10 Best Brands of Gel For Back Pain

The two-word phrase that, for sure blazes past through the mind of millions and billions when they hear back pain is “Not Again.” The phrase itself is a testimony to the kind of pain that it bestows upon the individuals. It’s time we change the two-word phrase “Not Again” to “try Me” and if you’re wondering how? Well, the answer lies in the list of 10 best gel for back pains. So, what are you waiting for pick your answer today?

List of 10 Best Brands of Gel for Back Pain.

1. Penetrex

Penetrex is a product of Biomax health company which was founded in 1998. For a long time now, they are considered as a leader in the field of distribution of inflammation and topical pain relief products. The best bit about this product is that it does not use the heating or the cooling effect to shut off the pain of by diverting your mind. Instead, it is known to work at the root cause of the pain and treat it in a better manner. As a result, you would have a prolonged period of relief from the gushing pain. The only downside of this product is that it is a touch expensive and costs around Rs. 2,500.

2. Sombra Warm Therapy

The Sombra Warm Therapy is a product of the Sombra professional therapy products which was established in 1974. The product which we are referring to here is quite helpful in providing quick relief from the muscle pain. It makes use of the warming sensation to arrest the growing pain and inflammation. Also, an interesting fact about this product is that it is free form any kind of animal-element-involvement. Thus, the vegan can use it without paying any heed to its animal constituents as there are none. Well, as you have gone through the entire bit of information, we would like to leave you behind with the price of the product which is near about INR 1200.

3. CobraZol

For the first when you hear the name CobraZol, you immediately go like – hang on does this product has something to do with the snake. And you are not wrong on that part. The pain relief product CobraZol is made using the venom of three different kinds of snake. While it is obvious that when the composition information to venom comes to the notice of the folks they are quite apprehensive to use the product. But the concern is nothing but all futile. The bare minimum level of venom is used. They are available in roll-ons and along with providing quick relief they relief heavens last longer. The CobraZol is priced around INR 1,300.

4. Glucosamine

The next product which we are talking about here is Glucosamine which is available in the roll on the format. As a result of which it can easily be applied at the spot of the pain which helps in relieving the pain. This product is highly useful in cases of pain and aches. To be more precise individuals with joint pain must use this product to get instant relief from the excruciating pain.

Also, you would be glad to know that this product last quite long and costs just around INR 1,000.

5. Blue Goo

If you are suffering from joint pain, soreness and aches and you are tired of using products made of chemicals with no considerable change. This is the right time for you switch to Blue Goo which is made of natural ingredients. Also, they are useful in relieving headache as well. Thus, it is win-win situation one gel for all kind of pains plus it does not put a strain on your budget. The cost of this product is almost nothing when we compare its other products in the same line. Well hard to believe but yes it just costs somewhere around INR 500.

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6. Biofreeze

Going through immense pain. Well, stop right there, the pain which is we referring to here is a combination of frustrating and agonizing joint pain along with the sidelined pain of leaking huge money to get almost no benefit. Don’t worry if you are one among them because this is where we feel obliged to help you. Forget your pain overnight, that’s right, just apply it in the night and get up the next morning with no trace of pain. This is what Biofreeze is all about. It uses the cooling effect to eliminate any trace of pain. Also, the cost of this product is around INR 800 which is quite affordable.

7. Real Time Pain Relief Maxx

The Real-time Pain relief Maxx is a testimony to the idea that “you pay the price for the equality and you get nothing but quality” yes this product is priced higher than its peers, but that goes down well the quality of the product. This product is a one-stop solution for a multitude of pain related problems. It is quite in case of aches, arthritis. Inflammation, and bruises. Keeping all these factors one of the key aspects of this product that makes it a perfect buy is the fact that it is made up of 18 natural ingredients. As mentioned earlier the price of the product is high as it costs nearly INR 2,800. But one pump on the spot and the pain is gone just like that.

8. Outback

In the list of a different kind of gel, this product is unique because it is a roll-on relief oil which is quite easy to apply and store. The user needs to use this product consistently in small amounts to bid the pain adieu. It doesn’t leave any sell behind. Thus. All in all, it is a right product if you are willing to remain patient for a certain duration to tackle menacing pain. Getting a hold of this won’t be that much of burden on your budget as it costs around INR 1,400.

9. Doctor Hoy’s

Doctor Hoy’s is a US based company which was established in 2001. It seems that this company remains loyal to its tagline-  Focus on your life, your game…NOT your pain. They do complete justice to the tagline as they provide magical products which make your pain go away. One of its product penned as Doctor Hoy’s Natural makes pain vanish in a whisker. If you have sore muscles then this is the product for you. Although, it is quite expensive, but is worth the bucks. As per the latest records, it is priced under INR 2,300.

10. Orthogel

Orthogel is a Tampa based company which strictly operates under FDA working parameters. They have been around for years now. Some of their products are highly recommended. It has a product which goes by the same name – ‘Orthogel’ which is considered to be the one-stop solution for sore muscles and stiff joints. It goes without mentioning that it works quite effectively and leaves no odor and marks. The price of this splendid product is just around INR 600 and this is as affordable as a pain relieving gel can get in today’s inflating economy.

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