Exhaust fans are essential appliances for kitchens, bathrooms and factories. They suck hot and humid air out of an enclosed area to allow fresh air inside. It is perfect from removing steam, smoke or odours from a room.

If you are looking to buy an exhaust fan, look no further than this list.

Top brands for exhaust fans in India.


Usha is an electronics manufacturing brand that offers everything from kitchen appliances, home appliances, water coolers to sewing machines, cooking appliances and fans. Exhaust fans from the brand are available in plastic for homes and in steel for industrial use. The home exhaust fans are silent, rust proof and light weight. Heavy duty fans are capable of high speeds and quick action.

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Orpat is a well-known electronic and home appliances brand. It manufactures cooking appliances, cooking tools, fans, clocks and more. You can choose from plastic or metal exhaust fans from Orpat. These come in different colors including white, grey and black. These are powerful, effective and durable fans.

You can save loads of cash by shopping for Orpat exhaust fans here.


Orient electric is the electric appliance brand of the CK Birla Group. The brand manufactures fans, home appliances, lighting and switches. Orient manufactures a variety of exhaust fans in terms of speed, look, price and performance.

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Luminous is an electronics company that manufactures inverters, batteries, solar products, fans and lighting. The exhaust fans are available from Luminous vary in speed, looks, color and price. They have low sound output and a rust free body.

Check out all the exhaust fans manufactured by Luminous India and buy at amazing discounted prices.


Khaitan is an Indian electronics brand which is most famous for its fans. It also manufactures kitchen appliances, agricultural pumps and lighting. The Freshair ventilation fans from the brand are available in compact metal and plastic bodies.

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Havells is a complete electronics solutions brand that offers lighting, fans, water heaters, pumps, air coolers, cables, kitchen appliances and more. Havells offers state of the art premium exhaust fans for homes. It also offers plastic and metal exhausts.

Check the entire collection out and buy your own Havells exhaust fan at an unbelievable price.

Now you won’t have to deal with bad odors in your home. Simply install an efficient exhaust fan from one of these brands.

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