11 Best Tongue Cleaner Sets for Complete Oral Health

When it comes to maintaining oral hygiene, tongue cleaning plays an equally important role. Your tongue helps you taste your favourite food and is responsible for oral hygiene and fresh breath. Thus, it is important to clean your tongue to avoid oral diseases, steer clear of any bacteria, and get rid of bad breath. Check out our top picks from the best tongue cleaner sets available out there.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Best Tongue Cleaner Sets For You?

A tongue cleaner is used to remove this undesirable stuff from your mouth and keep it clean. In India, a good quality tongue cleaner set costs anywhere between Rs 140 to Rs 300. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best tongue cleaner sets available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Size of tongue

While buying a tongue cleaner, the first thing you should consider is the size of your tongue. To choose the appropriate size cleaner, measure your tongue in a mirror. Fewer strokes are needed to wipe the tongue using a broad tongue scraper. Older children and those with smaller tongues should use a smaller scraper. Also, adults should use a scraper with a broader angle.

Type of Cleaner

Next, you should determine the kind of tongue cleaner you want. Tongue cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You should determine if you want a tongue scraper with a V shape, U shape, or T shape. U-shaped tongue cleaners are the most common ones available. They are affordable, portable, and simple to use.


Next, you should determine the material of the tongue cleaner you want to use. Tongue scrapers may be constructed from plastic or a more robust material like copper or stainless steel. Plastic tongue scrapers should always be thrown away since they are more likely to contain germs. On the other hand, stainless steel tongue scrapers can be readily disinfected with hot water or antibacterial treatments.

List of The Top 11 Tongue Cleaner Sets in India

Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner
Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Automoness brings to you the best tongue cleaner set that gently scrapes off the whiteish layer from the tongue. The pack contains three tongue cleaners – a U-shaped cleaner, a spoon scraper, and a hollow cleaner that offer you the best oral cleansing experience. The equipment is made with high-grade stainless steel that does not rust or collect mould.

Prominent Features of the Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner:

  • The tongue scrapers from Automoness are constructed of safe, FDA-certified, Food Grade 304 stainless steel.
  • The Automoness Tongue Cleaner will aid in digestion enhancement and the elimination of germs and foul breath.
  • Three different varieties of tongue scrapers are included in the carrying case, which will satisfy all of your oral hygiene needs
  • The appropriate size of the tongue scrapers will not irritate your tongue, and it’s simple to use


  • Durable material
  • Eliminates germs
  • Removed odour
  • Portable

Why We Picked the Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner?

Three types of tongue scrapers are included in the Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner. The U-shape scraper’s broader, curved edge and smooth surface combine to provide the ideal shape for completely reaching your tongue.

The spoon scraper is simpler to use to reach the interior of your tongue since it has a thicker head and a 30-degree angle. The hollow one has two uses since you may choose whichever side you like.

HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner

HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner
HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner

Impervious to bacteria, this HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner is made from high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to its flexible arms, it is the best tongue cleaner that rips off bacteria and white coating from the tongue. The optimal length further ensures an even cleaning of the tongue to avoid cuts. If you like to read about this topic, may we also suggest our list of mouthwash companies in india.

Prominent Features of the HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner:

  • The HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring the durability of the product
  • The tongue cleaner does not have any synthetic coating and features curved handles
  • This tongue cleaner from HealthAndYoga is non-toxic and hypoallergenic


  • Can be sterilised
  • Suitable length
  • Non-gagging shape

Why We Picked the HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner?

The HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner is a U-shaped tongue cleaner that effectively cleans your tongue. Made from durable stainless steel, the tongue cleaner can be sterilised and is of suitable shape.

Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner

Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner
Mee Mee Tongue Cleaner

The Mee Mee tender tongue cleaner brush has a sleek design to ensure convenience. It is comfortable to hold and safe for regular use. Available in a lovely green colour, it has a bar head with soft bulges that gently clean the tongue. Moreover, its high-quality food-grade material adds to its longevity and makes it suitable for all age groups.

Prominent Features of the Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner:

  • The tongue cleaner is made for a firm grip, which is suitable for cleaning the tongues of babies
  • Enables you to delicately remove milk deposits and stop germs from gathering within the baby’s mouth
  • Made with premium and safe materials to ensure your baby’s health


  • Easy to hold
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Removes milk stains

Why We Picked the Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner?

