10 Best Hiking Rucksack Brands in India

Hiking is a sport made for the fit, brave-hearted, and adventurous people. There’s a special thrill in the sport while navigating your way through paths, and it is necessary to have good stamina and even better willpower to continue. Now, every avid hiker is aware of the fact that there’s specific hiking equipment that one needs, starting from strong and sturdy boots to a compass, trekking pole, sunglasses, sunscreen, fire starter, flashlight and a knife. And the most important thing that you cannot miss is a rucksack.

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How do we choose the best rucksack brands?

Aside from essentials like food or clothing, a dependable rucksack is a must-have item to carry them all. A high-quality rucksack costs between Rs 8,000 and Rs 20,000. Here are some of the greatest rucksack brands in India that provide high-quality items. When choosing a rucksack, it is vital to consider a variety of factors, including the size and number of compartments, as well as the cost-effectiveness. We pay special attention to customer comments while identifying the finest rucksack brands in India. On Amazon, all of the brands featured below have at least a 4/5 rating. Here you can also check out best brands of squash balls & skateboard in India.

10 Top Hiking Rucksack Brands in India

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells ultralight Cuben Fiber outdoor gear and equipment. Baseball caps, Hats, Snapbacks, Posters, artwork, Beanies, and Jackets are all available from the brand. HMG creates high-quality outdoor apparel and equipment for mountain athletes and hobbyists.

Notable Features of the HMG Rucksack:

  • Also known as the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400, Southwest Strike weighs 900 grams and has a volume of about 55 litres.
  • It provides the best in terms of weight, weather resistance, and durability.
  • It has a simple design and the bag is very sturdy.
  • Its unique DCF fabric makes it weather resistant and really durable.


  • The Hyperlite Mountain Gear rucksack is reasonably priced for its quality and endurance.
  • The 2400 Southwest is one of the lightest framed backpacks on the market, at only 1 pound 13 ounces.
  • The external storage capacity of the HMG rucksack (front and side pockets) is about 10 litres.


  • HMG products are pricey

Gossamer Gear

Gossamer Gear

Gossamer Gear is an enthusiastic company that offers lightweight hiking products with the purpose to improve your hiking experience. The brand designs and markets some of the most creative gear on the market, as well as educating and pushing for lightweight backpacking. The brand innovates and manufactures products that will improve your trail experience by reducing your weight.

Notable Features of the Gossamer Gear Rucksack:

  • It is a well-designed, long lasting and comfortable backpack.
  • Its unique design makes it suitable for both men and women.
  • It also has well-padded shoulder straps along with a removable hip belt.


  • It weighs around 400 grams and has a volume of about 40 litres, making it a good choice for light travelling.
  • It has a top zip pocket suitable for storing small items.
  • One of its unique features is its removable SitLight pad which acts as back padding.


  • Unavailability at offline stores

ZPacks Arc Blast


Zpacks is a backpacking gear brand founded by Joe Valesko in 2005. Since then, the brand has been developing and testing all of its equipment. Lightweight backpacking gear from Zpacks includes ultralight Dyneema Composite Fabric, Cuben Fiber Tents, Tarps, Backpacks, Rain Gear.

Notable Features of the ZPacks Arc Blast:

  • It is an exceptionally light bag fit for hikers and bag-packers who carry base weights of around 7 kilograms.
  • Its unique frame creates a mesh back panel that facilitates proper ventilation when not over-stuffed.


  • It also has torso adjustment straps to create the perfect fit.
  • This bag is made up of DCF fabric which makes it extremely water resistant and unbelievably light.
  • It weighs around 500 grams and has a volume of 55 litres.


  • Zpacks products are a bit pricey

Osprey Exos & Eja 48


Osprey is a backpack and travel accessories brand founded in 1974 by young entrepreneur Mike Pfotenhauer at the age of 16. In Santa Cruz, California, the young entrepreneur launched a retail shop in front of his rental property where backpackers and travellers could come for custom-fit, made-to-order packs built by Mike himself over many days. Now the company has various outlets in various countries.

Notable Features of the Osprey Exos & Eja 48:

  • It is among the recently updated version of this series of backpacks for men.
  • This version is extremely comfortable, light and is very cost efficient.
  • The Osprey Exos & Eja 48 has a frame that is more sturdy than most other lightweight backpacks.


  • It can carry heavier loads comfortably and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.
  • It also increases back ventilation and has secure areas to put in water bottles and other objects.
  • The zip makes sure that objects won’t fall off from the bag when you bend over.
  • It weighs around 900 g and has a volume of 48 litres.


Less availability at offline stores

Gregory Optic 48


Gregory is a backpack accessories business established in the United States that offers handcrafted and designed items manufactured by trained craftsmen at its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company employs cutting-edge technology to provide the most efficient and dependable technical packs on the market.

Notable Features Gregory Optic 48:

  • Gregory was the first firm to create their packs in a variety of frame, harness, and waist belt sizes.
  • It is the first rucksack manufacturer to invent a waistband system that adapts to accommodate varied hip angles, automatically improving load transfer.
  • This product has been created to counter the demand for more and more lightweight bags in the market.


  • It is comfortable, sleek, and has an exceptional design.
  • It can carry heavies loads much more comfortably.
  • It is also very affordable and facilitates good back ventilation.


  • Gregory products are a bit pricey

High Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor

High Sierra

High Sierra is the leading designer and producer of backpacks, wheel backpacks, and framesacks, which was founded in 1978. The brand is best known for its adventure travel bags and products for students and outdoor sports lovers. Samsonite, an American luggage manufacturer, owns High Sierra, a casual and adventure luggage firm.

