Best Glue Guns to Fix Things Quickly

Have you ever watched those DIY fixing videos and wonder if you too had that glue gun to make your life much easier? Well, here is your chance to enjoy the best with glue guns that are compact and conveniently fix things around your house. With these choicest and best glue guns, you can execute any artsy DIY effortlessly.

It would be an understatement to say that the lack of a glue gun in my life was starting to cause some serious FOMO. So, I decided to get one, and my life has been easier ever since. Glue guns are a craft freak’s best investment. Whether you need to fix your child’s holiday models ASAP or need a quick fix for any loose wood panels in your home, a glue gun can help you in every situation.  

Here is our roundup of the best glue guns you can buy. Check them out now. 

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7 Best Glue Guns 

1. Stanley Glue Gun 

Best Glue Guns
Stanley Glue Gun

Stanley is one of the most reliable brands in the market if you’re looking for the best glue gun for fixing requirement. It can quickly fix broken pieces of furniture, décor, art, and craft. Engineered for precision fixing, it works well on multiple surfaces. The hot glue gun can fix anything within 60 seconds and has 3 – 5 minutes of melting time. 

Compatible With: 

Standard 12 mm thick glue sticks 


  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Ergonomically designed trigger  
  • Mess-free gluing 
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces 
  • Best glue gun for home and office use 

2. Aptech Glue Gun 

Aptech Glue Gun
Aptech Glue Gun

Perfect your art and craft with this Aptech glue gun. One of the most strong, reliable, and best glue guns out there, the Aptech glue gun can patch things really quick. The power input required for this glue gun is 100-Watt. It comes in an attractive blue colour and is super lightweight so that even children can easily use it. 

Compatible With: 

8-inch glue sticks 


  • Heats the glue within seconds 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Complimentary glue sticks 
  • Strong and reliable 
  • Best glue gun for art and craft 

3. Blusmart Dual Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun 

Blusmart Dual Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun
Blusmart Dual Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun

This glue gun by Blusmart instantly heats up within 2 – 5 minutes. The intelligent temperature control system provides excellent performance and output. It is made with premium-quality material and requires only 20-Watt power input to operate. The gun works best on a dry and clean surface.  

Compatible With: 

3.9-inch glue sticks 


  • Best glue gun for quick fixes 
  • Compact size suitable for homes and offices 
  • Fire-proof body 
  • 30 complimentary glue sticks 

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4. Themisto Glue Gun 

Themisto Glue Gun
Themisto Glue Gun

Equipped with a convenient switch, this glue gun ensures mess-free operation. Thermisto Glue Gun is the true definition of a multipurpose product and can be used for fixing ornaments, handicrafts, electronics, wood products, and toys. The aluminium muzzle is of the highest quality, and the plastic body of the glue gun is durable. This glue gun only requires 60-Watts to function. 

Compatible With: 

8-inch glue sticks 


  • Perfect for home and office use 
  • 100% leak-proof 
  • Best glue gun in India 
  • Aluminium nozzle 

5. iBell Glue Gun 

iBell Glue Gun
iBell Glue Gun

This iBell glue gun is the true definition of convenience. Containing a quick on/off switch, trigger, and a glue stick holding pot, this glue gun ensures a safe user experience. It is one of the best glue guns to carry out household maintenance projects and can be used to fix up centrepieces and home accessories like picture frames. This glue gun has an insulated nozzle that helps prevent burns. 

Compatible With: 

7 mm thick glue stick 


  • Lightweight 
  • Inexpensive 
  • 2 complimentary glue sticks 
  • 40-Watt power input 
  • Best glue gun for quick repairs 

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6. HotGlueGun Hot Melt Glue Gun 

HotGlueGun Hot Melt Glue Gun
HotGlueGun Hot Melt Glue Gun

HotGlueGun is one of the best glue guns for household purposes. It can fix small broken objects, toys, decorative material, etc. The tool is easy to use and requires only 20-Watts of power input to operate. The glue gun also has an LED indicator to inform that the gun has heated up to the desired temperature. 

Compatible With: 

7 mm thick glue sticks 


  • 18 glue sticks, including transparent, glitter, and coloured 
  • Best glue gun for home and art use 
  • Glue sticks and stand included in the package 
  • Heats within a minute 

7. Glun Glue Gun 

Glun Glue Gun
Glun Glue Gun

This glue gun is available in assorted attractive colours. Pick your favourite and make fixing things fun while crafting. It has a trigger, an on and off switch, and a LED light indicator for quick and convenient usage. This glue gun provides adhesive solutions for common problems. It requires 20-Watt input and consumes low energy. 

Compatible With: 

11 mm thick glue sticks 


  • 10 complimentary glue sticks 
  • Heats in 5 – 8 minutes 
  • Best glue gun for travel purposes 
  • Compact in size 

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