15 Best Slipper Brands in India for All Day Comfort

Whether on a beach or at home, when it comes to a casual, comfortable walk, slippers are always our first choice. In terms of designs, prices and colours, you have multiple options to choose from. If you are thinking of spending on a good pair of slippers and don’t know which brand you should go for, you have landed at the right place. We have reviewed all options on the market to note down the best slipper brands in India. 

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Best Slipper Brands for You?

A few factors solve the confusion of selecting the best brands making slippers. We have added those factors here to make it easy for you. 

Sole Variant

Are you an all-day slipper person? If so, choosing the right sole is essential. Opting for a brand that has cushioned soles is ideal for comforting your feet for long hours. Also, do ensure the brand’s slippers are lightweight to make your walks more comfortable. 

Material Used

The best slipper brands commonly use different forms of cotton, suede, and wool. The soles are mostly made of rubber or EVA foam. Synthetic fibres like polyester can cause more sweat and, therefore, be a little uncomfortable. During winter, shearling wool slippers will serve you the best. But if you have any foot condition like plantar fasciitis, we suggest you choose a pair of well-built cotton slippers or durable and soft rubber. 

Size and Shape

To have happy feet, you need to know their exact size and shape. Not too long, not too short, a slipper should perfectly fit your feet with enough space for your feet to breathe. So, look for a brand that has slippers in a wide range of sizes and shapes. 

Types of Slippers

There are a lot of varieties of slippers available on the market, making it tricky for you to choose the best for you. Here, we have listed some common types of slippers that you can choose from.

Open/Closed Toe Slippers

These are some of the most common types of slippers in India. The open-toe slippers feature exposed areas on the toes, while the closed-toe slippers have covered toes.

Flip Flops

These slippers are also known as thongs and have a Y-shaped strap that is comfortable for summer. They are made using foam, rubber, etc., and are quite lightweight as well.


Slides have a thick strap that goes over the foot and are quite easy to wear. They are made with soft and comfortable materials such as leather, fleece, natural fibres, etc.

Ortho Slippers

These slippers are designed to take care of people with foot injuries or pain. They feature thick cushioning that alleviates any pressure off your feet. They also have amazing grip for better traction on uneven surfaces.

List of the Top 15 Slipper Brands in India


Adidas Slippers
Adidas Slippers

The motto of Adidas is to not settle for anything average. It manufactures some of the best sports accessories and footwear to make it a safe play for every sportsperson. It is the best slipper brand in India that has sustainability as its main focus. The company is credible, sustainable, and inclusive, making it a leader in the industry. 

Notable Features of Adidas:

  • All Adidas slippers come with soft straps that have a good grip over the foot. 
  • The outsoles are mostly made with die-cut rubbers for supreme comfort.
  • Every pair of slippers is precisely designed by the connoisseurs in the field to amalgamate style with comfort
  • The flip-flops are available in wide varieties made with both waterproof and non-waterproof material. 


  • Numerous colours available
  • Different strap styles on the same models
  • Mostly sustainable

Why We Picked Adidas?

The optimism-driven brand, Adidas focuses on shaping the future of every person with sound health. It keeps developing new models of sports accessories and footwear like slippers by discovering endless possibilities. That’s why its line of slippers deserves a spot among the best slippers in India.


Sparx Slippers
Sparx Slippers

Sparx has gained the confidence of a large group of Indian consumers by offering comfort at affordable prices. This brand comes from the house of Relaxo, a trusted brand since 1984. From fashionable footwear to formal ones, this brand curates versatile footwear at the ease of your wallet. 

Notable Features of Sparx:

  • Sparx creates slippers with fine craftsmanship to provide a pleasant experience. 
  • It curates the best slippers for people seeking long-lasting products at budget-friendly pricing.
  • The brand keeps evolving its designs and patterns to keep up with trends. 


  • Every pair is packaged elegantly 
  • A vast variety of slippers 

Why We Picked Sparx?

Sparx adds zeal to the life of its consumers by manufacturing unique footwear ranges accessible to all. It produces some of the best slippers in India that adjust to people’s feet smoothly. We have picked this brand for its trendy designs that withstand harsh impacts and last long. 


Nike Slippers
Nike Slippers

Focused on the continual progression of sports enthusiasts and professionals, Nike develops groundbreaking products. The legacy started in 1972 and kept sports and athletes at the centre of everything. Sponsoring the best in the field of sports for supporting and nurturing talents, the company has come a long way. 

Notable Features of Nike:

  • Nike slippers are made with water-resistant synthetic materials
  • Every raw material used to make any Nike product is responsibly sourced to protect the planet.
  • The straps of the slippers range are made with ultra-soft waterproof fabric for properly supporting your feet.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Available in numerous models


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Nike?

