10 Best Brands of Relief Spray for Muscle Pain: A Complete Guide with Price Range

10 Best Brands of Relief Spray for Muscle Pain: A Complete Guide with Price Range

 If you are looking for the best pain relief sprays available in the market within a reasonable price range, then you are in the right place. A lot of brands are out there in the market within your reach but how will you know which of those are worth your money?  That’s why we have enlisted here 10 product brands which come in an affordable price range of INR 150 to INR 600 and provides excellent service.

List of 10 Best Brands of Relief Spray for Muscle Pain

1. Dr. Ortho pain relief spray

Dr. Ortho, ayurvedic pain relief spray, is an exceptional combination of 8 distinctive pain fighting herbal oils which provide prolonged relief from muscle pains and injuries, joints pain, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain and pain from the strain, sprain,  and bruises. It is strongly effective to relieve pain, even in difficult to reach places like middle back, neck and lower back pain and it is also effective for people of all ages. It can deeply penetrate within any muscular part of your body ensuring immediate and natural relief from aching. It is a non-oily formulation with a calming order. This spray conventionally brings cooling and long-lasting relief after applying this spray. It normally comes under the range of INR 284 to INR 350, but only a little bit of is effective and last for a longer period of time.

2. Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Pain Relief Oil

It is a unique combination of natural components such as Withania somnifera, garlic, ajwain, peppermint, and other Indian herbs to help in maintaining regular joint functions. This oil has an excellent property of puncturing deep into the dermal cells massaging and soothing all pains in the muscles and joints. This oil can be regularly used for weeks, and it improves the overall functioning of the muscles and joints. This product is natural and safe for long-term use without any Side effects. It usually comes under the range of INR 300 to INR 400 and mostly available online.

3. Volini pain relief spray

It is manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Company, it contains Diclofenac sodium as one of its most essential ingredients, this Spray is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that gives a solid relief from muscle pains or muscle injury, inflammation, stiffness, joint pains, and swelling. It comes under the most sought after pain relief spray category in the market with a reasonable price of INR 175 to INR 200.

4. Relispray pain relief spray

Relispray is now dominating the Indian market with it’s growing popularity because of its effectiveness as a Doctor creates it. It uses one of the world’s most effective and accurate  Ayurvedic formulation to offer safe and drugless application. Each ingredients are precisely picked to ensure ultimate and long-lasting relief from pain. Relispray’s focused pressure nozzle enforces the pain healing molecules to go deeper into the skin, straight to the origin of the pain. It comes within the reasonable price range of INR 130 to INR 200 only.

5. Amrutanjan Muscle and Joint Spray

Amrutanjan Muscle and Joint pain relieving spray is an ayurvedic composition which offers s safe, the drug-free effect on the affected area. It comes in an aerosol spray with powerful counter-irritant, and the ingredients are hand-picked which guarantees supreme and long lasting relief. It is small and handy it’s both easy to use and carry. This is a non-oily spray which gives a cool calming effect and kicks inside providing relief from the pain in no time. It comes within the range of only INR 80 to INR 100, very reasonably priced.

6. Moov Neck And Shoulder Spray

This company Moov has been in and around the market for a long time though it has recently released this spray product it is still as worthy as it’s other products. It’s 100% ayurvedic containing unique ingredients such as Turpentine oil, Nilgiri oil, wintergreen oil, mint extract and cinnamon oil which helps in muscle relaxation and strain relief and most importantly it is pocket-friendly too and will only cost you within INR 170 to INR 250.

7. Omni gel pain relieving spray

Cipla Ltd produces Omni Gel. It is a type of painkiller spray which gives you an instant relief of your pain its effectiveness is based it’s a composition as it contains Diclofenac sodium as the main active ingredient which helps to relieve muscular and joint aches.

8. Nutree Pure Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil spray

It is a 100% pure herbal product for relieving muscle pain it penetrates deep into the dermal layers and has a soothing reaction to the affected area. It is a Scientifically proven formulation for reliving joints and muscular pain with the Goodness Of  Guggal Oil & Deodar Oil it is a Non-Sticky, ANTI INFLAMMATORY & Muscle Relaxant Oil with  No Side Effects. It is easy to apply with spray nozzle and comes under a reasonable price of INR 350 to INR 400.

9. Deep Heat

Deep Heat Pain Relief Spray is a muscle ache relieving spray; it is a warming spray which is to be applied on the skin. It is also approved for the relief of pain in tendons, joints or bones, even lower back, thigh pain, sprains, and strains. It is also recommended for people those hits the gym, it can be used after exercises. It comes within the range of INR 500 to INR 600 available in the market.

10. Pain Kranti 20 Microns Herbal Ayurvedic pain relief oil spray.

This oil spray is an unusual blend of 10 Authentic herbs which are assorted in the right proportion, which relieves you of all kinds of muscle pain and it is even useful for joint and hip pains too. It also contains anti-inflammatory molecules which distribute a wide range of benefits. The price of this product INR 220 to INR 350.



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