Mee Mee is a popular baby care brand in India. The company produces a broad variety of goods, ranging from newborn hygiene to food containers. The tongue cleaner from Mee Mee is made for a firm grip and aids in the gentle removal of milk stains or thrush that have built up in the mouth corners of your kid. The tongue cleaner was designed with their sensitive oral cavity in mind.

Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner

Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner
Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner

The Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner has a dual-layered structure and is one of the best tongue cleaners out there in the market. It has a unique design that can even access regions like the back of the tongue, where most bacteria reside. The tongue cleaner is designed to replicate the natural shape of the tongue, which reduces the gag reflex and enables easy scraping.

Prominent Features of the Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner:

  • The tongue cleaner combines the action of a brush and a scraper that helps remove food debris from the tongue
  • Provides a higher level of stability and control while brushing and scraping
  • Plaque and food particles are successfully loosened and subsequently removed from the tongue surface by the combined operations of the brush and scraper


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Helps with foul breath
  • Removes leftover food
  • Enhances the look of your tongue

Why We Picked the Amigozz Oral Tongue Cleaner?

The oral tongue scraper from Amigozz will assist you in removing the inferiority mentality brought on by foul breath. You may be charming and confident while dating and participating in social situations. Adults and children may utilise the ergonomic design to enhance their daily brushing routine.

Atmiko Tongue Scraper

Atmiko Tongue Scraper
Atmiko Tongue Scraper

Atmiko Tongue Cleaner is a natural antibacterial tongue cleaner made of premium quality copper. It has flexible handles and can be used by anyone. You can use it daily to scrape off the food debris and remove the white coating on your tongue.

Prominent Features of the Atmiko Tongue Scraper:

  • The tongue cleaner is simply adjustable to accommodate any mouth and tongue size
  • These movable tongue scrapers are suitable for everyone, including adults, men, women, children, babies, and toddlers
  • You may bend the tongue cleaner to suit your tongue perfectly regardless of size


  • Can adjust to any tongue
  • Provides effective cleaning
  • Durable copper build

Why We Picked the Atmiko Tongue Scraper?

This copper cleaner from Atmike comes in a biodegradable jute pouch and is the best tongue cleaner for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative. These premium ayurvedic copper tongue scrapers can effectively clean your tongue in a matter of seconds. The pre-curved design provides perfect control and eliminates any residue that builds up on your tongue.

Tung Brush & Gel Starter Pack Tongue Cleaner

Tung Brush & Gel Starter Pack Tongue Cleaner
Tung Brush & Gel Starter Pack Tongue Cleaner

This brush and gel starter kit is the best tongue cleaner set for those who love to keep their breath fresh and minty. The tongue cleaner has gentle bristles that pull out bacteria-causing food debris from the tongue efficiently. The gel contains zinc that eliminates bad breath, while the cleaner removes the whitish layer from the tongue.

Prominent Features of the Tung Brush & Gel Starter Pack Tongue Cleaner:

  • You can get rid of the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath in only 10 seconds, leaving you feeling better than ever
  • The Tung Brush is designed to cut through the adherent tongue plaque and get into the crevices of the tongue where microorganisms like to hide, leaving your mouth feeling cleaner
  • The Tung Brush is designed to reach the back of the tongue, where the majority of the microorganisms lurk


  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • Designed to minimise gag reflection
  • Ergonomic grip

Gubb USA T + Tongue Scraper

GUBB T+ Tongue Scraper Cleaner
GUBB T+ Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This set of two tongue scrapers is a value pack. Suitable for kids and adults, these tongue scrapers ensure thorough cleaning of the tongue without much hassle. Leave it to this scraper to remove bacteria-causing food debris and plaque efficiently.

Prominent Features of the GUBB T+ Tongue Scraper Cleaner:

  • The GUBB T+ Tongue Scraper Cleaner is a soft rubber scraper with a large handle
  • The tongue cleaner has been crafted for enhanced control and simplicity of handling
  • It is the best tongue cleaner pack out there and has a slip-resistant rubber grip for better hold


  • Convenient grip for easy use
  • Provides thorough cleaning
  • Removes odour to keep the mouth clean

Perfora Copper Tongue Cleaner

Perfora Copper Tongue Cleaner
Perfora Copper Tongue Cleaner

Copper is recognised for removing bad breath and enhancing the sense of taste, which results in a sensation of freshness. Take action now with the Perfora Copper Tongue Cleaner to maintain proper oral hygiene and get the benefits of this tongue cleanser later. Bacterial accumulation on the tongue is removed by our copper tongue scraper.

