8 Best Refrigerators Under 40000 in India (2024 Top Finds!)

Are you on a budget and looking for the best refrigerators under 40000 in India? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you navigate through the sea of options and make an informed choice of refrigerator. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned shopper looking for an upgrade, this list will make your purchase journey as smooth as possible.

So, let’s dive in and find the ideal refrigerator for your home together!

Our Top Recommendations

Best for Organised Storage
Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator
Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator
Ideal for medium-sized families, this model offers organised storage with a triple-door design and longer freshness with innovative technology.
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Best for Energy Efficiency
Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
This refrigerator boasts a 3-star energy rating, 183 L fresh food capacity, and a lot of special features, which makes it a feature-rich appliance.
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Best for Large Families
LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
This spacious refrigerator offers smart features like easy troubleshooting & uninterrupted operation during power cuts, making it a premium choice.
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Side By Side Comparison Table

ProductsCapacityEnergy RatingsRefrigerator Fresh Food CapacityFreezer CapacityAnnual Energy ConsumptionVoltageRating
Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator180 L5 Star163.5 L16.5 L‎149 Kilowatt Hours‎230 V8.5
LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator343 L3 Star262 L81 L‎245 Kilowatt Hours220 V8
Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator322 L3 Star‎250 L72 L220 V8
Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator240 L176 L‎64 L‎170 Kilowatt Hours‎230 V7.5
Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator236 L3 Star183 L53 L‎229 Kilowatt Hours‎230 V7
Bosch MaxFlex 332 L Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator332 L2 Star184 L‎82 L304 Kilowatt Hours‎220 V7
Whirlpool 192 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator192 L3 Star177.7 L14.3 L‎171 Kilowatt Hours‎220 V7
Godrej 233 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator233 L2 Star183 L‎50 L229 Kilowatt Hours‎230 V7

List of 8 Top Refrigerators Under 40000 in India

Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best for Compact Spaces

Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
15,590 ₹24,000
This model is compact yet powerful, featuring a 5-star energy rating that is particularly appealing for smaller households or those with limited kitchen space. It takes less space without compromising on quality or efficiency.


Worth the money
Large bottle storage space
Multiple colour options


Lacks advance features
Requires manual defrosting

Product Specification

Capacity180 L6
Energy Ratings5 Star10
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity163.5 L9
Freezer Capacity16.5 L5
Annual Energy Consumption‎149 Kilowatt Hours10
Voltage‎230 V9
Special FeaturesTurbo Cooling Technology, 20% faster ice making, Largest bottle space, Upto 24 Days farm freshness9
Product Dimensions66.5 x 57.5 x 119 cm; 33.8 kg8
8.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This Godrej model shines in energy efficiency with a 5-star rating, which makes it highly economical in the long run. Its Turbo Cooling Technology and the promise of up to 24 days of farm freshness for produce are significant advantages. However, its smaller capacity might not suit larger households.

Key Features of the Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator:

  • This refrigerator is rated 5 stars for energy efficiency, which ensures significant power savings with only 131 units of power consumption annually.
  • Powered by Turbo Cooling Technology, this refrigerator promises up to 10% faster ice-making and up to 24% faster bottle cooling. This makes it perfect for quick cooling needs.
  • Designed with 100% CFC, HCFC, and HFC-free R600A refrigerant, this appliance becomes an environmentally friendly choice.
  • The Hygiene+ Inverter Technology of this refrigerator ensures quicker evaporation of defrost water, which reduces water spillage and prevents the risk of germ and insect breeding.

Amazon Rating: This product has gained a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 1,885 global reviews, which indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with performance, reliability, and the quality of its features.

Price: The price point of ₹15,590 offers excellent value for customers prioritising energy savings, environmental sustainability, and food preservation.

Why Did We Pick the Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator?

Uncover the perfect blend of energy efficiency, innovative cooling technology, and stylish design with this best refrigerator in India under 40000. With a generous 180-litre capacity, it’s an ideal choice for small families of 2 to 3 members. Packed with energy-saving features and innovative cooling technology, this single-door refrigerator is a fantastic addition to any small or medium-sized kitchen space.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking to minimise your electricity consumption and environmental footprint.