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are the three basic features of Nike that remain constant. It proudly reflects the culture of every region it serves. The aesthetics of local communities inspire its designs.  


Bata Slippers
Bata Slippers

Bata is a multinational footwear brand with a rich historical value. In India, it built its foundation in Kolkata during pre-independence times (1932) with a humble venture. With over 1300 stores in many nooks and corners of India, the brand has spread its wings to be one of the first choices of Indians. The pricing is at par with the quality, and its diversity remains its USP. 

Notable Features of Bata:

  • Bata makes quality products to meet the expectations of people.
  • The slippers manufactured by Bata are eye-catching and appropriate for use throughout the year.
  • It explores different materials to make unique ranges of slippers suitable for various purposes.


  • Various options at different price points
  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable 

Why We Picked Bata?

Bata is a trusted brand in India as it sticks firmly to the philosophy of helping people better their lives. It is in the running for being the best slipper brand as it regularly upgrades its services by listening to customers’ feedback.

Moreover, we have also created an amazing list of the best sandals brands in India that will provide you with comfort and style at the same time.


Crocs Slippers
Crocs Slippers

To offer a one-of-a-kind experience to consumers from across the globe, Crocs was launched in 2002. The brand focuses on making simple footwear for all, made with closed-cell resin. It keeps a fun element associated with each pattern and design. The company is named after crocodiles for their adaptive nature in multiple environments. 

Notable Features of Crocs:

  • Crocs manufacture innovative footwear using Croslite technology that allows the products to perform equally on both land and water. 
  • The brand explores utilitarian designs that can function in a versatile manner. 
  • Croc slippers are wearable everywhere with the same ease. 


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting 


  • Expensive 

Why We Picked Crocs?

With a wide variety of comfortable slippers, the brand is evolving by breaking cross-culture boundaries. Everyone loves these slippers for the comfort and quirkiness it offers.


Solethreads Slippers
Solethreads Slippers

Solethreads is a brand that solely manufactures slippers. It makes a difference by creating products through sustainable mechanisms. Every innovation it emerges with has a low carbon footprint. Every raw material is shaped with technology to bring to you the finest footwear. 

Notable Features of Solethreads:

  • Solethreads is one of the best slipper brands as it utilises recycled EVA footbed technology to make the slippers. 
  • The foam formulation is uniquely structured for an unparalleled experience.  


  • Inexpensive products
  • Sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Waterproof options available


Clarks Slippers
Clarks Slippers

The story of Clarks dates back almost 200 years when the founder James Clark made a pair of slippers out of sheepskin off-cuts. Ever since its origination, the brand has been making groundbreaking styles by using the best craftsmanship. 

Notable Features of Clarks:

  • Every shoe made by Clarks is hand-carved from a piece of hornbeam. 
  • The company utilises advanced construction techniques and produces slippers and other footwear with contemporary materials. 
  • The brand also offers customisation. It tailor-makes slippers and shoes to fit every individual perfectly. 
  • Clarks manufactures some of the best slippers for men in India in the high-end category. 


  • Durable
  • Uses rapid prototyping and 3D printing techniques
  • Well-cushioned slippers


  • Expensive 


Khadim Slippers
Khadim Slippers

Khadim has been delivering quality products to ensure customer satisfaction since 1981. The company has an extensive retail network to serve affordable products to the customers near their vicinity. The core aim of Khadim is to curate fashionable footwear for everyone. 

Notable Features of Khadim:

  • The company has over 500 distributors with strong networks across the country. 
  • It offers both soft and hard sole slippers made with synthetic material. 
  • The straps have blunt edges to save your feet from shoe bites. 
  • Cushioned slipper variants are available. They are well-glued using high-grade technology. 


  • Affordable
  • Numerous patterns and colour options
  • Easy to maintain


Miniso Slippers
Miniso Slippers

Miniso is the brainchild of Jack Ye, who thought of this interesting venture on vacation to Japan. Taking inspiration from little outlets in Japan, this brand was initiated to curate products for global youth. From stationeries to accessories, Miniso accommodates numerous products of different categories. 

Notable Features of Miniso:

  • Miniso has over 5000 stores worldwide. 
  • The Miniso slippers are highly flexible and ideal for long walks
  • Each pair of slippers is water-resistant and made with anti-slip materials
  • The slippers have high-elastic upper elastic cushions for good balance and proper foot pressure.


