10 Best Brands Of Sunscreen Lotion For Normal Skin- Complete Guide With Price Ranges

Tropical regions of the world usually receive a lot of sunlight and experiences a hot climate almost the whole year. This sunlight could sometimes cause the skin to get tanned and causes the face to look dull and dark. Sunblock or sunscreen lotions are skin-savers during a hot day as it provides protection from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet radiation. It is hence very important to choose a good sunscreen lotion for better care of your skin. Selecting a sunscreen lotion that suits all skin types is the wise choice as it balances the extreme skin conditions such as dryness and oiliness.

10 Best Brands Of Sunscreen Lotion For Normal Skin- Complete Guide With Price Ranges

1. Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion

 Lakme is one of the popular cosmetic brands in India and in many other countries around the world. This lotion is made with quality ingredients and a special formula for protection against the UV radiation. The protection includes UVA and UVB rays which cause rashes and skin burns. The SPF 50 formula includes a composition of lemongrass, zinc oxide and organic extracts from cucumber which prevents the formation of black spots, dark circles, tanning, aging and lack of moisture. The lotion is economic and natural without any addition of Paraben. This product costs around Rs. 160 to Rs. 499.

2. LACTO Calamine Sun Shield

LACTO Calamine is another famous brand in cosmetics industry which supplies skin-friendly products to its customers. The company produces highly protective sunscreen lotions with SPF 30 PA++ formula. It protects the skin against UV-Alpha and UV-Beta radiations from the sun. The lotion is sweat-free, light weighted and non-sticky on the skin when applied. Dark spot reduction, prevention against skin aging, treatment of acne and skin burns is some of the perks of this lotion. The cost of this lotion ranges from Rs. 198 to Rs. 360.

3. Loreal Paris UV Perfect Lotion

Loreal is a French company famous for its best-selling range of personal care products. It is the world’s largest company with several branches all over the world. This company produces natural sunscreen lotions with effective action against the harmful UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. The ingredients of this product include detoxyl which provides protection from extreme conditions. This lotion is non-greasy, light in weight and lasts longer than the other lotions. The lotion is suitable for all skin types and comes in three colour variants such as purple tint, beige tint and transparent lotion for the dull and tanned skin. The price is between Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 (for 30-50 ml).

4. Biotique Bio-Sandalwood Lotion

Biotique is a leading company which produces natural skin care products. One of the successful products of this company is Bio-Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50+ which is an effective cover for the skin against the harsh UV radiation. This lotion is resistant to water and sweat. It is smooth and non-sticky in nature which makes it easy to apply on the skin. The main ingredients include sandalwood, honey, saffron and herbal tree barks. The pricing of this product is from Rs. 86 to Rs. 270.

5. Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily

 Lotus Herbals Ltd is an Indian cosmetic brand which is famous for its natural beauty care products such as oils, lotions and face packs. This company was established in 1993 by Mr. Kamal Passi and focuses on embedding nature and science through its cosmetic products. The sunscreen lotion manufactured by this company is light weighted, non-greasy, last long giving a glossy texture to the skin. It protects the skin against UVA/B radiations and is completely safe for the skin. The price of this product ranges from Rs. 190 to Rs. 660.

6. Glenmark La Shield Sunscreen SPF 40

Glenmark is one of the best-selling brands of cosmetics and personal care products. Many products of this brand are recommended by dermatologists for curing minor skin problems. The Glenmark sunscreen lotion gives a shielding effect on the skin against the radiation from the sun. This lotion is sweat-free and gel-based which makes it user-friendly. This product has natural ingredients in it and does not contain chemicals such as dyes, alcohol and/or any artificial colours. The price of this product is from Rs. 136 to Rs. 750.

7. VLCC Anti-Tan Sunscreen Lotion

VLCC is a leading company in India famous for its beauty and health care services. This company manufactures high-quality cosmetics for skin such as moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. The anti-tan sunscreen lotion is a best-selling product which provides active protection against UV radiations. It has lemon and other natural ingredients which have no negative effect on the skin. The SPF 25 lotion is paraben-free and helps in removing dark spots on the skin. The price range is between Rs. 140 and Rs. 399.

8. Nivea Sun Moisturizing Lotion

Nivea is an international brand of cosmetic products that manufactures various skincare products with 100% safe and natural ingredients. The sun moisturizing Lotion has SPF 30 formula and absorbs the UV radiations at a fast rate. This lotion is creamy and suits for all skin-types. The price of this product ranges from Rs. 188 to Rs. 450.

9. Kaya Youth Protect Sunscreen

Kaya Sunscreen Lotions provide high-protection against UVA/UVB radiations through its SPF 50 formula. This lotion also prevents dark circles and aging. It has natural ingredients and antioxidants that are skin-friendly. These lightweight lotions cost around Rs. 400- Rs. 900.

10. Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Sunblock

Neutrogena Sunscreen lotions are very effective in providing protection against the UV radiation under all environmental conditions because of its SPF 50+ formula. It is effective during hot days and for any skin-type. The price of this lotion is from Rs. 150 to Rs. 960.


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