✔️ You need a sturdy storage solution and want to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 24 days.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You require more freezer space to store a lot of frozen goods, and the freezer capacity of this refrigerator is quite less.

❌ You’re seeking advanced smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity or touch controls.

See What Users Have To Say:

Kara said, “I like this product’s performance. Amazon delivered it early and then accepted it. Thank you.”

LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best for Large Families

LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
39,490 ₹50,999
With a generous 343 L capacity, this LG refrigerator is perfect for larger families needing ample space for their groceries while ensuring energy efficiency. It can handle the demands of a busy household.


Spacious refrigerator
Quietly operating
Auto smart connect
LG ThinQ connectivity


Requires significant space
Higher price point

Product Specification

Capacity343 L8
Energy Ratings3 Star7
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity262 L8
Freezer Capacity81 L7
Annual Energy Consumption‎245 Kilowatt Hours6
Voltage‎220 V9
Special FeaturesInverter Compressor, Energy Efficient, Convertible, Stabiliser free operation, Adjustable Shelves9
Product Dimensions71 x 60 x 172 cm; 61 kg7
8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This LG refrigerator under 40000 impresses with its expansive capacity and smart inverter compressor. The convertible feature enhances versatility, enabling users to effortlessly transition between fridge and freezer modes as required. Despite its commendable 3-star energy rating, the slightly elevated annual energy consumption marginally affects its overall score.

Key Features of the LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator:

  • LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor is known for energy efficiency, minimal noise, and enhanced durability. Also, it comes with a 10-year warranty for long-lasting use.
  • The innovative Smart Diagnosis feature of this refrigerator allows for quick and easy troubleshooting of any issues via smartphone.
  • Auto Smart Connect technology helps you to connect the refrigerator to your home inverter, ensuring that your food remains fresh even during power cuts.
  • It is mindfully designed with robust storage options. You’ll get 2 trimless tempered glass shelves, a 28-litre vegetable box, a pull-out tray, and an anti-bacterial gasket.

Amazon Rating: A rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 1,008 global reviews is generally considered very good and signifies that the product meets or exceeds the expectations of the majority of its users.

Price: Costing ₹39,490, it is a solid choice. The price reflects the advanced technology, large capacity, energy efficiency, and suite of smart features.

Why Did We Pick the LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator?

As the best double door refrigerator under 40000, this feature-rich appliance offers a generous 343-litre capacity, perfect for families with 5 or more members. Its sleek, shiny steel finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, while the full-sized freezer-on-top configuration enhances both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Balancing powerful cooling performance with energy-saving capabilities, it boasts a 3-star rating, ensuring efficiency without compromising on performance.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re a large family with 5 or more members who want ample space for all the refrigeration needs.

✔️ Smart features appeal to you, like Smart Diagnosis for easy troubleshooting, Auto Smart Connect for power cut resilience, and connectivity with LG ThinQ for remote control.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prioritise easier access to the refrigerated section; hence, you need a bottom freezer design.

❌ You live in an area with stable electricity where the Auto Smart Connect feature is not as compelling.

See What Users Have To Say:

Yash said, “This model is very good, and its width is less, but height is more and features are very simple to adjust, and the LG service is very prompt in installation. Close your eyes and buy this product. The only con is no lock, and the digital display is not available.”

Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best for Versatility

Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
37,990 ₹59,990
The convertible 5-in-1 feature of this TV offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to switch between different modes to suit their needs, making it perfect for varying storage needs, from entertaining guests to optimising energy.


5 temperature settings
Toughened glass shelves
Has door alarm
Makes less noise



Product Specification

Capacity322 L8
Energy Ratings3 Star7
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity‎250 L8
Freezer Capacity72 L7
Annual Energy ConsumptionN/A
Voltage220 V9
Special FeaturesTwin Cooling Plus, Convertible 5-in-1, Digital Display, Power Freeze, Power Cool, Coolpack, Deodoriser9
Product Dimensions67.2 x 60 x 171.5 cm; 59 kg7
8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This other Samsung model on the list offers a great balance of capacity and features, including Twin Cooling Plus and a 5-in-1 convertible function, making it highly versatile. Its 3-star energy rating is good, though not the best. The lack of specified annual energy consumption makes it harder to judge its efficiency precisely.

