No matter how bland your food is, a hint of pickle can instantly make it better! Indians have a special spot for pickles, and you will find a little dollop of pickles on every plate of food. The tangy and spicy taste and aroma of multiple spices, when mixed with oil, are how most Indian pickles are made. A lot of people like water-based pickles as well, which are made with a combination of vinegar, spices, and water. Making pickles is a yearly ritual in many Indian households, and everyone waits patiently until it’s done. In case if you haven’t able to make your pickles this year, here are some of the best pickle brands in India that taste just as delicious; we promise!

List of the Best Pickle Brands in India

1. Nilon’s


Founded in 1962, Nilon’s is one of the leading processed foods brands that produce pickles, tooty-fruity, and roasted vermicelli. With headquarters in Pune, the brand exports its products to multiple countries in Asia, Australia, and Canada.

This Lemon Pickle by Nilon’s is a favourite in the Indian market and is always high on demand. The brand uses great quality lemons, and each pickle is made with proper hygiene measures. It is a good source of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K and helps improve digestion when consumed in moderation.

2. Pachranga


Pachranga is one of the largest and oldest producers of pickles in India. It was launched in 1925 and majorly sells pickles and murabbas. It exports to the USA, South Africa, Asia, and Europe as well.

This Chilli Pickle by Pachranga will be your go-to option with every meal. The combination of fresh chillies and Indian spices tastes great and has a nice aroma. It comes in secure packaging so that the pickle maintains its taste and acidity with time.

3. Mother’s Recipe

Mother’s Recipe
Mother’s Recipe
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Mother’s Recipe is a processed foods brand that was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Pune. The brand retails pickles, mango pulp, spices, cooking pastes, papadam, etc. It is owned by Desai Foods Private Limited, which is an ISO certified company. It also exports its products to around 12 countries across the world.

This mixed pickle by Mother’s Recipe consists of fresh carrots, lemons, raw mangoes, and chillies. You will be able to taste the spices of India in this pickle, and it will instantly make your bland dishes better! The pickle has no artificial colours or flavours.

4. Aamra


Aamra was founded in 2017 by Jaya Bajaj and is owned by Nari Shakti Kendra. The brand started empowering women by giving them employment opportunities, and there’s been no stopping ever since. Aamra basically means mango that’s cut and sold with a sprinkle of spices in the streets of Kolkata.

This Heeng Mango Pickle by Aamra has the perfect blend of spices and tang that you need in your food. It is oil-free and contains mango slices with heeng and red chilli. It’s a vegetarian product and contains no added colours or preservatives.

5. Double Horse

Double Horse
Double Horse

Double Horse is a sub-brand of Manjilas, which started off as a rice grain seller in the year 1959. The brand revolutionized packaged and processed food scene in Southern India and also became one of the first ISO-certified companies in Kerela. Today, it produces 20+ types of rice and more than 200 food products.

This Prawn Pickle by Double Horse is a delight for non-veg and seafood lovers. The prawn is perfectly preserved in oils, spices, ginger, mustard oil, and fenugreek. It has a rich and aromatic flavour that you will fall in love with instantly.

6. Sun Grow

Sun Grow
Sun Grow

Sun Grow is popular for producing pure homemade pickles and murabbas that are loved by everyone who tastes them. The quality is top-grade, and the homely taste in every product makes it stand out from mass-manufactured products. This Banarasi Red Chilli Pickle is one of the best that you will get from this brand. The chillies are filled with Indian spices that complement each other pretty well.

7. Dabur


Dabur is a well-known brand in the Indian consumer products market. It became popular for producing ayurvedic and herbal medicines and supplements. The brand later ventured into foods which took the market by storm. This Khatta Lime Pickle by Dabur has a huge fanbase in the country. The tartness of the lemons blends amazingly with Indian spices to deliver great taste and enhanced aroma.

