10 Hiking Rucksack Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

 Hiking is a sport made for the fit, brave-hearted, and adventurous people. There’s a special thrill in the sport while navigating your way through paths, it is necessary to have a good stamina and an even better will power to continue.  Now, every avid hiker is aware of the fact that there’s specific hiking equipment that one needs, starting from strong and sturdy boots to a compass, trekking pole, sunglasses, sunscreen, fire starter, flashlight and a knife. However, apart from these essentials, a very important thing to carry is a reliable rucksack. Most of the above mentioned essentials cannot be carried unless the hiker has a good rucksack with him/her. It is important to keep in mind a number of things while selecting a rucksack from the size, and number of compartments it has to the its cost efficiency.

10 Hiking Rucksack Brands

1. Best HMG 2400

Also known as the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400, Southwest Strike weighs 900 grams and has a volume of about 55 liters. It provides the best in terms of weight, weather resistance and durability. While it has a simple design the bag itself is very sturdy and effective, its unique DCF fabric makes it weather resistant and really durable. It is priced at ₹17,360.

2. Best Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40

It is a well-designed, long lasting and comfortable backpack. Its unique design makes it suitable for both men and women, it also has well-padded shoulder straps along with a removable hip belt. It weighs around 400 grams and has a volume of about 40 liters making it a good choice for light travelling. It has a top zip pocket suitable for storing small items. One of its unique features is its removable SitLight pad which acts as back padding on the way. It is priced at ₹11,270.

3. Best ZPacks Arc Blast

It is an exceptionally light bag fit for the hikers and ultralight bag-packers who carry base weights of around 7 kilograms. Its unique frame creates a mesh back panel that facilitates proper ventilation when not over-stuffed. It also has torso adjustment straps to create the perfect fit. This bag is made up of DCF fabric which makes it extremely water resistant and unbelievably light. It weighs around 500 grams and has a volume of 55 liters. It is priced at ₹22,750.

4. Best Osprey Exos & Eja 48

It is among the recently updated version of this series of backpacks for men. This version is extremely comfortable, light and is very cost efficient. The Osprey Exos & Eja 48 has a frame that is more sturdy than most other light-weight backpacks, is able to carry heavier loads comfortably and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. It also increases back ventilation and has secure areas to put in water bottles and such objects making sure that they won’t fall off when you bend over even though it makes reaching for them tougher that other bags. It weighs around 900 gm and has a volume of 48 liters. It is priced at ₹10,736.

5. Best Gregory Optic 48

A fairly new bag in the market, this product has been created to counter the demand of more and more lightweight bags in the market. It has features similar to Osprey’s Exos with its comfortability, sleekness and exceptional design however it is able to carry heavies loads much more comfortably. It is also very affordable product that facilitates good back ventilation. It is priced at ₹9,940.

 6. Best Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor

Weighing around 900 grams, this bag has a volume of around 40-60 liters. It is a bag that is light on your pockets while being extremely durable. One of its unique features is its exceptional compression system that facilitates convenience and it also has a useful strap pocket with good back ventilation. It is priced at ₹7,140.

7. Best ULA Circuit

Weighing around 900 grams, this bag has a volume of 68 liters. This bag is very durable and comfortable because of its frames and their structuring. It has spacious pockets which are well constructed with intricate detailing. Also known as the ultralight adventure equipment circuit this bag is a solid and obvious choice for hikers. It is priced at ₹16,450.

 8. Best Granite Gear Crown2

Weighing around 200 grams, this bag has a volume of roughly 60 liters, the bag is one of the most affordable products around, its structuring and detailing allows comfort along with spaciousness. This bag also has an adjustable hip belt that helps the wearer to move it to a perfect fit. It is priced at ₹10,360.

9. Best Osprey Levity and Lumina 45

This back weighs around 400 grams and has volume of 45 liters. The bag suffices the demand of the ultralight bags, and it also acts as a very comfortable bag that redefines convenience for the hiker. Its frame structuring and designing enables it to carry heavy weights well. It is priced at ₹15,376.

10. Best MLD Prophet

This bag, weighing around 400 grams with the volume 48 liters, is extremely light in weight reducing extra loads. This bag serves to be an extremely long lasting product. It is a product that can be very comfortable to carry as long as it isn’t over-stuffed. It is priced at ₹15,050.

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