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Joint pain is a common problem in our country, especially when winters strike. People with rheumatism, arthritis or other joint problems suffer the most at such times. Therefore, it becomes essential to buy the right kind of gels, ointments and balms to combat joint pain and joint stiffness. However, there are so many products available in the market that it becomes difficult to choose and pick the best out of them. So to help you select the right product for you here is a complete list of the best brands of balm for joint pain available in the Indian market.

List Of 15 Best Brands of Balm for Instant Pain Relief

1. Amrutanjan

best brands of balm for joint pain

Amrutanjan is one of the most popular health, and wellness brands in India established in 1893. All its products are 100% natural and hygienically processed with Ayurveda approved herb and ingredient usage. This Extra Power Balm is made with 100% ayurvedic ingredients. It boasts the power of wintergreen oil and menthol that offer a long lasting effect. It works fast without leaving any stains.

2. Deemark

balms for joint pain

Deemark is one of the leading online marketing companies in India specializing in Health and Nutrition. Deemark Ortho Balm is a purely herbal product effective not just for joint pain but also back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Deemark offers herbal products for pain relief and erectile dysfunction but also manufactures health equipment like treadmills, body massagers and exercise bikes.

3. Tiger

best balms for joint pain

Tiger Balm is also the name of the brand itself, and it is a world-renowned ointment brand popular for its use of oriental medicinal knowledge established in the 1900s. This balm is suitable for people of all ages and can also be used for back pain, neck pain, and sprains too. Tiger Balm has a wide range of herbal products for pain relief and cold relief that have been effectively tried and tested.

4. Menthodex

balms for joint and muscle pain

Menthodex Strong Pain Balm is a hygienically processed 100% natural Ayurvedic balm effective for joint pain, sprains, and ligament pain. This balm does not contain diclofenac, hence can be used by the patients of rheumatism.
Menthodex Strong pain balm is a product by Doshi Laboratories, a leading brand manufacturing pain relief ointments, creams and balms that are Ayurvedically processed without harmful chemicals.

5. Monison

best balms

Monison’s is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of Ayurvedic pain relief balms and ointments in India. Monison Ayurvedic Pain relief balm is ideal for joint pain and muscle soreness. It is made of 100% herbal ingredients wintergreen and Nilgiri and shows instant effectiveness. This balm can also be used for headaches and nasal congestion symptoms.

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6. Kama Ayurveda

balms for body pains
Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is a leading Indian brand specializing in Ayurvedic health and beauty products since 2002. Their products have received great commendation and recognition in global and Indian publications like Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Tatler.
Kama Ayurveda Rheumaheal Balm is yet another leading joint pain relief product in their range of pain relief balms, made with 100% authentic Ayurvedic prescription. It is a concoction especially curated for rheumatic pain and muscle and joint soreness.

7. Bello Dragon

balms for pain relief
Bello Dragon

Bello Dragon Pain Liquid balm is a unique multipurpose balm used for providing instant relief from muscle pain, joint pain, rheumatoid pain, and nasal congestion. The balm is a 100% natural non-greasy formulation that is well-known for its instant pain-relief mechanism. Bello Dragon Pain Liquid Balm is a product of Syndy Pharma, a tech-savvy research-based Ayurvedic pharmacy company. It has a wide range of ISO certified and 100% natural beauty and healthcare products for people of all ages and genders.

8. Dr Vaidya’s Rumox

balms for joint pains
Dr. Vaidya’s

This ayurvedic balm is a combination of 6 ingredients that work together to relieve pain and inflammation from the muscles and joints. It houses thymol, menthol and camphor that reduce inflammation, soreness, pain, swelling and has a cooling effect at the site of pain. It is a 100% natural with no side effects. You can massage this balm to relieve arthritic pains, neck, shoulder, back pains, and even in headaches, and congestion.

9. Dr Ortho

best brands of balms
Dr Ortho

A powerful herbal formulation by Dr Ortho, this balm works wonders to relieve pain in the joints and muscles. 100% Ayurvedic, this balm is an unmatched product made with herbs that when massaged on the body, soothes the site of pain and inflammation. It has a fast action and is great for those who suffers frozen shoulder, knee pains, neck pains and other painful muscular and joint conditions.

