10 Best Virgin Coconut Oil Brands for a Healthy Lifestyle

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils available and has innumerable benefits making it one of the best oils on the market today. It is the purest and most unprocessed type of oil, which is full of nutrients and antioxidant properties. Using virgin coconut oil every day can revive dull skin, add lustre to dry hair, and improve your overall health in numerous ways. With so many benefits, no wonder our moms and grandmoms can’t stop raving about the need for regularly massaging hair with virgin coconut oil. Well, now that you know all about the goodness of this oil, it is time we dwell on which oil will work the best for you. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best virgin coconut oil brands in India and the reasons you should use them.

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the prominent reasons why you should use virgin coconut oil:

  • Helps in enhancing skin health
  • Rejuvenates dull and damaged hair
  • Improves digestion and keeps you full for long
  • Reduces bad breath and whitens teeth
  • Boosts your immunity to protect you from diseases

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How Do We Choose the Best Virgin Coconut Oil Brands for You?

Extracted from fresh coconut milk, Virgin coconut oils offer myriad health benefits; hence, they are gaining immense popularity in recent times. In India, there is a long list of brands offering good-quality virgin coconut oil. You can find a natural, rich flavour and effective oil at a budget of Rs 150 to Rs 1,000. While they are a little more expensive than other oils available on the market, they are worth every penny.

Here is the list of factors that helped us in curating this list. Getting familiar with these factors will assist you in choosing the best virgin coconut oil for you.


There are different methods of processing the oil, and the way they are processed impacts the quality, taste, flavour, aroma, etc. Hence, it is crucial to look carefully into this factor. Oil can be refined or unrefined, cold-pressed or expeller-pressed. Depending upon your use, you can pick the right oil for you.


Packaging is another factor that you can’t neglect while making a purchase. It affects the quality as well as the shelf life of the oil and ensures easy usage. Make sure you pick leak-proof packaging in the desired quantity.

Nutritional Facts

While all virgin coconut oils are high in calories and fat content, the nutritional facts vary with each brand. While all the mentioned options on the list are highly nutritious, you can pick the one that suits you the most and offers the best result.

List of the Top 10 Virgin Coconut Oil Brands

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials
Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials has become a huge hit in the Indian skincare and cosmetics industry due to its top-notch products. The brand was founded in 2000 by Mira Kulkarni and had its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It has more than 80 stores in the country and supplies its products to more than 150 countries across the globe. Forest Essentials has taken luxurious Ayurveda to a whole new height and is counted amongst the topmost skincare brands in India.

Prominent Features of Forest Essentials: 

  • It is a multi-purpose oil that can be used both on hair and skin
  • Made with high-grade, fresh coconut, it deeply nourishes the scalp
  • Offers a healthy glow, enhances complexion, and gives lustre to the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory properties promote hair growth and add shine


  • 100% Ayurvedic formula
  • Paraben & sulphate free
  • Release muscle tension
  • Flushes out toxins


  • The price is a little high

Why We Picked Forest Essentials?

The Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is hands down the most popular in the market. As it is a cold-pressed oil, it is extracted without any heat and is full of its original nutrient properties.

Regularly using this oil can firm and tone your skin, nourish damaged hair, and is the perfect oil for a relaxing massage. It also has Vitamin E, which gives your skin a nice natural glow.

Max Care

Max Care

Max Care is one of the leading cold-pressed oil brands in India, which was established in the year 1983. It is run under Mahaveer Coconut Industries, which became famous for its desiccated coconut powder. The brand produces the best quality oils by adhering to international hygiene and safety standards, making them suitable for everyone. Wondering where to get the best essential oil? Read our list to find out.

Prominent Features of Max Care: 

  • Helps in strengthening immunity, boosting metabolism and promoting weight loss
  • Natural and highly nutritious oil, making it perfect for baby massage
  • It can be used raw, in cooking, and for Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling
  • Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this coconut oil can be used on skin and hair


  • 100% vegetarian
  • Unrefined oil
  • Improves immunity
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • The smell might be overpowering to some

Why We Picked Max Care?

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil is formulated from garden-fresh coconuts. It is prepared through a 100% natural and cold-pressed process to give you the purest oil.

This virgin coconut oil prevents hair fall and controls dandruff making your hair healthier and smoother with each application. It can also be used on dehydrated skin as a moisturizer, as a nappy rash ointment, and as a first cleanse for removing makeup.