Key Features of the Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator:

  • It offers five different convertible modes, i.e., Normal Mode, Extra Fridge Mode, Seasonal Mode, Vacation Mode, and Home Alone Mode. This helps you to manage storage needs effectively.
  • This refrigerator features 2 compartments, 3 shelves made of toughened glass, 1 vegetable drawer, and an anti-bacterial gasket for organised storage.
  • It is designed with an in-built natural fibre deodorising filter, which helps in eliminating strong smells and keeping food fresh for a long time.
  • Powered by Twin Cooling Plus Technology, which provides independent cooling systems in both the fridge and freezer compartments to prevent odour mixing and maintain optimal humidity levels.

Amazon Rating: A wide number of customers appreciated the product’s performance, advanced features, and durability. Approximately 3,263 people reviewed the product and provided it with a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Price: The price point of ₹37,990 positions this refrigerator in the mid to high range of the market, considering its size, features, and brand reputation.

Why Did We Pick the Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator?

Discover unparalleled versatility and efficiency with this best Samsung fridge under 40000. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern families, it stands out with its advanced features and thoughtful design. With auto-defrost technology, ice build-up is a thing of the past, ensuring consistent cooling and lasting freshness. Plus, the LED lighting not only illuminates every corner with a soft, comfortable glow but also helps save on electricity bills.

Buy It If:

✔️ You value the flexibility to adjust your refrigerator’s storage space with convertible options.

✔️ You’re looking for a refrigerator that balances good energy efficiency with advanced cooling technology.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prefer a refrigerator with basic functions and might not use advanced features like the convertible modes.

❌ Your kitchen space is small, or you’re looking for a compact refrigerator.

See What Users Have To Say:

Kajal said, “The Samsung 322L 3-star refrigerator is a practical and stylish appliance that offers a spacious interior, efficient cooling performance, sleek design, and energy-efficient operation. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, it’s an ideal choice for everyday needs.”

Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator

Best for Organised Storage

Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator
26,190 ₹35,450
With a triple-door design, this refrigerator offers dedicated zones for freezing, refrigeration, and vegetables. This makes it ideal for those who prefer organised storage and easy access to their food items.


Consistent cooling
Great customer service
Solid build quality
Quick cooling mode


The compressor is a little noisy

Product Specification

Capacity240 L7
Energy RatingsN/A
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity176 L7
Freezer Capacity‎64 L6
Annual Energy Consumption‎170 Kilowatt Hours8
Voltage‎230 V9
Special FeaturesZeolite Technology, Fruit Crisper, Deli Zone, Large Storage, Air Booster, Energy Efficient8
Product Dimensions64 x 56 x 161 cm; 52 kg7
7.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This refrigerator stands out due to its triple-door configuration. It offers dedicated compartments that help in better organising and preserving food by preventing odour mixing. Also, it is powered by unique Zeolite technology for a better user experience. However, the lack of an Energy Star rating limits the ability to fully assess its efficiency.

Key Features of the Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator:

  • It absorbs ethylene emissions from fruits and vegetables and reduces sugar content to keep them fresh for longer.
  • Powered by Microblock Technology to prevent up to 99% bacterial growth, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.
  • The refrigerator has a Deli Zone, which has a customisable temperature knob for storing delicate items like cheese and chocolates under optimal conditions.
  • It features sturdy shelves that are made of toughened glass to store heavy items safely.
  • The Air Booster functionality of this fridge ensures uniform cooling across compartments to maintain the freshness and taste of food.

Amazon Rating: The refrigerator has scored a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 7,345 global reviews, making it a popular choice among consumers, likely due to its unique features, efficiency, and performance.

Price: It is available at a competitive price of ₹26,190, which makes it a significant investment for many households.

Why Did We Pick the Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator?

This is a state-of-the-art appliance designed to cater to the needs of a medium-sized family. With a 240-litre capacity, it offers ample storage while being energy efficient. Also, its triple-door design separates compartments for freezing, refrigeration, and vegetables to ensure organised storage and minimal odour mixing.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking to minimise your electricity consumption. This refrigerator is more energy-efficient than a 60-watt CFL bulb, making it a great choice.

