14 Best Gym Gloves in India to Make Your Workouts Easier

Gym gloves will be your best friend if you are starting your workout regime soon. These are specific pairs of gloves designed to help you continue your physical activities in the gym or during regular exercises without any strain or injuries to your hands. If you are looking to buy the best pair of gym gloves, our list mentions the best gym gloves in India.

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How Do We Choose the Right Gym Gloves for You?

A gym glove is among the most important investments if you are into fitness. A pair of gym gloves may cost you between Rs 300 and Rs 3000. There are important factors that ensure your dependability on the gloves. Below are the important factors that you must look out for a while purchasing the best gloves for the gym.

Coverage and Wrist Support

Gym gloves should completely protect your hands. Most people face issues with ill-fitted gloves that do not properly cover the areas below their fingertips. You should buy a pair of gym gloves that provides maximum coverage and fits your hands perfectly. Besides, a workout glove has to provide protection to the wrists as well.  


When looking for the best gloves for gyms in India, focus on gloves made with technologically assisted materials to ensure durability and breathability. Remember, improper fabrics can cause sweating and loss of grip.


The padding of the gym gloves in the palm area helps in the grip and one’s endurance to lift heavy weights or perform strenuous activities. It is the padding that keeps your hands safe and also prevents callouses.

All the gym gloves for men and women mentioned on this list qualify for the above-mentioned factors and are of excellent quality. You can pick anyone and shop without any worries.

List of Top 14 Gym Gloves in India

Nivia Python Gym Gloves

Nivia Python Gym Gloves
Nivia Python Gym Gloves

Nivia is a historical brand pioneering in the shoe industry since the 1960s. From GYM shoes to footballs, the company sells some of the best goods. Nivia is also known to be one of the top gym glove manufacturing brands in India. 

Notable Features of Nivia Python Gym Gloves:

  • The Nivia Python gym gloves can be used during regular exercises, weight lifting, climbing. Also, these gloves are perfect for riding a bicycle or a bike. 
  • It is made of stretchable micro leather
  • It is fingerless to help in the grip.


  • Added padding for additional comfort
  • Unisex
  • Odourless 
  • Remains clean even while sweating
  • Easy to wear and remove

Why We Picked Nivia Python Gym Gloves?

While performing your sport, you need a pair of gloves which you can depend upon. Nivia Python Gym Gloves has all the features to make it a suitable choice for pro fitness people. Its breathable, soft and genuine leather helps in making your grip stronger and improves your workout sessions. 

Qatalyze Gym Gloves

Qatalyze Gym Gloves
Qatalyze Gym Gloves

Qatalyze ventured into the fitness industry with the motive to make fitness regimes fun and painless. It makes unique equipment for exercise and gymming with the best quality fabrics and materials. Qatalyze gloves are also of high quality. They are made with durable material and are considered the best gym gloves for grip and control. 

Notable Features of Qatalyze Gym Gloves:

  • The efficient design of Qatalyze provides a firm fit.
  • The pair proves to be one of the best gym gloves for wrist support as it helps prevent injuries. 
  • Due to its comfortable fit, it reduces strain on the hands.
  • You will notice quality stitching in the gloves.


  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Stretchable

Why We Picked Qatalyze Gloves?

Qatalyze gloves are for beginners as well as pro athletes. It is designed by combining quality materials to provide a comfortable fit. It also ensures protection to the palm with its thick padding.

Sportneer Gym Gloves

Sportneer Gym Gloves
Sportneer Gym Gloves

Sportsneer is a one-stop shop for purchasing distinct sports goodies that aren’t easy to find elsewhere. From making compasses to sports gear, this brand is a pioneer in the sports industry. 

Notable Features of Sportneer Gym Gloves:

  • The Sportneer Gym Gloves provide complete palm protection.
  • The double velcro wrist strap is 19-inch long. It is great for different hand sizes. 
  • Its lightweight fabric with open meshing reduces sweating in the palms.


  • Anti-sweat
  • Fit for all sizes
  • Antislip


  • Not suitable for washing with warm water

Why We Picked SportNeer Gym Gloves?

We have selected the Sportneer gym gloves because they bridge the gap between a beginner and an expert. They are equally useful for basic exercise, power liftings as well as heavy exercises. 

XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves

XTRIM Leather Gym Gloves
XTRIM Leather Gym Gloves

The brand XTRIM serves as a paradise for sports and gym enthusiasts. It serves the ardent gym enthusiasts well by manufacturing supportive equipment required for performing sports. XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather gym gloves are the ideal gloves for weight lifters and workout enthusiasts

Notable features of XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves:

  • XTRIM gloves are of a half-finger design.
  • It has washable leather built for a regular wash.
  • Its double stitching prevents wear and tear of the product.


  • Elastic wrist support 
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities
  • Protection from injuries
  • Unisex

Why We Picked XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves?

XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves’ antimicrobial-treated mesh design ensures that it is antifungal and antibacterial. It keeps your hands dry even after a long game.

DreamPalace India Workout Gloves

DreamPalace India Workout Gloves
DreamPalace India Workout Gloves

DreamPalace is a dream destination to get suitable supporting sports goods at affordable prices. Hand wraps. Hand grippers, knee supports and gloves are the most loved products of this brand. 

Notable Features of DreamPalace India Workout Gloves:

  • DreamPalace India Workout Gloves have leather and silicone padding for extra grip.
  • The gloves are made of high-quality breathable neoprene fabric
  • It has the best possible palm padding to prevent friction and blisters in the palms. 
  • It is made from a combination of leather and silicon to avoid damage to the hands as well as itself.


  • Shaped to provide the ultimate grip
  • Durable 
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-sweat 


  • Free-size gloves may be a loose fit for people with small hands 

Why We Picked DreamPalace India Workout Gloves?

The extra comfortable DreamPalace India Workout Gloves are a pair of gloves that have a unique blend of leather and silicone that sets them apart from the rest of the fitness gloves.

Moreover, if you do workout at home, then you might wanna check our latest blog, where we have listed some of the most helpful home gym equipments available online. Do check it out.

Kobo WTG-30 Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves
Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

KOBO brings innovation to the sports accessory industry by evaluating different materials to bring the best to the customers. Kobo WTG-30 weight-lifting gym gloves ensure both comfort and style

Notable Features of Kobo WTG-30 weight lifting gym gloves:

  • These gloves can be used by heavyweight lifters, trainers, and beginners equally.
  • The design of the product fits everyone. So, it is suitable for both males and females.
  • The breathable material is comfortable to wear even during extreme weather conditions.
  • The pull-up straps near the fingers make it easy to wear and remove.


  • Soft interiors
  • Seat absorbing material
  • Unisex
  • Attractive designs
  • Available in all sizes


Aprodo Gym Gloves
Aprodo Gym Gloves

Aprodo is a great brand for people committing to being fit. It produces weightlifting belts, arm blasters, fitness straps, gym gloves and several other important sports supporting equipment. 

Notable Features of APRODO Gloves:

  • To provide maximum comfort and a proper fit, it is made up of neoprene fabric with lycra in the back portion.
  • Its design is suitable for long-term use.
  • APRODO Gloves are one of the most durable and one of the best gym gloves at an affordable price.  
  • Its adjustable wraps on the wrist make a better fit for all purposes.


  • Anti-sweat 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable 

5 O’Clock Gym Gloves

5 O CLOCK Sports Leather Gym Gloves
5 O CLOCK Sports Leather Gym Gloves

5 O’Clock sports brand uses advanced technology to manufacture sports accessories. With a good hold and perfect fit of every accessory, numerous customers purchase from the brand in India. The brand also has some of the best gym gloves for men.

Notable Features of 5 O’Clock Gym Gloves:

  • It has a ventilated design to let your skin breathe during your performance.
  • Its engineered padding provides maximum protection.
  • The gloves are extremely comfortable to wear due to their adjustable wrist straps.


  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Stretchable design

Hykes Gloves

Hykes Gloves
Hykes Gloves

The extra comfortable Hykes Gloves are one of the best gym gloves-producing brands in India. Its attractive design, along with the lightweight build, makes it one of the top accessories for a workout. The perfect hand grips and the comfortable design make it the top choice among customers. 

Notable features of Hykes Gloves:

  • The design of Hykes gloves allows easy adjustment and provides a better grip.
  • The padding in the gloves prevents abrasions and burns on the hands.
  • It can be suitable for all outdoor activities.


  • Anti-sweat 
  • Supportive adjustable wrist wraps
  • Ventilated fabric

GOCART WITH G LOGO Weightlifting Gloves

GoCart Gym Gloves
GoCart Gym Gloves

GOCART is a sport and fitness accessories and equipment manufacturing brand. It aims to improve the quality of life by producing goods that are easy to use. It is a leading manufacturer of gym bags, toys, baby products, gym gloves, and water sprayers in India. 