Prominent Features of the Perfora Copper Tongue Cleaner:

  • Regular scraping will eliminate any coating or germs and improve your tongue’s ability to differentiate between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour flavours
  • Including this routine in your regular oral care routine is a quick, efficient technique to get rid of periodontal plaque
  • Aids in the prevention of oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities


  • Ergonomic design
  • Handcrafted from 100% pure Indian copper
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties
  • Rust-proof


  • May be heavy to use

Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue Cleaner

Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue Cleaner
Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue Cleaner

The Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue cleaner head is constructed of a soft substance that won’t scratch or hurt your taste receptors. The gentle tongue scraper will thus work wonderfully for both adults and children. With the help of this high-quality tongue cleanser, you can quickly refresh your breath and keep your teeth healthy every day.

Prominent Features of the Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue Cleaner:

  • This long handle will make it simple to reach the tongue’s deep back regions
  • You can either put the tongue cleaner in the dishwasher or use a light hand wash
  • Portable and small form makes the Nurpi Plastic Premium Tongue Cleaner simple to transport


  • Comfortable and non-slip grip
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean

Epyz Premium Cooper Tongue Scraper

Epyz Premium Cooper Tongue Scraper
Epyz Premium Cooper Tongue Scraper

Why spend money on a broken tongue scraper cleaner made of plastic? You deserve tongue scrapers that are well-crafted and long-lasting. The Epyz Premium Cooper Tongue Scraper has a large head that covers your whole tongue and a solid body made of stainless steel. The handle is meant to be gripped securely and is constructed of stainless steel, which makes it durable.

Prominent Features of the Epyz Premium Cooper Tongue Scraper:

  • The Epyz Premium Copper Tongue Scraper is built of surgical-grade cooper and is resistant to bacteria
  • Although the gauge is hefty, flexibility allows it to clean the tongue’s surface well
  • The tongue cleaner is kind to the mouth and does its job without nicks or wounds


  • User-friendly design
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Provides proper grip

Age Ayurveda Nava Tongue Cleaner

Age Ayurveda Nava Tongue Cleaner
Age Ayurveda Nava Tongue Cleaner

The Age Ayurveda Tongue Cleaner is a new device that improves your everyday hygiene with an efficient cleaning method. The surface may be used to thoroughly clean the tongue and mouth. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to grip and move around within your mouth.

Prominent Features of the Age Ayurveda Nava Tongue Cleaner:

  • Get your kids their favourite colour tongue cleaner to encourage them to frequently clean their tongues
  • The tongue cleaner has a curved massaging surface on one side that softly rubs the tongue’s surfaces, opens the pores, and flushes out any dirt
  • The Age Ayurveda Nava Tongue Cleaner stimulates blood circulation and provides a gratifying experience
  • The size and form allow for a pleasant clean without invoking gag reflexes and an excellent reach


  • Provides efficient tongue cleaning
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Eliminates odour

Final Word

We hope that our curated list of the best tongue sets available in India has helped you reach a conclusion. Based on our research, the Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner, HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner, and Mee Mee Tongue Cleaner are our top picks for the best tongue cleaner sets in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like the size of the tongue, type of cleaner, and material. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Why do Indians use tongue cleaner?

Tongue cleaning has been prevalent in India for a long time. To get rid of the poisonous material known as Ama, the practice of ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda advises frequent tongue washing. Since ancient times, tongue cleansing has been done in Ayurvedic medicine using scrapers made of brass, copper, gold, tin, or silver.

Is tongue cleaner good for the tongue?

Yes, it is generally assumed that tongue cleaner is good for health. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that brushing or scraping your tongue would relieve halitosis or prevent foul breath. In actuality, foul-breath bacteria may reappear as quickly as it disappears.

Can we use tongue cleaner daily?

Yes, we can use a tongue cleaner daily. Tongue cleaning is a beneficial addition to your regular oral health routine, whether you use a tongue scraper, toothbrush, or mouthwash. Once or twice a day, tongue cleaning may help you maintain a fresh mouth sensation while lowering cavities and bad breath risks.

Why is my tongue white?

The finger-like projections (papillae) on the surface of your tongue that overgrow and expand may result in a white tongue. Debris, germs, and dead cells being trapped between the swollen and sometimes inflamed papillae are what give the appearance of a white covering.

Can tongue scrapers damage your taste buds?

No, your taste buds won’t be harmed by tongue scraping. In fact, because they won’t be covered in germs, they could function even better than before.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered the size of the tongue, type of cleaner, material, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the best tongue cleaner sets available in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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