✔️ You want a model that operates smoothly without a stabiliser, even during high voltage fluctuations.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re a budget-conscious buyer who is looking for a basic refrigerator.

❌ You’re not a fan of the triple-door configuration or if it doesn’t suit your storage habits.

See What Users Have To Say:

Janaki Krishnan said, “I was searching for a 2-door fridge of mid-sized capacity, and I stumbled on this 3-door model. It’s been a few days, but it’s working really well. It’s far quieter than my earlier fridge, skimmer, and spacious, and I really like the fact that the vegetable compartment has a separate door. Definitely worth buying.”

Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best for Energy Efficiency

Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
25,490 ₹37,990
Equipped with a digital inverter compressor, this model is designed for energy-conscious users. It adjusts the compressor speed based on cooling demand, significantly reducing energy consumption.


Feature-rich appliance
Precise temperature control
Easy and quick installation
Modern futuristic design


There is no light in the top portion
Glass trays get foggy easily

Product Specification

Capacity236 L7
Energy Ratings3 Star7
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity183 L7.5
Freezer Capacity53 L6
Annual Energy Consumption‎229 Kilowatt Hours6
Voltage‎230 V9
Special FeaturesEnergy Efficient, Inverter Compressor, Frost Free, Automatic Defrost, Low Noise, Adjustable Shelves8
Product Dimensions63.7 x 55.5 x 154.5 cm; 46 kg7
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This Samsung refrigerator model is notable for its digital inverter technology, ensuring energy efficiency and quieter operation. Its 3-star energy rating and frost-free feature make it a solid choice for Indian households. However, its slightly higher annual energy consumption compared to some other models affects its overall rating.

Key Features of the Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator:

  • The auto defrost function of this refrigerator prevents ice build-up and ensures long-lasting freshness without the hassle of manually defrosting the appliance.
  • It includes toughened glass shelves, an anti-bacterial gasket, and special features like Coolpack, Fresh room, and an Easy Slide Shelf. They add convenience and ensure hygiene.
  • This refrigerator features a movable ice maker, which allows you to dispense a large quantity of ice with a simple twist.
  • Designed with Cool Pack, where you can keep food frozen at below 0°C for up to 12 hours, even during power cuts, to minimise spoilage.
  • The digital inverter compressor consumes 50% less power and promises long-lasting performance. It’s also backed by a 20-year warranty, highlighting durability and reliability.

Amazon Rating: The rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 6,233 global reviews displays the refrigerator’s popularity and acceptance among a wide range of users.

Price: The price of ₹25,490 for this Samsung refrigerator reflects good value for consumers looking for a blend of modern functionality and reliability without breaking the bank.

Why Did We Pick the Samsung 236 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator?

This Samsung refrigerator is a modern and efficient appliance with a total capacity of 236 litres, perfect for meeting the needs of small to medium-sized families. It combines energy-saving features, modern design, and practical functionalities and boasts a freezer-on-top configuration for easy access to frozen and fresh food.

Buy It If:

✔️ Your area is prone to voltage instability, and hence, you need a refrigerator that can operate without a stabiliser and can handle wide voltage fluctuations.

✔️ Innovative features appeal to you and features like the MoistFresh Zone for optimal humidity control, an Easy Slide Shelf for convenience, and a Cool Pack of this refrigerator make it perfect for you.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re interested in smart refrigerators with Wi-Fi connectivity and app integration for remote monitoring and control.

See What Users Have To Say:

Zed said, “Everything was up to our expectations. We have been using it for a month now, and everything works well. The refrigerator looks futuristic. There is plenty of space inside. The ice cube maker is easy to use. We are completely satisfied and would recommend this brand and model.”

Bosch MaxFlex 332 L Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Best for Customisable Storage

Bosch MaxFlex 332 L Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator
39,230 ₹59,390
Bosch’s triple-door model stands out for its MaxFlex Convert feature, offering customisable storage options and compartments for different food types. This offers a personalised refrigeration experience, ensuring every item is stored under optimal conditions.


