10 Best Brands of Face Scrubs for Acne: Complete Guide with Price Range

Face scrubs are an essential part of the cleanup regime for our face. They exfoliate our skin so that it can breathe better, but if acne is the prime issue, scrubs should be chosen wisely as they can worsen the condition of acne if not used properly. Hence, we have brought some of the mild scrubs that you can use on acne prone skin, but not on a regular basis as it will harm your skin.

Here is the list of the best brands that offer face scrubs for acne & acne prone skin:  

1. Neutrogena

Neutrogena is a premier provider of all skin care, hair care, and cosmetics and has been trusted for a long time in India. They offer a variety of face scrubs that anyone can choose as per the requirement and skin type. The Oil-Free Acne Wash foaming scrub is one of their best merchandise for the ones suffering from severe acne. The price range of Neutrogena scrubs varies from INR 200 to 2000, but the advance formulation of their products is worth every penny.

2. Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is the one-stop destination for many Indian for all their skin care needs, whether it is face wash face cleanser scrubs or cosmetics. The variety of products that they offer in a price estimate of INR 100 to 300 is affordable and effective at the same time. Whiteglow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub by Lotus is one of the best products to prevent acne. Besides, it also gives a natural glow on your face.

3. Biotique

Biotique has proved itself to be an amazing solution to every skin related issues by offering useful products. As it is entirely Ayurveda based, the trust in its product is completely natural. The best face scrub that is mild and can be used on acne prone skin and will not leave any adverse effects is the Bio Papaya Revitalizing Scrub and the Bio Clove Purifying Face Pack are some of the serviceable products for the acne prone skin and in the minimal range of INR 200 to 500.

4. The Body Shop

The Body Shop International Ltd. is a British based company that offers skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes since 1976. Now, they serve 66 countries with more than 3049 stores with their large variety of more than a thousand products. The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub is one of the best products that can be used on blemishes and acne-prone skin that unclog the pores of the skin and make it feel very smooth. The price range of these products varies from INR 1100 to 3000.

5. Himalaya

Himalaya Herbals is serving the crowd from 1930 by offering best in class and effective skin care products in a very minimal and affordable price. It provides a large variety of products and some specific products formulated to cure acne. The Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub is specially formulated to treat sensitive and acne prone skin and have an approximate price range of INR 100 to 300.

6. Fabindia

Fabindia offers mild products that can suit the Indian skin types and delivers excellent results with minimum pricing. Fabindia’s Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub is one of the best mild scrubs that one can use on a daily basis also for gentle exfoliation in the price range of INR 3000 to 3500 with ingredients that include Neem, Tulsi and small Walnut granules that prove to be very useful on the skin.

7. Everyouth

Everyouth Naturals by Zydus Wellness Ltd offers efficacious assortments of products that are specially formulated to relive all problems of the young age people & are suitable for every sort of skin type. The cost estimate of their artifacts in around INR 50 to 250 and the Everyouth Natural’s Neem Papaya Scrub is one of the best products that anyone can use twice a week on acne prone skin. The company also offers the Walnut scrub for fast, effective results.

8. Lakme

Lakme is one of the prime suppliers of all things beauty. It also has a stock of skin care products as well. And from the skin care line, the Blush and Glow Face Scrub is enriched with natural ingredients that are effective in improving the quality and texture of your skin. These will help you to remove dead skin cells and excel oil leaving smooth skin and also unclog the pores so that your skin can breathe better. In the estimate of INR 200 to 500, these products are very mild and can be used on every skin type.

9. Garnier

Garnier offers great skin care products for both men and women. As its products are highly effective, a large proportion of the Indian population depends on it. It offers many mild as well as strong face scrubs that vary in the cost range of INR 250 to 2500. Garnier Pure Active intensive exfoliating scrub is one of the best products of Garnier that works for all skin types.

10. Nivea

Nivea offers a variety of face scrubs that can be used to treat the dark spots caused due to acne. The Dark Spot Reduction Face Wash by Nivea priced from INR 100 to 300 are formulated to address the acne prone skin and reduce dark spots. Along with it, many more face scrubs are also available to treat the acne prone skin with care.

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