Top 8 Pain Relief Creams In India

Be it a sore neck or a sprained ankle, these 8 pain relief creams will work for you.

1. Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub

Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub is suitable for muscular pains and stiffness. It also works for rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains and chilblains. It can be used before or after exercise. It leaves a warming effect.

2. Volini Pain Relief Gel

Volini’s Pain Relief Gel formula provides instant relief from inflammation due to joint pain. It is suitable for major topical pains. One key ingredient is the quick absorbing nano formula. It is non-sticky.

3. Bengay Ultra Strength

Bengay Ultra Strength provides deep penetrating pain relief. It also provides relief from Relief from minor arthritis, backache, muscle and joint pain. It has three pain relieving ingredients which makes it super effective.

4. Moov

Moov ointment has ayurvedic ingredients. It provides fast and lost lasting relief from various topical pains. Its special ingredients like Nilgiri oil, wintergreen oil and mint extract make it penetrate into the skin faster. Moov also has four active ingredients which help relieve stiffness and pain.

5. Himalaya

Himalaya muscle and joint rub do wonder for backaches, muscular sprains, and joint pain. It contains Sweet Flag, Castor Oil, Red Pepper, and Spearmint. It relieves swelling, sprains and muscle and joint inflammation.

6. Himani Fast relief ointment

Himani Fast relief ointment provides fast and long lasting relief from pain. It has a fire and ice formula which relaxes stiffness and eases the pain. Ayurvedic ingredients like Nilgiri oil and Lavang penetrate swiftly inside the affected area.

7. Omni-gel

Omni-gel provides relief from sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. It provides a long-lasting effect. Omni-gel contains Diclofenac Topical and Menthol Topical.

8. Myoflex

Myoflex pain relieving cream contains trolamine salicylate for effective relief. It is used in case of muscular and joint pains. It is greaseless and odourless.



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