India’s Best Parenting Bloggers Of 2017

New parents can vouch for the fact that parenting is no easy feat. So, how do these bloggers make it look so simple and beautiful? We did a little research and found out what makes these bloggers the best of 2017.  These bloggers have been chosen on the basis of unique content, fan following and factual accuracy of their content.

Here’s CashKaro’s list of the Top Parenting Bloggers Of 2017 in no particular order.

Blog Name: Simple Indian Mom

Menaka - Simple Indian Mom
Run By: Menaka Bharathi

Twitter Followers: 3.9k| Facebook Fans: 19.8k

Through its content, the blog explains how mindfulness during pregnancy and while parenting can lead to a healthy family.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Information about organic foods and superfoods for a healthy lifestyle
  • All-natural remedies for beauty and fitness issues
  • Useful tips to raise healthy, mindful kids

“When I became a new mom, I was not sure about many things. My main concern was the changing environment and chemicals in every product that were recommended to children. I learnt to use natural food, grow organic vegetables and live a life connected to nature,” said Menaka about her motivation to start the blog.

Blog Name: A Mom’s Take

Janel - A Moms Take
Run By: Janel Case

Twitter Followers: 76.9k | Facebook Fans: 19k

A Mom’s Take is all about how to stay healthy and sane as a mom. The blog features recipes, family activities, parenting tips and mommy anecdotes.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Delicious lunch, dinner, breakfast and snack recipes
  • Easy and fun home décor ideas
  • DIY Crafts section for moms and kids

I started a parenting blog because I was right in the thick of raising 3 young boys (which grew to a family of 5 boys). It was a good outlet for me to have a hobby and help contribute to the family while being able to share my life experiences in a meaningful way,” blog owner Janel said.

Blog Name: KidsStopPress

mansi zaveri kidsstopppress
Run By: Mansi Zaveri

Twitter Followers: 4.4k | Facebook Fans: 183k

KidsStopPress is a blog that is committed to simplifying parenting. It is a multi-channel blog that includes articles, Youtube videos and Soundcloud audiobooks for parents and kids.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Soundcloud audiobooks for kids of all ages
  • Events section with information about city-wise child-friendly activities and events
  • Groups section where parents can discuss and learn about parenting
  • Discounts and deals of activities and products for children

According to Mansi, “Keeping our eyes on the consumer and thinking of the readers first is what always keeps ahead of the curve. Also use of technology to understand our audience makes it cognitive and makes the readers experience very curated ensuring we have repeat users as high as 40%,” she said.

Blog Name: Buzzing Bubs

Sunena Saigal - Buzzing Bubs
Run By: Priyanka & Sunena Saigal

Twitter Followers: 674 | Facebook Fans: 8k

BuzzingBubs is a website for parents who love to have adventures with their kids. It gives information about local events, sports coaching, skill classes and education supplies.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Elaborate information about skill classes like painting, dancing, workshops and sports including cricket, football, badminton and more
  • Plans for weekend trips or vacations with children including places to visit and things to do
  • Articles with tips for parenting and raising active kids

In blog co-owner Sunena’s opinion, “Our key differentiator and strength is our highly curated content and diversity in contributors that help us cover as many perspectives as possible in this domain. Our mission is to be the one-stop destination for parents!”

Blog Name: MaaOfAllBlogs

Prerna - MaaOfAllBlogs

Run By: Prerna Sinha

Twitter Followers: 5.7K| Facebook Fans: 18K

MaaOfAllBlogs is written by a mother of 2 who shares her suggestions and tips on fitness, travel, lifestyle and motherhood.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Useful reviews of products for mom and baby
  • Loads of information on how to be a fit mom
  • Recipes for kids and moms who love to eat healthy

“I was one of the first ones in my family and friends to become a mom. Because of that, two things happened: one, I was lost as a new mom as I had no one to ask for advice, and two, when my friends had kids, they used to look up to me for advice; they still do. When I decided to blog, it was a natural choice to share my experience,” says Prerna.

Blog Name: BumpsnBaby

Sangeetha BumpsnBaby
Run By: Sangeetha Menon

Twitter Followers: 626 | Facebook Fans: 19.6K

BumpsnBaby offers complete information about pregnancy, new born care, toddler care, home remedies and more.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Resources for moms regarding work-life balance, money matters and weight loss
  • New born to toddler care tips including breastfeeding, weaning, formula feeding, teething and more.
  • Detailed age wise food charts for babies
  • Useful reviews for toys, gadgets, websites and products for kids

According to Sangeetha, “Evergreen, unique and informative articles written by real life moms after a lot of research and discussions are what make the blog stand out. “ She also added.”

Blog Name: MyLittleMoppet

hemapriya - little moppet
Run By: Dr Hemapriya Natesan

Twitter Followers: 4K| Facebook Fans: 78K

MyLittleMoppet is a website that offers information about feeding babies according to their age. You can find complete food charts and recipes for healthy babies.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • The blog is run by a medical professional who has ample knowledge about what to feed babies
  • Shop section where you can buy healthy food mixes for babies and adults
  • Interactive instructional videos about recipes for kids

According to Dr Hemapriya, “I think that the one thing that makes me one of the leading parenting blogger in India is that I’m able to use my experience as a mother and my education as a doctor.” “For anyone starting out as a parenting blogger, it is important to write truthfully about your parenting experiences and when you’re suggesting a health tip it has to be 100% right,” she also mentioned.

The following blogs deserved a mention in our list, but we could not get in touch with the bloggers.

Blog Name: Mom Junction

Abhishek Jha Momjunction
Run By: Abhishek Jha

Twitter Followers: 14.8K| Facebook Fans: 15.6 lakh

Mom Junction covers everything from getting pregnant to handling teenagers. It also offers features for parents like pregnancy weight gain calculator, baby cost calculator, breastmilk calculator, immunization chart and more.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Comprehensive pregnancy tool kit including HCG Calculator, Ovulation Calculator, Implantation Calculator and more
  • Articles for new parents, single parents, adoption and relationships
  • Information about safe products for kids

Blog Name: ShishuWorld

Priya Sachan - Shishu World
Run By: Priya Sachan

Twitter Followers: 706 | Facebook Fans: 15.6K

ShishuWorld is a website that combines traditional and modern parenting for new parents. It covers newborn care, feeding charts, home remedies, toddler care, products recommendations and picture books.

Why We Loved The Blog?

  • Home remedies for common baby ailments like stuffy nose, diaper rash etc.
  • Healthy recipes for babies and toddlers
  • Financial planning resources after baby
  • Magic Box section with songs and rhymes for kids

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Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

Reader, writer, pizza lover and blogger: Sunakshi is all of these things. She believes language is the best thing invented by man and has a passionate new-word-learning fetish. Even though she is forever in a dilemma between weight loss and food love, her love for books surpasses all other addictions.

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