10 Best Soya Chunks Brands in India

Soya chunks are preferred by vegetarians due to their high protein content, as well as a resurgent interest in high-protein diets. Soya chunks initially became prominent in eastern India. Then, even non-vegetarians began to go for soya chunks and use them as a meat alternative. The fondness for some of the best soya chunks brands thus took on in other regions of India subsequently. There are various brands in the market providing the best quality product, so here we have come up with some of the best soya chunks brands in India that you should look out for.

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How Do We Choose the Best Soya Chunks Brands?

Soya chunks are rich in protein, polyunsaturated lipids, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain carbs, protein, iron, calcium, and dietary fibre, which makes them a great option for anyone who is trying to lose weight. In India, there are several brands selling quality soya chunks that range from Rs 50 to Rs 500. Here are some factors that we took into consideration for picking the best products for you.

Preservatives and Chemicals

To ensure safe consumption, we carefully picked the brands that offer products that are free from chemicals. All these options on the list manufacture soya chunks without using preservatives or artificial colours.


There are different sizes of packaging for soya chunks available in the market. We tried to pick options for various sizes like 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, etc. You can pick any of the options as per your requirement. Also, all these products are packed with the utmost care, keeping hygiene in mind.

List of 12 Best Soya Chunks Brands in India


Saffola Soya Chunks
Saffola Soya Chunks

Saffola is India’s most well-known household brand for culinary oils, consumables, and fast foods. Saffola makes and retails the best consumer products, including Saffola soups, salt, mixes, honey, oats, protein shakes, and a variety of other items.

Prominent Features of the Saffola Soya Chunks:

  • Made by extruding defatted soy flour from nutritious soya beans
  • Has essential nutritional aspects such as dietary fibre, protein, and more
  • Ingredients are picked, analysed, and balanced carefully


  • Enriched with “Supersoft Technology”
  • High in protein
  • Ready in 5 minutes

Why We Picked the Saffola Soya Chunks?

Mealmaker Saffola Soya Chunks are produced with exceptionally advanced technologies, which assures that the soya chunks stay super soft and absorb flavour effectively, making your soya dish more delicious.


Nutrela Soya Chunks
Nutrela Soya Chunks

Nutrela is a well-known soya food brand from the house of Ruchi Soya, which is now owned by Patanjali Ayurveda. It provides chunks, mini chunks, and Soya granules that are simple to make and high in nutrients.

Prominent Features of the Nutrela Soya Chunks: 

  • These chunks are high in calcium, fibre, and iron
  • They are easy to prepare
  • Available in multiple sizes of packaging


  • Packed with hygiene
  • Easily available
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be consumed without cooking

Why We Picked the Nutrela Soya Chunks?

Nutrela’s Mini Soya Chunks are composed entirely of soy flour. They are a preferred option when avoiding eggs and meat and looking for sources of protein from vegetarian food products.


Fortune Soya Chunks

Fortune is a food product brand owned by consumer products firm Adani Wilmar. According to the Economic Times Brand Equity 2020 survey, Fortune is one of India’s top 100 most trusted brands. Fortune Soya Chunks is a powerhouse of flavour and nutrients and can be used to make tasty and nutritious meals you like.

Prominent Features of the Fortune Soya Chunks: 

  • It is the highest protein source in a vegetarian diet
  • Available as Soya Chunks, Mini Soya Chunks, and Soya Granules
  • Contains 15x more protein, 13% dietary fibre, and it is 99% fat-free


  • Untouched by hands
  • Soft and juicy
  • Multiple packaging sizes

Why We Picked the Fortune Soya Chunks?

Great alternatives to non-vegetarian foods, these Fortune Soya Chunks are a great pick from the list. They are available in three different variants and can be used to prepare delicious meals. They work as an enhancer to many recipes.

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Pushp Soya Chunks
Pushp Soya Chunks

Pushp is a renowned spice and masala maker brand in India. It was founded by Late Shri Kishanlalaji Surana in 1974 as a small enterprise in Indore. Previously, the industry catered to the Malwa district. Over the years, the term “Pushp” has been associated with the assurance of exquisite flavour and unrivalled quality food products in India.

Prominent Features of the Pushp Soya Chunks: 

  • These soya chunks are easy to make and taste delicious
  • 100% vegetarian, these chunks are high in protein
  • Available both in full-sized chunks and mini-soya chunks


  • Extremely healthy
  • Good quality
  • Well-packed


  • One-size packaging

Why We Picked the Pushp Soya Chunks?

Pushp Soya Chunks enhance the flavour of your cuisine. The tasty soya chunks may be used in a variety of meals, including dinner and lunch. These are simple to make and have several health advantages.


Vama Soya Chunks
Vama Soya Chunks

Vama is an Indian soya brand manufactured by Vippy Industries. It is one of the most trusted and oldest Soy Product manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality goods and excellent customer service. The brand was founded in 1973 with the exceptional ambition of being the most desired producer of Soya products, always striving for excellence and expansion.

