10 Best Brands of Joint Pain Relief Cream- Complete Guide with Price Range

Are you a close relative of the sufferer and feel miserable on seeing your loved ones in agonizing pain or are you the sufferer himself? Do you look at the joys of life sucked away by the throbbing joint pains? Well, it’s time you have seen enough of the pain. Now, let the pain take a beating as we have compiled a list of top 10 joint pain relief creams available in the market that definitely will help you in relieving the pain.

List of 10 Best Brands of Cream for Joint Pain Relief

1. Boiron Arnica Creams

The average price of the Boiron Arnica Creams ranges from INR 1,415 to 5,989. It relieves the pain and stiffness of the muscles and the joints due to minor injuries and is best suitable for quick relief from pain. Boiron was founded in the year 1932 in Lyon, France. It is made from natural ingredients and Arnica Montana or Mountain Daisy, which has been used for centuries as a pain relieving medicine is an essential ingredient in the Boiron creams. It is trusted by many professionals in the fields of medicine.

2. Topricin Pain Relief Cream

Topricin Pain Relief Cream is manufactured by Topical BioMedics founded in 1994. All the topricin creams are natural products. They stimulate the natural healing process of the body by increasing the blood flow and reduce the build-up of toxins and fluids. All topricin products use coconut oil as their base for moisturizing creams. The average price of the product is between INR 2,350 to 31,366.

3. T-Relief Arthritis Relief Cream

T-Relief Arthritis Relief Cream is manufactured by MediNatura which acquired BHI/Heel Inc. on 2014 providing homeopathic remedies. T-Relief Arthritis Relief Creams provides a profound relief to the different parts of the body on its application like joints, back and muscular pain. It is best for providing quick pain relief. The use of the creams has no side effects as they use only natural ingredients. It consists of 15 types of pain relievers in a single cream and is an ideal cream for sore joints massaging. The average price of the product ranges from INR 2,350 to 31,366.

4. Australian Dream

Australian dream is a product of Nature’s Healthy Connection Inc. established in 1998 in Campton, Kentucky. This cream is highly effective for the painful joints, and unlike others, it does not use heat to mask the pain instead increases the blood flow to heal the pain by using natural ingredients naturally. It helps relieve pain without odor does not give a burning sensation and is not greasy. The product is available in 2-oz to 4-oz. The average price ranges from INR 5,378 to 6,723

5. MaxRelief Arnica Pain Relief Cream

MaxRelief creams are the only creams with the combination of Arnica and Emu Oils. They have three times more Arnica than the competing creams and provide fast relief to the sore joints and muscles. There is no menthol but provides a soothing warmth. The average price is near INR 1,399. Max Relief is a product of the company Natures natural in 2016 India. MaxRelief uses proven natural ingredients to ease the pain.

6. Capzasin-HP

Capzasin-Hp is a product of the Chattem Inc. established in 1879, Tennessee, USA. Capzasin-HP is a pain relief cream and contains ingredients of pepper to help relieve the pain. Capzasin works by decreasing certain natural substances in the body that aids in passing pain signals to the brain. It’s also for people with nerve pains(neuralgia) in people with herpes zoster or shingles. The average price ranges from $10.41 to$73.43.

7. Relief from the Feel Good Labs

The Feel Good Lab is the proud manufacturer of Relief established in 2016 in New Haven, Connecticut, US. They help in relieving joint and back pains and use all natural ingredients which the body harmonizes with. They don’t just mask the pain but use 30 natural ingredients to support the body’s natural recovery process. The average price is near about INR 4,692.

8. Joint Flex

Joint Flex is one of those creams which do not leave a mark on the skin and helps relieve the pain of the joints. It provides powerful fast relief from pain as it penetrates deep into the muscles and is available without a prescription. The price ranges from INR 3,506 to 8,499. Joint Flex is a product of the StridesShasun Ltd. established in the year 2015 after the merger of Shasun Pharmaceuticals and Strides Arcolab.

9. Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief

Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief cream uses heat to relieve the pain. It contains Capsaicin and is recognized by experts as a safe and effective temporary pain relief cream for the aches and pains for the muscles and joints. The average price ranges from $11.25 to $13.99. Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief is a product of the Humco Company, which started its operation as Hutchison Medicine Company in 1872 in Linden, Texas.

10. Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead is a product of Creation Farm Inc. a privately held company established in 2012, in Michigan, US. The Balm of Gilead is excellent for the pain that is caused due to arthritis s as it works deep inside the tissues of the joints and helps to reduce the pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. The price ranges from INR 2,556 to 8,684


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