5 Best Selling UV Water Purifiers in India

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers are based on the Ultraviolet technology which kills all the bacteria & viruses present in the water. The UV technology is completely chemical free, but requires electricity to operate. It is a perfect pick when you receive municipality water supply. Here are the best UV water purifiers in India:

The only drawback of UV Water Purifiers is that they cannot remove the dissolved salts from water.

The factors to consider while buying a UV Water Purifier are:

a) Technology – (UV, UV+UF)

b) Storage Capacity – (No Storage, Below 5L, Above 5L)

c) Levels of purification – (3 Stage, 4 Stage)

d) Purification Rate – (0.5L/Min, 0.75L/Min, 1L/Min, 2L/Min)

You can read more about these factors & technical jargons by Clicking Here.

Top 5 UV Water Purifiers – Expert Verdict

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus (UV)

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

This is our No.1 recommendation because:

  • Unique Biotron technology helps break down the water molecules and retains the nutrients in water
  • High Purification rate of 2Litre/Minute
  • Auto Shut Off feature switches off the UV lamp when not in use for more than 10 minutes

2. Kent Ultra (UV)

Kent Ultra UV

This is the No. 2 recommendation because:

  • 3- Stage purification process
  • High power 11W UV lamp instead of the industry standard of 8W
  • UV Fail Alarm which alerts when the UV Lamp is inefficient

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3. Pureit Marvella 4L (UV)

Our No. 3 recommendation because:

  • Large storage capacity of 4 Litres
  • Auto Start-Stop which re-fills the purifier automatically
  • Tank Full indicator notifies when the tank is full

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4. Tata Swach Viva Silver 6L (UV + UF)


This is the No. 4 recommendation because:

  • 4 Stage purification with double protection of UV and UF
  • Silver Action present in the Activated Carbon cartridge prevents bio-fouling
  • Good storage capacity of 6 litres

5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aqua Flo DX (UV)

Eureka Forbes Aquasure

This is our No. 5 recommendation because:

  • Smart flow feature enables high purification rate of 2 Litres/Minute
  • In-built voltage stabilizer
  • Dual cartridge to enhance the purification

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List Of Best UV Water Purifiers – Full Comparison of Specifications

 Aquaguard Crystal Plus (UV)Kent Ultra (UV)Pureit Marvella 4L (UV)Tata Swach Viva Silver 6L (UV+UF)Aquasure Aqua Flo DX (UV)
BrandEureka ForbesKentPureitTata SwachEureka Forbes
Model NameCrystal PlusUltraMarvellaViva SilverAquasure Aqua Flo DX
TypeElectrical & Non – StorageElectrical & Non – StorageElectrical & StorageElectrical & StorageElectrical & Non – Storage
Purifying TechnologyUVUVUVUV+UFUV
Total CapacityNANA4L6LNA
InstallationWall MountWall MountTable Top, Wall MountWall MountWall Mount
WxHxD38 cm x 30 cm x 49 cm13.6 cm x 34 cm x 39.5 cm27 cm x 43 cm x 31 cm24 cm x 44 cm x 39.2 cm21 cm x 14 cm x 38.2 cm

Technical Jargons:

  • TDS – Total Dissolved Salts in water like calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium, chlorine & iron
  • PPM – TDS is measured in ppm which stands for Parts Per Million
  • UV – Ultraviolet
  • UF – Ultra Filtration
  • RO – Reverse Osmosis
  • MF – Micro Filtration

Deciding Factors:

Types of Water:

  • Soft Water: This is the water usually sourced from lakes, rivers, harvested rain water or municipal water supply. It has a TDS level ranging from 150-300 ppm.
  • Hard Water: Water sourced from underground water, water tankers, bore wells, tube wells, etc. falls under this category. It has a TDS level ranging from 300-2000 ppm.
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Features of UV Water Filter:

  • Does not alter the water chemically
  • The sterilised microorganisms are not removed from the water
  • Does not remove dissolved organics, inorganics or particles
  • The disinfection process is fast

Storage Capacity:

Water purifiers are available with both storage & without storage. The storage capacity varies from brand to brand & depends on the model. For large families & areas with water scarcity or frequent power cuts, buying a water purifier with storage capacity is advised.

Levels of Purification:

Water purifiers can have multiple levels of purifications varying from 3-Stage to 6-Stage. Each stage uses a different technique of purification. The more the number of stages, the better the quality of the purified water. Multiple stage purification combines all the above mentioned type of filter.

Purification Rate:

Purification Rate is the rate at which a water filter purifies raw water to the final filtered water. The rate varies across different purifiers ranging from 12L/Hr to 120L/Hr.

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