Notable Features of the Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor:

  • Weighing around 900 grams, this bag has a volume of around 40-60 litres.
  • It is a bag that is light on your pockets while being extremely durable.
  • One of its unique features is its exceptional compression system that facilitates convenience.
  • It also has a useful strap pocket with good back ventilation.


  • Has corner mounted wheels that roll smoothly and an aluminium telescopic handle.
  • Has a key fob, multi-pocket organiser compartment, and a grab handle with a cushioned soft-grip.
  • The padded shoulder straps are hidden behind the zipped back panel.
  • Side compression straps are adjustable and has zippered accessory compartments on the bag’s sides.


  • Limited availability at local stores

ULA Circuit

ULA Circuit

Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) is a backpack equipment brand founded in 2001 by Brian Frankle, a Pacific Crest Trail hiker, after recognising a need for robust and lightweight trekking equipment. Chris McMaster is the proprietor of ULA Equipment, a hiking firm that has recently become popular on long-distance routes. The ULA Circuit is an excellent all-around pack that can be used for everything from lightweight hiking to winter expeditions into the bush.

Notable Features ULA Circuit:

  • Weighing around 900 grams, this bag has a volume of 68 litres.
  • This bag is very durable and comfortable because of its frames and their structuring.
  • It has spacious pockets which are well constructed with intricate detailing.
  • Also known as the ultralight adventure equipment circuit, this bag is a solid and obvious choice for hikers.


  • The Circuit pack has a 1.2 OZ carbon fibre and Delrin suspension hoop, a dense internal foam frame, and a single aluminium stay for superior back panel support.
  • The ULA circuit rucksack provides optimal load management, weight transfer, and pack rigidity without limiting your range of motion.
  • The Circuit comes with a 12″ to 18″ adjustable harness system, making it suitable for youngsters.


  • ULA Circuit rucksacks are expensive

Granite Gear Crown 2

Granite Gear

Granite Gear is an American outdoor retailer that sells backpacks as well as hiking and portage equipment. Outdoorsmen Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank launched the firm in 1986 in Two Harbors, Minnesota. It all started when we went on a kayaking excursion deep in the Quetico wilderness.

Notable Features Granite Gear Crown 2:

  • To reduce weight without losing structural integrity, the Vapor Current mark 2 compression moulded polypropylene frame sheet incorporates moulded reinforcing channels and die-cut holes.
  • The frame works in tandem with the moulded foam back panel with ventilation channels and strong laminated mesh to help ventilate heat and moisture while keeping the pack’s centre of gravity close to your back.
  • The completely adjustable RE-FIT hip belt makes it simple to get a unique hip belt fit!
  • The Crown2 60 comes with a completely detachable zipped cover developed exclusively for use on this pack for increased space and organisation.


  • Weighing around 200 grams, this bag has a volume of roughly 60 litres.
  • The bag is one of the most affordable products around.
  • Its structuring and detailing allows comfort along with spaciousness.
  • This bag also has an adjustable hip belt that helps the wearer to move it to a perfect fit.


  • Less availability at offline stores

Osprey Levity and Lumina 4

Osprey Levity

Osprey has been creating only packs for the last forty years, so it is no surprise that their packs are of the greatest quality. Osprey packs are lightweight, comfortable, and contain cutting-edge technology. Osprey Packs’ product line includes high-end backpacks and daypacks for hiking, mountaineering, skiing, biking, climbing, trail running, commuting, adventure travel, and school, has a global market. It is available in 74 countries.

Notable Features of the Osprey Levity and Lumina 45:

  • This back weighs around 400 grams and has a volume of 45 litres.
  • The bag suffices the demand of ultralight bags.
  • It also acts as a very comfortable bag that redefines convenience for the hiker.
  • Its frame structure and design enables it to carry heavy weights well.


  • The clamshell shape adds structure and compression, while the anodised 7075 aluminium frame gives unrivalled performance.
  • It has a unique AutoLift System that automatically adjusts harness length and a Fit-On-The-Fly hipbelt for fine-tuned adjustment in the field.
  • Features cutting-edge materials and a luxury raincover. The top lid transforms into a fully functioning lumbar pack.
  • Fitscape Lumbar 3D Printed with Carbon DLSTM Technology provides superior ventilation, fine-tuned support, and anti-slip grip.


  • Availability at limited stores

Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet

Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet

Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) is a Virginia-based corporation owned by Ron Bell (in the United States). They manufacture lightweight backpacking equipment (backpacks, shelters, and accessories). MLD Gear is the lightest camping and outdoor gear available worldwide. Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) handcrafts hiking equipment from their Roanoke factory and is recognised across the world as a major pioneer in ultralight gear.

Notable Features of the MLD Prophet:

  • This bag, weighing around 400 grams with 48 litres volume, is extremely light in weight.
  • This bag serves to be an extremely long lasting product.
  • It is a product that can be very comfortable to carry as long as it isn’t over-stuffed.


  • For comfort, a modest curve from the waist to the shoulders shifts the weight closer to the upper back which aids load control by elevating the heavier and more densely packed gear, reducing shoulder tension.
  • The S-shaped unisex comfort shoulder straps are 3′′ wide and SuperWick mesh lined with full-length foam cushioning. These shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and durable.
  • Daisy Chains run the length of the shoulder straps, allowing you to attach water bottles and gear bags.


  • MLD products are expensive


Which rucksack is best for trekking?

HMG, Gossamer Gear, ZPacks are some of the best rucksack for trekking.

Which is the best rucksack of wildcraft?

Trailblazer is the best rucksack of wildcraft.

What is the most popular brand of backpacks today?

Wildcraft and F Gear is the most popular brand of backpacks on Amazon.

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