  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of designs and colours
  • Lightweight 

United Colors of Benetton

UCB Slippers
UCB Slippers

This is a casual clothing brand popular for its social commitment and knitwear expertise. It makes eco-friendly outfits and accessories, maintaining a superior quality for each product. It blends universal research with Italian fashion to reach global consumers with a hint of uniqueness that is relatable at the same time. 

Notable Features of United Colors of Benetton:

  • It uses EVA material for producing a wide variety of slippers.
  • The straps are made of PVC for easy movement and flexibility. 
  • The outsole of these slippers is made with compressed EVA for proper cushioning and comfort. 
  • United Colors of Benetton curates some of the best slippers for men in India in the affordable category. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip material used


  • Little expensive


Flite Slippers
Flite Slippers

Owned by Relaxo, one of the largest footwear manufacturers in India, Flite offers an affordable and trendy range of slippers. Relaxo was founded in 1984 and is now among the top 500 most valuable companies in India. Other sub-brands include Sparx, Bahamas, Boston, and Mary Jane.

Notable Features of Flite:

  • Offers a variety of styles like slip-ons and flip-flops.
  • Formal and semi-formal styles for men and women.
  • Offers warranty on some products.
  • Mostly has rubber or EVA sole for ease of use.


  • Comfortable and affordable range
  • Durable and lightweight


Woodland Slippers
Woodland Slippers

Woodland is one of the best shoemaking brands existing since the early 50s. It aced the outdoor shoe industry for several decades and has managed to conquer the market of several countries all over the world. Presently, the brand manufactures products in multiple fields to boost the spirits of adventure lovers. 

Notable Features of Woodland:

  • The slipper range is diversified to meet the needs of people. 
  • The packaging of all products is done with certified recycled paper. 
  • Woodland works with different types of leather for a satisfactory customer experience.


  • Wide variety of slippers for men, women, and children
  • Uses rubber outsoles to ease walks in rugged terrains


  • Expensive 

Red Tape

Red Tape Slippers
Red Tape Slippers

The brand Red tape was conceptualised to cater to the needs of gen next’s ambitious individuals. Curating footwear while addressing international fashion, the company has come a long way since its beginning in 1996. 

Notable Features of Red Tape:

  • The designs of Red Tape footwear are created by UK and Italy-based designers after mapping the globally accepted standards. 
  • It marks its presence in several countries globally.
  • The slippers are made with breathable EVA that lasts long and has a solid grip
  • All pairs of slippers have sturdy bottoms and textured padded straps for effortless walks. 


  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof slippers available
  • Reasonably priced



Founded in 2017 by Aman Preet Singh and Taran Chhabra, Neeman’s is a popular footwear brand in India. The Hyderabad-based company has garnered a huge customer base across the country with its range of comfortable slippers and shoes.

Notable Features of Neeman’s:

  • Popular for making footwear using sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • Uses natural materials such as merino wool and eucalyptus fibre to design footwear
  • Focuses on the customer’s comfort with thicker and softer soles


  • Value for money
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Trendy designs



Liberty is a leading footwear brand that was established in 1954 by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta and Rajkumar Bansal. The brand makes affordable yet high-quality footwear for men, women, and kids in India. It has headquarters in Karnal, Haryana and is a widespread business across the country today.

Notable Features of Liberty:

  • Huge variety of shoes, slippers, and sandals for men, women, and children
  • Offers affordable footwear that’s ideal for everyday use
  • You get true value for money without compromising on style, design, and comfort


  • Affordable products
  • Trendy designs
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Final Word

Slippers are inevitable parts of our lives, so we have carefully assessed all the slipper brands in India and created this list to help you with the best options. All these brands provide the comfort of the factors we have previously elaborated on. With that, we have included brands offering slippers of different patterns, designs, and price points. Go through the list and pick your perfect fit. 


Which brand is best for slippers?

Adidas, Nike, Sparx, Bata, Solethreads, and other brands listed here are some of the best brands for slippers.

What are the best slippers to wear at home?

Comfortable slippers that relieve pressure, do not slip, and allow your feet to breathe are the best slippers to wear at home.

What are the best slippers for the outdoors?

Durable slippers that can be worn on any terrain, like those from Woodland, are the best slippers for outdoors. They should offer temperature regulation, have a proper sole, arch support, and should be resistant to water or moisture. An antibacterial fabric which is easy to clean and maintain is an added feature.

Which is the best slipper for men?

Men can go for any type of slipper they are comfortable in. Various brands offer different styles and types, so they can pick one according to their need. Nowadays, there are slippers with acupressure points or ortho slippers which can be even more comfortable.

What are the different types of slippers for men?

Slip-ons, mules, clogs, moccasins, and sandal-style slippers are the different types of slippers for men.

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