7 Best Cable Protectors To Protect Your USB Cables

I don’t know about you, but for me, broken cables are a complete mood killer. There’s nothing worse than putting your phone on charge, getting ready to head out, and then realising your phone is still on 2% battery because your USB wire was broken. If you can relate to this problem too, check out these best cable protectors to never face a broken wire again!

When confronted with the menace of a broken wire, most of us try to twist and fold the cables to make them work, but despite being extra careful, our cables can break. That is where cable protectors come to our rescue. Cable protectors are small devices that can be easily wrapped around cables and wires to save them from damage and breakage. Here, you can also check best extension boards & the list of best led bulbs in India.

Check out the best cable protectors out there to never face a broken cable.

List Of Best Cable Protectors Available Online

1. Humble Cable Protector

Humble Cable Protector
HUMBLE Spiral Charger Cable Protector

Humble spiral charger cable protector works on all types of wires from earphones to laptop chargers. Made with highly flexible silicone, it protects your cables from tangles and knots. The wire protector is gentle to touch and easy to use. It provides you with the utmost flexibility, thus protecting your cables from breakage. It is easy to install and comes with a step-by step manual for effortless installation.

What’s Good

  • Available in a plethora of colours, they look super cute on wires.
  • This product is available in a pack of eight, so you can protect all your USB cables.

What’s Bad

  • This cable protector will not be effective for ultra-thin wires.

2. Axxeum USB Wire Protector

Axxeum USB Wire Protector
Axxeum Lightning USB Data Charging Cable Protector

Axxeum cable protector is suitable for almost all transmission cables from earphones to iPhone cables. It provides your cables with total protection from pulling and breaking and will never detach. Just twist the cable protector around the cable, and it will wrap itself around it for a hassle-free installation. Made with silicone, this cable protector comes in exciting colours and is light in weight.

What’s Good

  • You can wrap this cable protector around your cables easily.
  • It is compatible with all types of cables.

What’s Bad

  • This product should be kept away from the reach of children as it is small in size and could be ingested.

3. Crysendo Spiral USB Cable Protector

Crysendo Spiral USB Cable Protector
Crysendo Spiral Wire Charger Protector

This spiral, colourful cable protector by Crysendo is pleasing to look at. These spiral ropes are available in assorted colours to give your boring black and white cables a touch of colour and style. Easy to use and install, these cable protectors are cost-effective and time-saving. With multi-device compatibility, they are made from the finest virgin grade PVC that protects your cables while charging and is approximately 0.65 metres long.

What’s Good

  • These cables are durable as they are made from high quality materials.
  • They are compatible with all types of cables, no matter the thickness.

What’s Bad

  • Wrapping the protector around the cable is a bit tedious.

4. Chronex USB Wire Protector

Chronex USB Wire Protector
CHRONEX Spiral Triple Cable Cord Protectors

Chronex spiral charger cable protector is designed in a spiral shape to help prevent damaging of the cables. This easily attachable cable protector is highly flexible, durable, and extremely lightweight. It can be used on a majority of cables, including those for iPhone, iPads, and earphones amongst others. These spiral cable protectors come in colourful spiral ropes to add a touch of style.

What’s Good

  • They feel soft to touch and have no hard edges to help avoid injuries.
  • These protectors are made from high quality PVC.

What’s Bad

  • Wrapping this protector is time consuming as it is large in size.

5. Sunmi Spiral USB Cable Protector

Sunmi Spiral USB Cable Protector
SUNMI Cable Protector

Compatible with almost all computers and smartphones cables, Sunmi spiral charger cable protector is made from genuine silicone and is soft to the touch. They can easily be installed to help extend the life of your cables by protecting them from pulling and breakage. These protectors do not allow tangling of the wires. Thanks to its size, it can easily fit cables with a diameter of 2.5 – 4mm, thus making it compatible with a wide range of cables.

What’s Good

  • These wire protectors can be used with a wide variety of cables.
  • They are small in size, so wrapping does not take a lot time.

What’s Bad

  • Due to their size, they might get lost if stored loose.

6. Epaal Spiral Charging Wire Protector

Epaal Spiral Charging Wire Protector
Epaal® Spiral Triple Color Wire Protector

Available in a pack of two and in a colour combination of three vibrant purple tones, this wire protector from Epaal gets the job done efficiently. It is 1.4 metres long, so your entire cable will be protected from breakage. You can increase your cable life by a significant amount as this product protects the entire cable, not just the ends.

What’s Good

  • This cable protected is durable as it is made from high-quality PVC.
  • It is cost-effective since it’ll protect your cables for a longer time.

What’s Bad

  • These cable protectors should not be exposed to extreme heat.

7. Gizga USB Cable Protector

Gizga USB Cable Protector
GIZGA Spiral Charger Cable Protector

Made from the highest quality of PVC, this USB wire protector is durable and will last you a long time. You can place it on the connector of the cable, so it protects the part that is most prone to breakage. It’s easy to wrap around and does not take up much time. This charger protector works well with a wide variety of cables. Thanks to its texture, this cable protector is soft to touch.

What’s Good

  • Thanks to its compact size, these cable protector is portable.
  • You can even use this on thin cables like mouse wires.

What’s Bad

  • Since this product is made from plastic, it is not eco-friendly.

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