10 Best Whiteboards Online for Home and Office Spaces

Whether teaching at home or planning a presentation at the office, a whiteboard is a great way to present your work. It is easy to write on and erase, which makes it reusable. Many whiteboards even come with a reverse green surface that can be used to write with chalk, while some also feature a magnetic surface to stick quick notes. If you are looking for a perfect dry-erase whiteboard for your home or office, our list of the best whiteboards will help serve the purpose. Also, check out the best paint brushes in India.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Best Whiteboards?

Whiteboards are an important investment, and you should check a few factors before proceeding with the purchase. In India, you can get good quality whiteboards ranging from Rs 450 to Rs 1,799, depending on your need and budget.


Whiteboards come in different materials, mainly porcelain, melamine, and glass. Once you know why you need a whiteboard, it can be easy to choose the suitable material for you.


It’s always important to ensure you take proper measurements of your space before selecting the size of the board. You should also check that the board is compatible with permanent markers and is easy to clean. The products we’ve mentioned below have excellent customer reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 3.5-4/5, so you can invest in them without any worries.

List of the Top Whiteboards in India

AmazonBasics Magnetic Whiteboard

Best Whiteboards
AmazonBasics Whiteboard

AmazonBasics is a superb brand when it comes to office supplies and tech products that we use on a day-to-day basis. It is a private-label brand owned by Amazon and has become quite prominent in India today.

Notable Features of the AmazoBasics Magnetic Whiteboard:

  • This magnetic whiteboard from AmazonBasics measures 23 x 35 inches in size
  • Features a dry-wipe writing surface that allows for easy edits and quick start-overs
  • The board wipes easily without any stains
  • The surface is magnetic and allows for attaching papers such as shopping lists or small notes and receipts
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically


  • Made with durable alloy steel
  • No staining
  • Superior quality frame


  • Non-returnable

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

A versatile pick, this whiteboard is our top choice for the best whiteboards and rightly so. The black MDF frame adds strength and durability to the whiteboard. The whiteboard features wall clips that allow it to be mounted on the wall easily. It comes with a dry erase marker and magnets to attach anything from photographs to menus, invites and reminders.

OBASIX Whiteboard

OBASIX Whiteboard
OBASIX Whiteboard

OBASIX Industries Pvt Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of chalkboards, whiteboards, office supplies, desk accessories, and pinboards. The brand retails its products on Amazon and has a solid customer base in India.

Notable Features of the OBASIX Whiteboard:

  • Made with polypropylene and aluminium for enhanced reliability
  • The eco-aluminium frame is fitted nicely to add to its aesthetic and usability
  • Smooth surface that allows you to write without much hassle


  • No sharp edges
  • Easy erasability
  • Top-quality material


  • Non-magnetic

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

This premium non-magnetic board serves its purpose by fitting perfectly in homes, offices, and coaching centres. Since it’s made with a non-hazardous aluminium frame and ABS, you only get a superior quality product that’s lightweight and very durable. It also comes with multiple hanging clips to hang the board vertically and horizontally.

YAJNAS Whiteboard

Best whiteboards online
YAJNAS Whiteboard

YAJNAS is one of the most popular and reliable brands that manufactures home and office products at affordable costs. This double-sided whiteboard from YAJNAS is a great option for homes, offices, and study rooms.

Notable Features of the YAJNAS Whiteboard:

  • It is a 1.5ft x 2ft portable memo whiteboard suitable for homes, offices, and study rooms
  • It features a non-magnetic lightweight aluminium frame
  • The resin-painted steel surface offers ease for writing, painting, drawing, and erasing
  • It is perfect for presentations, teaching, to-do lists, planning work schedules, etc


  • Dual-surface
  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Lightweight


  • No built-in hangers

Why We Picked this whiteboard?

YAJNAS Whiteboard is listed as the best-selling product on Amazon for very valid reasons. This whiteboard’s dual advantage is that you can write with a whiteboard marker on the white surface and chalk on the reverse green surface. It is one of the best whiteboards and features a lightweight, portable build.

Pragati Systems Whiteboard

Best whiteboards in India
Pragati Systems Whiteboard

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable home, kitchen, and drawing items, Pragati Systems has a wide range of products for you. The brand massively sells on Amazon, especially when it comes to office accessories.

Notable Features of the Pragati Systems Whiteboard:

  • This magnetic whiteboard from Pragati Systems has all that it takes to be on the list of best whiteboards
  • It features a super-white resin-coated steel writing surface that is 100% smooth and scratch-free
  • The 2×3 ft board has a surface that can be used to stick magnets or magnet-impregnated objects
  • The satin-finish aluminium frame with built-in wall-hanging clips
  • Can be mounted on a wall in a landscape and portrait orientation.


  • Satin-finish
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Minimum glare


  • May leave stains

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

This board offers excellent erasability with no ghost marks, easy wipe properties, and maximum readability with minimum glare. This whiteboard features a magnetic surface that allows you to stick magnets or magnet-impregnated objects on it.

Quartet Infinity Frameless Glassboard

 Quartet Infinity Frameless Glassboard
Quartet Infinity Frameless Glassboard

Quartet was founded in 1954 and soon became a top-selling manufacturer of whiteboards and chalkboards. Its products are easily available on Amazon and will deliver the quality that you’re looking for.