Aesthetically pleasing
Excellent build quality
6 in 1 convertible modes
LED lighting


No light in the upper freezer compartment
Bottle shelves should be more

Product Specification

Capacity332 L8
Energy Ratings2 Star7
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity184 L7.5
Freezer Capacity‎82 L7
Annual Energy Consumption304 Kilowatt Hours4
Voltage‎220 V9
Special FeaturesMultipurpose box, Door Ajar Alarm, Adjustable Shelves, No Frost feature8
Product Dimensions68 x 67 x 175 cm; 70.8 kg7
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

Bosch’s triple door model stands out for its unique features like the multi-purpose box and adjustable shelves, offering great organisational flexibility. While it is a highly functional product, its 2-star energy rating and the highest annual energy consumption among the listed models significantly impact its rating.

Key Features of the Bosch MaxFlex 332 L Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator:

  • VarioZone of this refrigerator allows easy customisation of fridge compartments. You can adjust glass shelf heights and maximise storage space.
  • MultiAir Flow functionality ensures 40% more air circulation. Multiple vents of this refrigerator are placed at different levels, which keeps stored items fresh regardless of their placement.
  • Integrated with Adaptive Max Flex Convert, which allows you to seamlessly transform the middle compartment into either a refrigerator or a soft freezer as needed.
  • The fridge has a dedicated space called Multi-Purpose Box where you can store special or small items like cosmetics and medicines.
  • This refrigerator operates without a stabiliser and operates smoothly between 100 and 300 volts. You can enjoy fluctuation-free cooling and can protect your appliance against power surges.

Amazon Rating: A rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on 113 global reviews suggests that customers are satisfied with their purchase. It indicates a generally positive reception for the product.

Price: The price of ₹39,230 seems reasonable for this appliance, especially considering the features and capacity it offers.

Why Did We Pick the Bosch MaxFlex 332 L Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator?

For people seeking a flexible, energy-efficient, and high-capacity refrigeration solution, this Bosch triple-door refrigerator is a great pick. It combines a sleek, glossy exterior with cutting-edge features that cater to the evolving needs of contemporary households. This refrigerator is not only in functionality but also in energy efficiency and durability.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for premium features like a glossy exterior and VitaFresh technology for long-lasting freshness.

✔️ You live in an area prone to voltage fluctuations; hence, stabiliser-free operation of the refrigerator is important to you.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re on a tight budget, and this refrigerator might be on the higher end in terms of price due to its premium features and flexible storage options.

See What Users Have To Say:

Amit Giri said, “This review is after 2 months of use. It was delivered smoothly. Installation and quality demo given by bosch technician as per scheduled timelines. Look-wise, 5 out of 5. It gives a nice, rich Look. Heavy and sturdy one. Spacious and well-designed. Almost No noise. Overall, I am fully satisfied. Thank you.”

Whirlpool 192 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best for Budget-Conscious Buyers

Whirlpool 192 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator
15,890 ₹17,600
Offering a balance between affordability and functionality, this model provides essential features like energy efficiency and auto-defrost technology at a competitive price point, making it a reliable choice.


Compact and takes less space
7+ design options available
Enhanced durability
Good value for money


It may not suit larger families
No door alarm feature

Product Specification

Capacity192 L6
Energy Ratings3 Star7
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity177.7 L9
Freezer Capacity14.3 L5
Annual Energy Consumption‎171 Kilowatt Hours8
Voltage‎220 V9
Special FeaturesAdvanced Micro Processor, Auto Defrost Technology, Advanced Micro Processor, Honey Comb Lock-In & Zeolite Technology, Micro Block Technology8
Product Dimensions61.8 x 53.6 x 124.7 cm; 33.4 kg8
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This smaller Whirlpool model is notable for its compact size and advanced microprocessor, making it suitable for individuals or small families. Its 3-star energy rating and unique features offer good value, but its smaller capacity and relatively higher energy consumption for its size affect its score.

