8 Best Deep Fryers in India to Cook Yummy Food Within Minutes

If you’re a fried food lover (who isn’t?), check out the best deep fryers in India that are sure to satisfy your crunchy cravings at home!

Making fried food at home has been made easy with electric deep fryers. It has opened new options in food for Indian kitchens. Deep fryers used to take up a lot of space, which is why they were only suitable for commercial kitchens. But with the introduction of their electric counterparts, it has become easy for people to cook delicious fried food at home. If you have been looking for a compact electric deep fryer, you can check out our list of the best picks to make delectable fried food at home.

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Best Electric Deep Fryers in India

1. Inalsa Professional 2 Deep Fryer

Inalsa Professional 2 Deep Fryer

Inalsa Professional 2 Fryer is suitable for making homemade fried food such as chicken, fries, and more. It has an adjustable temperature control feature that lets you choose different temperatures, from 150 to 190 degrees, to cook different kinds of food. It is very compact and has a two-litre oil capacity. Thanks to its compact size, it can comfortably be seated on your tabletop. It also features an indicator light to indicate when the oil has reached the optimum temperature.

This electric deep fryer has anti-slip feet to improve stability and prevent accidents.

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2. iBell Electric Deep Fryer

iBell Electric Deep Fryer

iBELL DF610P is an electric deep fryer with a six-litre oil tank capacity. It features a stainless steel body and a removable frying basket. The oil tank has minimum and maximum markings to guide you on how much oil should be filled inside it to operate. It comes with a stainless-steel heating element that evenly distributes heat to the bowl.

This electric deep fryer has a built-in smart timer to avoid overheating.

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3. Agaro Electric Deep Fryer

Agaro Electric Deep Fryer

Agaro 33390 is an electric deep fryer with a two-litre oil tank capacity. It is built using stainless steel and has a removable frying basket with overheat protection for safe operation. With the use of the adjustable thermostat, you can set the maximum temperature up to 190 degrees. It also has anti-slip feet that hold it in place while on a flat surface, allowing you to cook safely without spilling any hot oil out of the fryer.

This electric deep fryer has detachable parts that make it easy to clean.

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4. American Micronic Deep Fryer

American Micronic Deep Fryer

This American Micronic deep fryer tank comes with a non-stick coating with adjustable temperature setting for healthy frying and its 30 minutes timer control option used for auto switch off for convenience. It sports an exterior handle for lowers food into oil with the cover closed to prevent spattering. A Sound Indicates when cooking is complete. Easy to clean and maintain, this is one of the best deep fryers in India because it’s innovative air circulation system evenly distributes heat to ensure your food gets cooked properly.

The deep fryer features a 30 minutes timer control option used for auto switch off for convenience.

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5. Skyline Electric Deep Fryer

Skyline Electric Deep Fryer

The Skyline Deep Fryer with Timer VT5424 is a 1 .5 liters deep fryer that lends efficiency to the entire deep frying activity. Deep frying had never been a time efficient and painless activity, as it is now. Thanks to this deep fryer with timer that gives more than all that deep frying only. With 1500 w around, you should not expect to lose too much of power. The power seems to be a little on the higher side, but at the end, you get what you want.

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6. Froth and Flavour Deep Fryer

Froth and Flavour Deep Fryer

Cook fried foods like a pro in the comfort of your own home with this Froth and Flavour deep fryer. It features a generous 8 litre capacity which is enough to cook 1kg of food. It is great for cooking a variety of foods such as deliciously crisp chips, wedges or fries, fried chicken, Battered fish, tempura, onion rings, spring rolls, samosas and croquettes as well as tasty desserts like doughnuts, Churros and fruit fritters. The easy to use adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights allow you to cook your food perfectly every time. Turn to a specific temperature and it will maintain this heat, ensuring your food doesn’t burn

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7. Orbit Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Orbit Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Prepare crispy, golden brown fries in the Orbit DF-30 Deep Fryer. It has a detachable oil tank that allows you to clean the tank with ease. Made of stainless steel, it ensures durability. Moreover, it has a capacity to retain 3.5 L of oil without causing any spillage. Its power on indicator ensures hassle free use. Its double filter controls odour and oil vapour, making it easy to keep your cooking area clean. 

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8. Orbit DF-2000 Electric Deep Fryer

Orbit DF-2000 Electric Deep Fryer

The first thing you will notice about orbit deep fryer is its innovative design with cool touch body that is safe to touch even when it’s active. The electric deep fryer is an 1200 watt appliance with 2 litre capacity that makes frying much easier for you. It features an adjustable thermostat to set the desired temperature, making it a leading choice amongst the best deep fryers in India. The handles and coated pan can be detached for your convenience and easy cleaning. The fryer also features a mechanical timer for quick cooking.

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