Notable Features Of GOCART WITH G LOGO Weightlifting Gloves:

  • It protects your hands by providing a firm grip and ease of working out. 
  • It has durable double stitching.
  • The wrist wraps help in comfortable adjustments.
  • It provides full palm protection.


  • Water Resistant
  • Cushing pads for comfort
  • Anti-slip

Leosportz Gym Gloves for Men Workout

Leosportz Gym Gloves
Leosportz Gym Gloves

Leosportz gym gloves are from Serveuttam, which manufactures yoga and sports accessories after several trials and tests of the materials. The brand currently sells massively on Amazon.

Notable Features of Leosportz Gym Gloves:

  • The leather and silicone padding of the gloves ensures a tight grip.
  • It provides maximum coverage to prevent any damage to the hands.
  • The gloves have adjustable straps for high wrist support. 
  • It enhances the lifting ability.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable 
  • Strong grip
  • Absorbs sweat

Arrowmax Exercise Gym Gloves for Men Workout

Arrowmax Exercise Gym Gloves
Arrowmax Exercise Gym Gloves

Arrowmax is an emerging sports accessories brand that produces a wide range of products, including swimming kits, yoga mats, abdominal supports and gloves. Arrowmax Gloves are professional products used for all physical activities. They are ideal for men. 

Notable Features of Arrowmax Gloves:

  • Arrowmax gloves are of high quality and are long-lasting.
  • The extra grip enhances your ability to increase the number of lifts and pull-ups.
  • It ensures your protection from all the soreness and injuries faced during the workouts making it one of the best gym gloves for men.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Prevents injuries

Gymwar Gym Gloves

Gymwar Gym Gloves
Gymwar Gym Gloves

Gymwar is a sports accessory producer that keeps no stone unturned to provide the best products. Weightlifting straps, headbands, knee supports, and skipping ropes are made with durable material. Gymwar Gym gloves are specially made for women. 

Notable Features of Gymwar Gym Gloves:

  • The gloves protect from cocoon blisters in the palm.
  • It prevents sweaty palms and slipping of the weights.
  • It is one of the best gym gloves for women as the sizes and grips are perfectly suitable for women. 
  • The palm protection with Gymwar gloves maintains the features of the palms.
  • Durability is another alluring feature of the gloves.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Breathable fabric
  • Anti-slip

Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves

Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves
Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves

Burnlab is many people’s ultimate destination for getting the ideal gymming equipment and accessories. The wide variety of products by this brand includes speed ropes, yoga accessories, gym gloves and resistance training equipment. 

Notable Features of Burnlab Basic Gym Gloves:

  • The gloves are useful in providing full palm protection.
  • The ventilated gloves make them suitable for longer use.
  • Its unique design makes it suitable for all kinds of adventure and activities
  • The gloves can be used by both males and females.


  • Sweatproof
  • Machine washable

Final Word

Gym Gloves are needed to keep your hands protected from injuries and to perform physical activities. Therefore, it is important to select a durable pair of gloves that fulfil your gymming requirements. There are many available products in the market to choose from. Check out the listed best gym hand gloves and make a wise choice.


Which brand of gym gloves is the best?

Gym gloves from Nivia, Qatalyze, and Sportsneer are some of the best. If you have a good budget, you can even go for brands like Puma, Nike, and Reebok.

What kind of gloves should I use at the gym?

You should use sturdy and breathable gloves at the gym. Make sure they offer good grip, coverage, wrist support, and padding so that your hands are secure and there are lesser chances of injury.

Are gym gloves worth it?

Gym gloves are totally worth it as they help relieve pressure and keep your hands secure from rough callouses.

Do gym gloves give a better grip?

Yes, workout gloves offer better grip enabling you to lift heavier weights and m

How tight should gym gloves be?

Gym gloves should fit you comfortably and snugly. They shouldn’t be too loose or tight.

How do I know my gym glove size?

To know your gym glove size, you can measure your hand across your palm with a measuring tape.

Are gym gloves washable?

Yes, most gym gloves on the market are washable.

How to clean your gym gloves?

You can use a mild detergent to clean your gloves and air dry them to remove sweat, dirt, and grime.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

The reviews of CashKaro are conducted by experts in their respective fields. The experts have analysed the fabric, padding, coverage and wrist support of all available gym gloves. Gym gloves with good quality of all said factors have been selected for this list. Also, only products with positive reviews make it to the list.

Sanskriti Mathur
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