Key Features of the Whirlpool 192 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator:

  • The 6th Sense VitaMagic Technology and Zeolite Technology preserve nutrients of stored food and keep it fresh for a longer period.
  • This refrigerator boasts a sleek steel finish and Eurobar Handle, which adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.
  • Designed with an Advanced Micro Processor, which controls various operations of the appliance, like temperature regulation and energy management. This enhances its efficiency, convenience, and reliability.
  • It delivers uniform and precise cooling throughout its compartments to maintain the freshness and quality of stored food items.
  • Even during power cuts, the refrigerator can preserve milk and other perishable food items for up to 12 hours.

Amazon Rating: The rating of “4 out of 5” from 2,840 global reviews suggests that it’s a popular choice among consumers.

Price: This refrigerator comes at a cost of ₹15,890, which is quite reasonable with its features and specifications. It appears to offer good value for money.

Why Did We Pick the Whirlpool 192 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator?

With a capacity of 192 litres and a 3-star energy rating, this refrigerator is an ultimate choice for small-sized families of 2-3 members. It comes equipped with Intellisense Inverter Technology, ensuring reliable and energy-efficient performance, even at a low starting voltage of 95V. This appliance is certified by VDE Germany, guaranteeing 25 years of compressor reliability and durability.

Buy It If:

✔️ You value features like auto defrost technology and an advanced microprocessor for intelligent control.

✔️ You’re conscious of energy consumption and looking to save on electricity bills without compromising on performance.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You do not require advanced features such as 12 days of garden freshness or 4X precise cooling.

❌ You have a large family, and the capacity of this refrigerator may not be sufficient to meet your storage needs.

See What Users Have To Say:

Akash Deshmukh said, “Actually, I have researched a lot before buying a fridge in app segments. We have a good option for this refrigerator, and we can control it with buttons which they gave outside of the door. I loved the refrigerator with all the options, cool controls, etc. I recommend to buy.”

Godrej 233 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Best for Lasting Freshness

Godrej 233 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator
21,290 ₹29,990
With its Nano Shield Technology, this Godrej refrigerator is designed for longevity and freshness of the produce, meats, and other perishables for up to 30 days. This reduces waste food and prevents restoring frequent groceries.


Large vegetable tray
Food surface disinfection
Movable ice maker
Precise cooling


Not the most energy-efficient
Lack of certain advanced functionalities

Product Specification

Capacity233 L7
Energy Ratings2 Star5
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity183 L7.5
Freezer Capacity‎50 L6
Annual Energy Consumption229 Kilowatt Hours6
Voltage‎230 V9
Special FeaturesUpto 30 days farm freshness, Cool Balance Technology, Nano Shield Technology: 95%+ Food surface disinfection8
Product Dimensions63.6 x 60.7 x 155 cm; 46.9 kg7
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The Godrej double-door model is appreciated for its Cool Balance Technology and Nano Shield Technology for food surface disinfection. It offers up to 30 days of farm freshness and boasts great features. However, its 2-star energy rating and moderate annual energy consumption place it lower in terms of energy efficiency compared to some competitors.

Key Features of the Godrej 233 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator:

  • Nano Shield Technology of this refrigerator provides over 95% disinfection of food surfaces. This offers optimal cleanliness and hygiene to maintain health and safety standards.
  • With ample storage of 233 litres and a large vegetable tray offering 27 litres, you get ample room to store groceries and perishable items.
  • The refrigerator comes with smart features like intelligent operations to adjust automatic defrosting on the basis of usage patterns. This is needed for optimal performance with minimal energy consumption.
  • Comes with a 10-year compressor warranty and a 1-year comprehensive warranty. This offers peace of mind and enhances durability and reliability.

Amazon Rating: With a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 1,350 global reviews, the product appears to have generally positive feedback from customers.

Price: The price of ₹21,290 is quite competitive considering the features offered by the refrigerator, such as Nano Shield Technology, Cool Balance Technology, etc.

Why Did We Pick the Godrej 233 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator?

This Godrej refrigerator is a reliable and feature-rich appliance that offers efficient cooling, ample storage, hygiene features, and durability. It uses 100% CFC, HCFC, and HFC-free R600a refrigerant, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice to deliver powerful performance and reduce impact on the environment.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re concerned about food safety and hygiene. Hence, you need a refrigerator with Nano Shield Technology.

✔️ You want to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 30 days with features like Cool Balance Technology and Moisture Control technology.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re looking for more advanced features such as smart connectivity or customisable cooling zones.