Prominent Features of the Vama Soya Chunks: 

  • It is 50% protein, 98% fat-free, and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • These soya chunks are gluten-free and totally vegan
  • Available in various other forms, like granules, flour, & snacks


  • Versatile
  • Easy to cook
  • Premium Packaging


  • The product is a little costly

Why We Picked the Vama Soya Chunks?

Vama Soya Chunks are highly nutritious, healthful, and high in protein for vegetarians. To maintain the quality of the product, they are created under strict quality control standards and go through several tests before coming out in the market.


Everin Soya Chunks
Everin Soya Chunks

Everin brand is owned by Everin India Private Limited, an Indian consumer FMCG products company. The brand offers a wide range of products, such as soya chunks, red chilli pickles, green chilli pickles, and more. The Everin soya chunks have a thick, spongy feel and are 100% vegetarian and vegan.

Prominent Features of the Soya Chunks: 

  • Promotes muscle building, weight reduction, and bone strength
  • It is part of a gluten-free, protein-rich diet that controls blood sugar
  • These soya chunks are good for diabetics and heart patients


  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Highly nutritious
  • Spongy texture


  • Packaging could be better

Urban Platter

Urban Platter Soya Chunks
Urban Platter Soya Chunks

Chirag Kenia founded Urban Platter in 2015, and it has since evolved to become India’s leading maker of gourmet food products. The firm is based in Mumbai and sells everything online. This company sells a wide variety of gourmet items. Its soya chunks are one of the best products you must check for healthy eating.

Prominent Features of the Urban Platter Soya Chunks: 

  • Healthy and nutritious, they will keep your levels of energy up at all times
  • The protein content of soya chunks exceeds that of egg, meat, milk, or wheat
  • It is limited in terms of fat, protein, carbs, iron, calcium, and calorie value


  • 100% vegan
  • Handy zipper packaging
  • Non-GMO product


  • Expensive


Goshudh Soya Chunks
Goshudh Soya Chunks

Goshudh is a Rajasthan-based Indian food products brand; it offers various health and wellness-focused food products such as heart and diabetic care atta, soya chunk, ragi flour, diet atta, and more. GoShush Soya chunks are manufactured with defatted soy flour, which means the oil has been separated.

Prominent Features of the Goshudh Soya Chunks: 

  • It is the byproduct of the extraction of soybean oil
  • Has a gritty feel and matches the aroma of non-veg curries
  • Free from additives, these soya chunks taste good


  • Premium quality
  • Rich in nutrients
  • No moisture added


Patanjali Soya Chunks
Patanjali Soya Chunks

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian consumer packaged products firm founded by Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna. It is one of the top Ayurveda product enterprises in India, offering a wide range of food, cosmetics, and Ayurvedic medicines. The items are incredibly effective as well as reasonably priced.

Prominent Features of the Soya Chunks: 

  • Patanjali High Nutri Soya Chunks have a high protein content and are low in fat
  • It may be used as a meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians
  • They can be added to a number of foods to increase protein content


  • Easy to digest
  • Cooked instantly
  • Extremely affordable


  • Only one packaging size is available


Berlina Soya Chunks
Berlina Soya Chunks

Berlina is an Indian food goods brand located in Karnataka that provides the purest form of food items to the Indian household ecology. Ingredients are chosen from 100% natural and high-quality sources, and the entire process is meticulously supervised to ensure the best quality.

Prominent Features of the Berlina Soya Chunks: 

  • It flows slowly through the stomach and keeps you fuller for longer
  • The soya chunks are high-protein plant food and rich in fibre
  • They are a healthy source of vitamins, fibre, minerals, and protein


  • No added colours
  • Medium-sized chunks
  • Spongy texture

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Final Word

Soya chunks imitate meatballs but are completely vegetarian. This makes them a great choice to add to the nutritious diet by vegans to achieve their daily intake of protein. In this blog, we have listed some of the best soya chunks brands that offer safe-to-use, nicely packed, and good-quality products. From all these listed options, we really like soya chunks from Saffola and Nutrela. Do let us know your top choice from the list.


Which brand is good for soya chunks?

There are various brands offering good quality soya chunks; some of the best ones are Saffola, Fortune, Urban Platter, and more.

Can we eat soya chunks daily?

Yes, You can eat soya chunks daily. It is rich in protein and fibre, which is good for health. However, in case you have any medical issues, please consult your doctor before deciding on your diet.

Is Nutrela soya chunks good?

Yes, Nutrela soya chunks are good and certified by FSSAI.

Are Fortune soya chunks healthy?

Fortune soya chunks are healthy to consume. They offer one of the highest protein sources in a vegetarian diet.

Which is the highest selling soya chunks brands in India?

Fortune and Nutrela are the highest selling soya chunks brands in India.

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