13 Best Cycle Pump Brands – Complete Guide With Price Range

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and the best form of travel if one truly worries about the environment. However, cycle tires also require adequate pumping to keep the vehicle going. To have a wonderful experience, it is advised to have a good or even the best cycle pump around. You can always keep them handy to ensure that your cycle is ready for use. These pumps go a long way in avoiding risks like slippage caused due to deflated tires.

Here are some of the best cycle pump brands available in India, along with their expected price. Here you can also check best cycles for kids & electric cycles in India.

Best Cycle Pump Brands

1. Krevia

Best Cycle Pump Brands

Krevia pumps are lightweight, and there is no need to run to a mechanic to fill the tires anymore. Thanks to its easy mechanism, it can be used at home. It is a lightweight pump that pumps air into the tires very quickly. The pumps are made with light steel and are priced reasonably.

2. Rockbros


Rockbros pumps are light in weight and can be carried along with the cycle itself. This eliminates worries about the tires deflating during long cycle rides. The pumps come with an easy contraption that makes it possible to fill air into the bikes by oneself. They are affordable and do not burn the bank.

3. Wintech


Wintech cycle pumps are made with high-quality steel, making them perfect for long-distance travel. The special contraption helps fill the tires almost instantly and can be used by anyone. They are priced at really inexpensive prices.

4. Viva


Viva pumps are a must for those who own bikes and bicycles because they are the easiest equipment to fill the tires without exerting much pressure. The pumps are easy to operate and can even be used by novices easily. One can avail them at affordable prices that do not hurt the pocket.

5. Nivia


Nivia pumps are must-have equipment for every cyclist. They are made with a special kind of technology that makes them suitable for home and professional use. Priced reasonably, they are the best air pumps that one can invest in.

6. Bellveen


Bellveen pumps are one-of-a-kind and are meant for professionals who always need to keep their tires and gears in top shape. The pumps are light in weight and can be easily mounted on the bike as well. They are available at really low prices.

7. Eazo


Eazo brings you a range of portable pumps that require manual pressure. The compact cycle pumps have a sturdy base, woven pipes, and a steel handle, along with two outlets for filling air into different kinds of tyres.

8. Smart Picks

Smart Picks
Smart Picks

Smart Picks’ air pumps are made with durable plastic and pump air on both up and down strokes. These air pumps can be used to fill balloons, balls, cycle tyres, airbeds, etc. They also have complementary nozzles that come in different sizes and can fill the inflated object in relatively less time.

9. Michelin


Michelin foot pumps are durable and can pump air into car tyres, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles, sports balls, etc. These pumps are sturdy enough and have a tread pedal that allows easy pumping movement without bending or leaning forward. Their compact size makes them easy to carry around for long trips.

10. Adraxx


Adraxx pumps are made with quality steel and are one-of-a-kind equipment that lasts for years. The pumps have a long and pliable tube to fill the air by exerting low pressure. They are available online at relatively reasonable prices.

11. DeoDap


DeoDap pumps are truly unique air pumps with a nozzle that fits onto the cycle tires without adjustment. These pumps suit all kinds of bike tyres and bicycles. They are light in weight and can be easily stored or carried with ease. One can get them at inexpensive prices.

12. Zeebly


Zeebly pumps are very effective and stylish to look at. These pumps are all that a modern cyclist needs around to face contingencies. They fill tires quickly and without much hassle. These pumps are safe for usage by youngsters as well as adults.

13. PowerMax

PowerMax pumps are light and suitable for filling all kinds of tires. The pumps are meant for cycles, airbeds, bike tires and other rubber items like footballs, exercise balls, etc. They are available at a reasonable price point and are greatly favoured by professionals as well.

Best Cycle Pumps with Prices Listed

Best Cycle Pump BrandsPrice*
KreviaRs 1,799
RockbrosRs 699
WintechRs 299
VivaRs 534
NiviaRs 242
BellveenRs 1,699
EazoRs 370
Smart PicksRs 328
MichelinRs 2,466
Best Cycle Pumps

*Prices are subject to change.


1. How do I choose a bike pump?

Choosing a bike pump is not very difficult. All you must do is look for a pump that fits your bike’s tire, is light in weight, and requires less pressure to fill the tire. Pumps with a wider body are often preferred to fix bike tires as they pump in a large amount of air every time pressure is applied.

2. What is a price of cycle pump?

The price of cycle pumps ranges between Rs 300 – Rs 2,500. You can choose one as per your preference and requirements.

3. What makes a good bike pump?

Different bike tyres have different pounds per square inch (PSI) requirements. While road bikes require the air to be pumped between 80 PSI and 130 PSI, mountain bikes require to be pumped anywhere between 30 PSI and 50 PSI. On the other hand, hybrid tires require air pumping between 40 PSI and 70 PSI.

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