 to Rs 3200.

5. Best Younky round sunglasses

Younky has always been synonymous with the best of the lot and the sunglasses are extremely fashionable and are made from superior quality scratch resistant glasses. They also provide UV protection and keeps the eye safe, which is a must during the summers. They can be availed around a price point of Rs 1590 to 3290.

6. Best Silver Kartz round sunglasses

Silver Kartz is a brand synonymous with the most unique sunglass designs and their round sunglasses are flawless in shape. The frames are designed both with a retro and a modern look and those who want to look apart from the rest will definitely love them. One can have them around a price range of Rs 999 to Rs 2300.

7. Best Dannillo round sunglasses

Dannillo is a relatively new brand and yet it has already garnered a lot of good reviews from the users who are in love with the high quality of the frames. They are scratch proof and water resistant and the frames will stand the test of time with minimum maintenance. One can have them for a price of around Rs 1273 to Rs 2183.

8. Best Y and S round sunglasses

Y&S sunglasses are extremely stylish and they are always sure to attract attention to the wearer. The glasses are flawlessly round and they are available in a wide variety of frame types and colors, which one can choose according to the sensibilities and style. They are one of the best mid range sunglasses priced around Rs 3200 to Rs 5900.

9. Best Ziory round sunglasses

Ziory has always been associated with the best of accessories and their sunglasses are no different. The round sunglasses are the perfect match for any outfit and they lend a very old world look to it, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. One can avail them around a price point of Rs 2100 to Rs 2899.

10. Best Royal Son round sunglasses

Royal Son has some of the best sunglasses and they have been crafted with a lot of care. The round shape has been achieved with much precision and the sizes of the glasses can be made to suit any face type, making them one of the most versatile in the market. Users can buy them for a price of Rs 1499 to Rs 1999.

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