❌ You’re looking for a more budget-friendly option available in the market.

See What Users Have To Say:

Dr Ankur Dwivedi said, “It’s a good product, but the compressor cut-off time is very long, so maybe it will give me a little more electricity bill, but overall, the product is very good. Cooling is superb; working is OK. Overall, I will recommend this product at this price.”

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator Under 40000 in India?

From size and capacity to energy efficiency and special features, several factors play a crucial role in determining which fridge will best suit your lifestyle and budget. Hence, while shopping for a refrigerator under ₹40,000, you must keep in mind the following factors:

Size and Capacity

First and foremost, you must assess your kitchen space and determine the ideal size and capacity of the refrigerator. Consider the number of family members and your typical grocery shopping habits. A larger family might require a fridge with a capacity of 250 litres or more, while smaller households might find a model with around 180 to 200 litres sufficient.

Energy Efficiency

Energy star ratings indicate a refrigerator’s appliance efficiency. Look for refrigerators with higher energy star ratings (3-star or above) to save on electricity bills. Such models are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Type of Refrigerator

Decide between the single-door, double-door, triple-door, or side-by-side models based on your capacity needs, space constraints, and budget. Double-door refrigerators are great for families needing separate freezer space, while single-door models suit smaller households.

Design and Build

Consider the design and build quality, including the material of shelves (glass vs. wire), the exterior finish, and the overall durability of the refrigerator.

Additional Features

Look for special features or additional functionalities that you may need, such as adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled crispers, door-in-door designs, or water and ice dispensers. These features can enhance convenience and make your refrigerator more versatile.

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Final Words

Discovering the best fridge under 40000 in India is now effortless with our expert guide. This list showcases models that offer a great balance of efficiency, capacity, and innovative features. Carefully review the entire list and make a choice that not only meets your needs but also fits your budget.


Which is the best refrigerator under 40000?

Some of the top refrigerator under 40000 are Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator, LG 343 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, Samsung 322 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, and Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator

Which refrigerator brand is best?

While all the refrigerator brands mentioned above are the best in the market, Whirlpool, Samsung, and Godrej are highly preferred by people in India.

Can I find a good energy-efficient refrigerator under ₹40,000?

Yes, there are many refrigerators under ₹40,000 that come with high energy efficiency ratings. Refrigerators with 3-star and above help in reducing electricity consumption and saving on energy bills.

What is the best type of refrigerator for a small family?

For small families of 3-4 members, a double-door refrigerator with a capacity of 250-350 litres is usually sufficient. Medium-size refrigerators have ample space for groceries while being energy efficient.

Are there any frost-free refrigerators available in this price range?

Absolutely! The market offers a variety of frost-free refrigerators under ₹40,000, which prevent ice build-up and eliminate the need for manual defrosting.

Criteria for Ranking

  1. Capacity: Evaluate the total storage volume of the refrigerator. Higher capacity models receive more points, indicating they are better suited for larger families or those needing more storage space.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Based on the Energy Star rating, higher-rated models (4 Star, 5 Star) receive more points for being more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  3. Fresh Food Capacity: Assesses the proportion of the refrigerator dedicated to fresh food storage. Models with a larger fresh food compartment score higher, as they better accommodate the need for storing perishable items.
  4. Freezer Capacity: Similar to fresh food capacity, this criterion looks at the size of the freezer compartment. More points are awarded to models with larger freezers, catering to those who store frozen goods in bulk.
  5. Annual Energy Consumption: Models with lower annual energy consumption are considered more efficient and cost-effective over time, receiving higher scores.
  6. Voltage Compatibility: Refrigerators that operate within a wide voltage range or have stabiliser-free operation are scored higher, indicating better adaptability to varying electrical conditions.
  7. Special Features: This criterion evaluates the unique features each model offers, such as inverter technology, frost-free operation, convertible spaces, or smart connectivity. Models with more innovative or useful features score higher.
  8. Product Dimensions and Weight: Considers the physical size and weight of the refrigerator, rewarding points based on how well the model balances capacity with space efficiency. Compact models that offer significant storage space score higher.

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