Best Stainless-Steel Strainers

Strainers are needed every day in a kitchen. From straining hot and cold beverages to sifting flours and more, strainers help in a lot of cooking chores. Since they have multiple uses, their size, shape and features also vary. Stainless steel strainers are sturdy, safe, and good for everyday use. They are easy to clean with hands and dishwasher safe. If you’ve been looking for dependable kitchen strainers, here are some of the most useful options to consider.

Best Stainless-Steel Strainers

1. Crystal Stainless-Steel Strainer

This strainer features premium-quality mesh that is made with stainless steel. It is suitable for straining liquids into mugs, cups, and even bigger vessels. It is a good choice for daily use and comes equipped with a sturdy plastic handle that adds to its utility.

For Tea and Coffee

It is perfect for pouring tea and coffee as it features fine mesh that filters out tea granules and coffee grounds.

Editor’s Choice

2. Vinayak International Strainer

This stainless-steel strainer measures 10 inches in diameter and has a food holding capacity of 3.5l. It is a wide-mouthed strainer that can be used to strain boiled noodles, pasta and to wash vegetables. It is strong, easy to clean, anti-corrosive, rust-proof and dishwasher-safe.

For Vegetables and Rice

It features relatively bigger holes and a deep colander that perfectly drains out water from vegetables, rice, pasta, fruits, etc.

Next Best

3. Kuber Industries Stainless-Steel Strainer

This strainer is made with quality steel mesh and is perfect for mashing pulpy food items and washing vegetables and fruits. It is a budget-friendly strainer that features a sturdy, unbreakable plastic that also looks good. You can even wash this strainer in a dishwasher and keep it in a freezer without worrying about breakage.

For Soups and Juices

It features closely-knit mesh that allows only minute pulp and liquids to pass through, thus making it ideal for soups and juices.

Most Loved

4. Tiara Tea and Coffee Strainer

Consisting of three strainers with different diameters, this set is suitable for straining several types of liquids. They are safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher and feature long handles and resting rings that fit on to glasses, mugs, cups, and wide-mouthed vessels. The resting rings offer more stability and prevent spillage. You can also use them to dust powdered sugar on cakes or sieve dry ingredients.

Different Mesh Sizes

This set of 3 stainless-steel strainers features three different mesh sizes that can strain lemon juice, tea, ghee, etc.

Value for Money
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