10 Best Skateboard Brands– Complete Guide with Price Range

Just broke your favorite skateboard? No need to be sad, save the souvenirs and look forward to another skateboard that suits your riding style. For that, this is the article for you to know which will be your best pick among so many options available in the market. It is not only about the design but also the quality that you need to be at par with your homies. To sum up, the best skateboards that fit in your budget and are available in Europe.

List of 10 Best Skateboard Brands

1. Best Toy Machine skateboards

Toy Machine launched its first skateboard in the year 2015, and since then it has been a favorite brand of the skateboarders. Starting from 50€, the decks offer premium quality and excellent design along with exquisite artwork to flaunt while you are on the ramp.

2. Best Enjoi skateboards

It has been 15 years from its first launch into the market. As the name suggests, this band aims at delivering customers premium quality skateboards that are perfect to make you feel the ramp beneath you. Starting from 55€, it is the deck for you if you love going from the ramp to the rails. They provide a fantastic skating experience if you’ve just started skateboarding.

3. Best Baker skateboards

Baker skateboards highlight the casual lifestyle of the young generation of skateboarders. It has a legendary style that takes messy to another level with elegance. The print on the skateboards shows how much a skateboarder has to be focused on living behind the messy lifestyle while on the ramp. Starting from 65€, it is more than just a brand; for some, it is an emotion to own a Baker deck.

4. Best Girl skateboards

Aiming mainly towards the female skateboarders, this is the brand that specializes in delivering good quality skateboards for women. Along with the unisex brands, this is a gender-specific brand giving more options to the female skateboarders. Starting from 60€, it provides numerous unique prints for the boards to suit a girl’s fashion and to stand out from others.

5. Best Real skateboards

Real skateboards are designed for the dedicated skateboarders who take skateboarding very seriously. Providing professional quality boards, it is very hardy and has an unmatched brand value. Starting from 60€, it comes in various designs and colors hence you can choose your favorite model in an affordable price range.

6. Best Almost skateboards

Almost is a trusted brand which manufactures premium skateboards to provide the ultimate skateboarding experience. Starting from 60€, it leaves far behind its competitors with unique design and creative art. This deck is designed to bring out the creative riders inside you. It comes with numerous quality checks, so the quality is a massive plus point.

7. Best Element skateboards

‘Wind, Water, Fire & Earth’ is the tagline of this brand giving us an idea of the durability of the decks. You can also skateboard with this off the ramp and on to the roads and rails to show off your skills. Starting from 65€, it flaunts a power-packed board with an unmatched print and graphite. Buy this and others won’t be able to take off their eyes from your deck.

8. Best Plan B Skateboards

Plan B for us is always the backup plan. This skateboard is ironically the first option for skateboarders since 1991. The brand focus on the idea of no alternatives. Well, in actual, it is very true once you try Plan B there’s no returning to other plans. Starting from 60€, decks come in many different colors and designs. Its wheels are specially made to endure the off-road skating.

9. Best Jart skateboards

Jart skateboards confirm the commitment towards making skateboards that would last for years without any issues what so ever. This is regarded as a highly valued skateboard in the European market. Starting from 45€, this is the most budget-friendly skateboard providing the quality that you need to improve and feel more confident. The designs are such that you will fall in love the first time you see it. Build to last; this is the best option if you are looking for a long-lasting deck.

10. Best Emillion skateboards

This is the most rated skateboard brand in terms of quality and performance. If you want high performance along with durability, go for this without having a second thought. This is the deck of the Bavaria based company promising to last and deliver professional quality. Own this one for a collection as well as for having an experience of a lifetime. Having won the skateboard of the year award in 2015, this is undoubtedly the most cost-benefit deck one can ever have.


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