10. Iodex

best brands of balms

A century old brand, Iodex is a trusted name in the world of pain relief medicines. Their multipurpose balm hosts 5 natural ingredients that work in sync to reduce inflammation and pain. Thanks to its instant action formula, this balm provides effective relief is a quick solution to muscular-skeletal pains like neck/shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, sprain, etc.

11. Himalaya Wellness

best balms for headaches
Himalaya Wellness

Himalaya‘s balm is a soothing formulation of differnt oils derived from camphor, blue gum, mint, and turpentine that help soothe headaches and body aches. Aside from that, it also contains nutmeg oil that promotes blood flow to the site of pain and reduces soreness and inflammation. You can also use it in minor aches, cold and congestion.

12. Vediva Orthoayu

This 100% Ayurvedic balm by Vediva is a just what you need for your sore knees and joints. Made from 17 potent herbal oils, this balm blend is teeming with therapeutic properties that help relieve pain in the joints, neck, shoulder, back, along with muscle pains and swelling without any side effects.

13. Shrusti Herbal Health Life

Shrusti Herbal Health Life is a recently launched brand in the Indian medicine market but has already made a mark in the industry with its herbal products 100% proven in their effectiveness. Shrusti Ortho balm is a multipurpose gel-based balm useful for back pain, neck pain, body pain, and headaches. It is available in the market in the price range of Rs. 20-60 in packs of 10 g and 40 g respectively. Shrusti is one of the most trustworthy brands in the market and has a wide range of pain relief and cold relief creams, balms, roll-ons and sprays available at extremely cheap rates.

14. Zeal Herbs India

Zeal herbs India is a leading healthcare brand founded in 2010 specializing in superior quality herbal healthcare products. Zeal Herbs Lal Balm is an ayurvedically curated pain relief balm effective for joint pain, muscle pain, and lower back pain. The balm is available in the price range of Rs. 100-120 on an average in packs of 12gm and 40 gm.
Other prominent products by Zeal Herbs India include ayurvedic powders, pain relief ointments, syrups for hormone imbalance and cough relief, and capsules and solutions for digestion, stamina, vitality, etc.

15. Herbolica

Herbolica Vedi Joint Pain Balm is a product of RKO India, a leading caterer of products in every market like Annapurna Spices, Shuddhi spices, Ruby hygiene, and Herbolica healthcare products since its establishment in 1957 by the Khandelwal Group of Industries. Herbolica Vedi Joint Pain balm is one of the best in the category of pain relief ointments and is available in the price range of Rs. 200- Rs. 600 in sizes of 50 gm, 100 gm, and 150 gm. It is a unique herbal concoction of 46 Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients that provide relief from joint pain, rheumatoid pain, and muscle soreness.

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FAQs Answered about TheBest Pain Relief Balms

1. What is the most effective pain relieving cream?

The most effective pain relief cream is Moov pain relief cream. One of the most reliable options, Moov hosts the powerful oils of wintergreen, turpentine, euucalyptus, and mint to resolve your body ache instantly. Its effective formula has stood the test to time and this cream is one of the most popular pain relief creams out there.

2. What is the best muscle rub for pain?

While all the balms contains powerful Ayurvedic ingredients to soothe muscle and joint pain, Tiger balm is one of the best balms to relieve muscle pains. This muscle rub removes stiffness, and soothes swelling and discomfort in on time.

Best Pain Relief Brands of Balms with Price Comparison

Best Balm Price*
Amrutanjan Rs 125
DeemarkRs 398
TigerRs 282
MenthodexRs 480
Monison’sRs 223
Kama AyurvedaRs 650
Bello DragonRs 190
Dr Vaidya’s Rs 425
Dr OrthoRs 339
Iodex Rs 125
HimalayaRs 115
VedivaRs 1690
ShrustiRs 100
Zeal HerbsRs 360
HerbolicaRs 185
*Prices are subject to change
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