DiSano has brought a new revolution in the Indian food industry by bringing authentic international flavours to the table. The brand was founded in the year 2013 and is famous for inculcating international food products in Indian kitchens. You can find a variety of great products, such as olives, olive oils, coconut oils, apple cider vinegar, and peanut butter, to name a few. If you love authentic flavours with no compromise on quality, DiSano is a brand that you will totally love!

Prominent Features of DiSano: 

  • It strengthens the hair, fights dandruff, boosts scalp health, and helps with regrowth
  • This oil contains 63% MCFA, which helps in weight management and better health
  • Being natural, it can be used on hair and skin, for baby massage, and for cooking
  • Available in three different packaging: 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Makes skin softer
  • Prevents rashes
  • Unrefined oil


  • The bottle has a narrower opening than preferred by users

Why We Picked DiSano?

This virgin coconut oil from Disano is 100% natural, cold-pressed, and unrefined. It is extracted from fresh coconut without any heat or chemical process to preserve its naturally rich aroma, all vital nutrients, and taste. It has no added mineral oils and is preservative-free, which makes it one of the top coconut oils available. Looking for the best kinds of onion hair oils? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

Nature’s Absolutes

Nature's Absolutes
Nature’s Absolutes

Nature’s Absolutes is a skin and hair care brand founded by Uma Mansharamani, who is a prominent Business and Life Coach. The brand became really famous for offering 100% natural products which are chemical free and extracted purely. All these products are perfect for someone who doesn’t like artificial ingredients in their skin and hair care.

Prominent Features of Nature’s Absolutes: 

  • It nourishes hair and scalp, strengthens hair strands, and makes them lustrous and healthy
  • This oil has anti-ageing and healing properties that help to combat skin allergies
  • Deeply hydrating and nourishing, it makes the skin look smooth and supple
  • Being lightweight and non-sticky with hexane and gluten-free, you can use it every day


  • Provides sun protection
  • Reduces signs of ageing
  • Conditions hair
  • Suits all skin types


  • Quantity is less according to the cost

Why We Picked Nature’s Absolutes?

This 100% pure, natural, organic, and cold-pressed coconut oil from Nature’s Absolutes has a lush, nostalgic scent. It makes your hair thicker and fuller with regular use. Also, it gets absorbed quickly and conditions the hair from roots to tips. This oil also works wonders on your skin, providing it with the required nourishment and making it look and feel healthy.

Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda
Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is one of the finest skincare and haircare brands in India that relies purely on ayurvedic ingredients. It was founded in the year 2002 by Vivek Sahni, Rajshree Pathy, Vikram Goyal, and Dave Chang.

The brand has its headquarters in New Delhi, India, and exports its products in USA and Europe as well. It offers a range of products that are crafted purely with natural ingredients and are free from chemicals.

Prominent Features of Kama Ayurveda: 

  • It can also be used on the skin to provide nourishment and hydration
  • Regular application prevents premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines
  • This oil is mild and gentle, which makes it perfect even for sensitive skin
  • Made with pure, tropical coconut, you can use it for baby massages


  • Beautifully packed
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Heal stretch marks
  • Prevents hair fall


  • Comes with a high price tag

Why We Picked Kama Ayurveda?

This highly versatile coconut oil from Kama Ayurveda can be used to condition the hair and keep the skin supple. It has a light, non-sticky formula that doesn’t weigh down hair or make it look greasy. This extra virgin coconut oil is organic, pure, and cold-pressed to retain its unique balance of nutrients. Also, it has a nostalgic and pure, tender coconut scent that lingers post-application.



Nutiva is a prominent superfood and beverage brand from America which is making waves in India. It was founded by John W. Roulac in the year 1999 and gained a lot of attraction after launching its coconut oil.

The company currently has its headquarters in Richmond, California, and smoothly operates in multiple different regions across the globe. If you’re looking for cold-pressed oils, Nutiva is a brand to check out.

Prominent Features of Nutiva: 

  • It is an organic oil that is perfect for cooking as well as applying to your skin and hair
  • Made with the trusted finest quality, this oil has a creamy consistency and tastes delicious
  • The product is completely vegan, raw, cruelty-free, cold-pressed, and certified organic
  • Available in multiple-size packaging and is packed while preserving its nutritional content


  • Made without pesticides
  • Rich aroma and flavours
  • Long shelf life
  • Natural skin moisturiser


  • Availability might be an issue

Coco Soul

Coco Soul
Coco Soul

Coco Soul is a brand that believes in creating natural and unprocessed products filled with numerous benefits. The brand is run under Marico, the consumer goods giant in India. You can find several unprocessed products under this range at a very affordable cost. All its products are natural and free from preservatives, GMOs, chemicals, mineral oils, trans fat, etc.