8. Priya


Priya Foods was founded in 1980 and is a multinational conglomerate that also runs several other businesses. It is a massive producer of pickles, spices, instant foods, pastes, etc. This Amla Pickle is made using garlic, which makes it a great choice for people who love the flavour of onions or garlic. The tangy amla goes well with a variety of dishes and is great for your health as well.

9. Addme Foods

Addme Foods
Addme Foods

Addme is owned by VPS Foods Limited, which was established in the year 1975. The brand retails pickles, chutneys, murabbas, sauces, and pickle sachets. It uses organic ingredients and ensures that you get foods that match international standards. This Kathal Pickle is made using the best quality jackfruit and a mix of spices and oil. The texture of pickles is a little meat-like, and it’s very good for your health, so you will enjoy it thoroughly.

10. Eastern


Eastern Trading Company was founded in 1983 by Mr M. E. Meeran and has become a large producer of spices in India. The brand majorly sells spices, pickles, biryani mixes, whole seeds and spices. This Fish Pickle is deliciousness in a jar. It has perfectly persevered fish that has soaked the amazing spices and oils added to it. It contains no artificial ingredients or colourants, so you only get great quality at a reasonable price.

11. Tops


Tops are one of the most popular producers of processed foods in India. The brand was founded in 1984 by Mr B. M Seth and has its headquarters in New Delhi. You will get great quality jams, pickles, cake mixes, instant foods, cereals, ketchup, and custard mixes under this brand.

This Khatta Meetha Pickle by Tops will be a great addition to your everyday meals. It has turnips, carrots, and cauliflower that are mixed well with Indian spices and sugar. Since it has a lot of veggies, it will also be super healthy for you.

12. Urban Organix

Urban Organix
Urban Organix

Urban Organix is a popular pickle manufacturer that has gained a massive clientele in India today. It majorly produces pickles that have innovative flavours and are made with unique ingredients. This Raw Mango Pickle is made using fresh and authentic spices. This one has mango, lime, green chillies, carrots, and ginger.

13. Pravin


Pravin Pickles are quite famous on Amazon, and a lot of people are regular buyers of this brand. This Green Chilli Pickle by Pravin is a true blend of Indian ground spices, which is amalgamated with spicy green chillies. All you need is a small dollop of this pickle to make bland dishes interesting!

14. Nature Land

Nature Land
Nature Land

Nature Land is an organic foods brand that was founded by Ajeet Godara and Arvind Godara in 2002. The company produces pickles, dry fruits, oils, pulses, rice, flours, and basically most of the staples in India. This Garlic Pickle is the favourite of people who like a punch of spice and heat in their food. It contains garlic that is marinated in oil and spices to deliver a great taste and aroma that will make you salivate as you open the jar.

15. Ella


Ella is a revolutionary pickle brand that makes products with around 50% low sodium content. Too much sodium is not good for your health, and this brand has been producing the best quality pickles at affordable prices. It’s a GMP-certified company, so you only get the best quality ingredients and amazing products.

This Ginger pickle has low sodium content and is made using cold-pressed sesame seed oil that’s super healthy for you. The taste and flavour of ginger can make any Indian dish better, so you will enjoy every bite of this one.

Best Pickle Brands in India – Price List

Best Pickle Brands in IndiaPrice*
Nilon’sStarting at Rs 175
PachrangaStarting at Rs 140
Mother’s RecipeStarting at Rs 219
AamraStarting at Rs 231
Double HorseStarting at Rs 185
SungrowStarting at Rs 380
DaburStarting at Rs 103
PriyaStarting at Rs 99
AddmeStarting at Rs 259
EasternStarting at Rs 203
TopsStarting at Rs 160
Urban OrganixStarting at Rs 309
PravinStarting at Rs 108
Nature LandStarting at Rs 175
EllaStarting at Rs 250
*Prices are subject to change

Best Pickle Brands in India – FAQs

1. What are the best pickle brands in India?

Eastern, Tops, Dabur, Nilon’s, and Pachranga are some of the best pickle brands in India.

2. Which state in India is famous for pickles?

South Indian states love their pickles and some of the best pickle companies in India are from Andhra Pradesh.

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