Prominent Features of Coco Soul: 

  • This oil is extracted from freshly harvested coconuts through cold-pressed technology
  • The extraction process preserves its vital nutrients, rich aroma, and flavour, making it healthy
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it has many health benefits and can be consumed orally
  • Made with A-grade coconuts, it helps in managing weight, boosts energy, & supports cognition


  • Fit for raw consumption
  • Great source of lauric acid
  • 100% vegetarian oil
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Shelf life should be longer

Organic India

Organic India
Organic India

Organic India is a leading organic foods and health supplements company that has become a huge hit with its great quality products. It was founded in 1997 by spouses Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Some of the most bought products from this brand are Tulsi Green tea, black tea, masala chai, and its cold-pressed oils. Promoting health and true wellness, this brand is a must-try.

Prominent Features of Organic India: 

  • It is extracted using the cold-pressed method, which preserves all its nutrients and quality
  • Superfood for people with heart problems and diabetes and helps in increasing metabolic rate
  • This oil is FSSAI, USDA, and organic certified, making it safe to use every day and for everyone
  • You can also use it for cooking and applying it to your skin and hair to keep them nourished


  • Helps in weight management
  • Beautiful jar packaging
  • Pure organic, natural oil
  • Value for money product


  • The glass bottle is prone to breakage

The Coconut People

The Coconut People
The Coconut People

The Coconut People is a brand made by people who are obsessed with coconuts and love to enjoy them in every product. It was founded in 2017 and had its headquarters in New Delhi, India. The brand produces a range of products, namely stellar coconut body scrubs, face packs, lip balms, candles, and cold-pressed oils. With coconut as a key ingredient, these products are all-natural and healthy.

Prominent Features of The Coconut People: 

  • Its Coconut Oil is derived using cold press technology, making it really rich in nutrients
  • You can use it everyday like for cooking, applying to your skin and hair, massaging, and more
  • Made with fresh, organic virgin coconuts, this oil is USDA certified and perfect for vegetarians
  • Comes in safe, convenient, BPA-free packaging, which is environmentally friendly and easy to use


  • Improves natural glow
  • Offers smooth & dewy skin
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Cleanses scalp deeply


  • Expensive for the quality

KLF Nirmal

KLF Nirmal

With a history of over 80 years, KLF Nirmal is a top-selling brand of coconut oil. It was founded in the year 1943 by K. L. Francis in Kerela with a mission to offer top-quality, pure products. All its products retain consistency, quality, aroma and colour, making them safe to use every day. Also, they are very affordable and easily available.

Prominent Features of KLF Nirmal: 

  • Being a good source of Lauric, it increases metabolism and helps in weight loss
  • Comes in a glass bottle, so you can stay assured about its flavour and aroma stay intact
  • It is lighter, thinner, and less sticky, making it perfect for hair, skin, and even oil pulling
  • Derived from real coconuts, it has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties for protecting the body


  • Skincare friendly
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Improved shelf life
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Takes time to show results

Final Word

If you love using coconut, it’s high time to switch from regular coconut oil to virgin coconut oil. Free from refined processing and harmful chemicals, these oils are delicious and offer great benefits. The above-mentioned are some of the best available options in the market. However, our personal favourite is from Forest Essentials and Nutiva for their excellent texture, taste, packaging, and easy availability. Check out the entire list and let us know which one is your top pick.


1. How do you use virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil has a lot higher nutrient value than regular oils, making them much more beneficial for regular use. You can use virgin coconut oil for cooking your favourite meals, apply it to your skin and hair, and remedy several ailments.

2. Is cold-pressed oil better than regular oil?

Yes, cold-pressed coconut oil is the clear winner here. The cold-pressing process involves no usage of heat while extracting the oil, making it completely rich in nutrient value. You will get the purest form of oil with no additives through this method.

3. What is the best virgin coconut oil brand in India?

Several brands are coming up with top-notch virgin oils, but a few that stand out are Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, DiSano, Nutiva, Coco Soul, and Organic India. You can find all of these brands online at amazing discounts.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are curated carefully by a team of experts who studies and test different available products in the market and then curate a list of the best products that offer outstanding results. For picking the best virgin coconut oil brands for you, we have accessed different options on the basis of texture, packaging, extraction method, shelf life, and price. We also took customers’ reviews into consideration for making the right selection.

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