Notable Features of the Quartet Infinity Frameless Glassboard:

  • This 24” L x 18” H glass board is very durable and is resistant to dents and scratches
  • Non-absorbent board allows you to write easily and doesn’t leave stains
  • Aesthetic frameless design that elevates your spaces


  • Premium-quality glass
  • Frameless
  • Scratch-resistant


  • A little pricey

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

Stylish glass whiteboard that elevates the aesthetics of your spaces without burning a hole in your pockets. This high-quality wall mount glass board is resistant to dents or scratches and doesn’t keep any ghost marks after erasing. You can mount it both horizontally and vertically.

Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard

Best whiteboards
Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard

Jaykal is another top-selling office products and accessories brand on Amazon. You can check out its product range, including whiteboards, folders, canvas boards, cardholders etc.

Notable Features of the Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard:

  • This non-magnetic hanging whiteboard from Jaykal measures 2×3 feet and is suitable for use at home, offices, and schools
  • It features a super-white writing grade melamine surface that works with any whiteboard marker
  • It is made with a precision-engineered paper honeycomb core to make the board 100% flat and warp-free


  • Minimum glare
  • Easy erasability
  • No stains


  • Quality may not be up to the mark

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

Its white surface offers excellent erasability with no ghost marks, high scratch resistance and maximum readability without any glare. More so, it is a dual-sided writing board with a white surface and a green surface that works as a chalkboard, making it a great choice for both kids and professionals. However, this whiteboard does not allow you to stick magnets.

Roger & Moris Whiteboard

Best whiteboard
Roger & Moris Whiteboard

Roger & Moris is a Delhi-based stationery company that makes top-notch writing boards, art supplies, and whiteboards that are perfect for educational uses. You can also find its products easily available in offline stores.

Notable Features of the Roger & Moris Whiteboard:

  • This non-magnetic whiteboard from Roger & Moris measures 3ft x 2ft in size and is large enough for most of your writing requirements
  • It can be easily hung on the wall of your study room, office, or classroom using the included wall-mounting hardware
  • The board is sturdy and gets a perfectly flat surface, promoting an easy and hassle-free writing experience
  • The entire frame is made from anodized aluminium to prevent it from rusting and offer a durable build to the board
  • The laminated surface of this whiteboard delivers excellent erasability without any stains and ghost marks


  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Smooth surface


  • May need to take extra care while using

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

Made with anodised aluminium, this Whiteboard by Roger & Moris is true value for money for each buyer. The board also has excellent erasability and scratch resistance and ensures that there are no stains left after cleaning. The super-smooth surface also makes writing much more fun and hassle-free!

Eduway Whiteboard

Eduway Whiteboard
Eduway Whiteboard

Eduway is a registered brand of the popular company Gupta Board. It retails stationery products and has over 10 lakh happy customers today in India.

Notable Features of the Eduway Whiteboard:

  • Made with Resin Coated Steel Writing Surface and Alloy Aluminum
  • It is a magnetic board that’s ideal for home usage
  • Precision engineered board to make the surface warp-free
  • Has a lightweight aluminium frame


  • Easy erasability
  • No scratches
  • No ghost marks

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

Solid, lightweight, and durable are the three words that best describe this Whiteboard. It is made with a resin-coated steel writing surface that’s smooth and an ABS frame to make it lightweight. It has rounded edges that ensure safety and multiple hooks let you hang the board however you want. All in all, a great choice for office and school usage.

BKDT Marketing Writing 2 in 1 Board

Best whiteboards in India
BKDT Marketing Whiteboard

BKDT also has a highly-efficient range of school and office products available at affordable prices. You can check them out on Amazon and have them delivered to you within days.

Notable Features of the BKDT Marketing Whiteboard:

  • This dual-sided writing board on our list of best whiteboards is a must-have learning board for kids and professionals alike
  • Has a white front side and a blackboard on the other side
  • You can use a temporary marker to jot down ideas and pointers on the white side
  • It features an aluminium border to strengthen the build of the board


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with magnetic alphabets, chalk, and a duster
  • Suitable for kids


  • No magnetic surface

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

The perfect dual-sided board for kids and home usage. This board has a smooth white surface and a blackboard that can be used with chalk. You also get colourful magnetic alphabets, so your kid enjoys learning the basics at home. It is a floor-standing board, perfect for children.

IVEI Combination Board

IVEI Combination Board
IVEI Combination Board

IVEI is an innovative collaboration of founder Nanda Agarwal and the rural artisans of India. The brand was founded in 2013 and makes a variety of products, such as magnetic boards, keychains, blackboards, and pinboards.

Notable Features of the IVEI Combination Board:

  • Multi-utility board that comes with a calendar, bulletin board, magnetic sheet, and whiteboard
  • Has a solid wooden frame that adds to its durability
  • Comes with metal loops so you can hang it on a wall


  • Multiple uses
  • Makes a great gift
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The writing board is quite small

Why We Picked this Whiteboard?

One board that fulfils multiple purposes at an affordable cost. It features a mini calendar, to-do boards, a whiteboard, and a pinboard to keep your tasks organised. Whether you’re a child or an adult, this multi-purpose board can be a great addition to make your every day tasks manageable.  

Final Word

Choosing a whiteboard is quite simple if you know what you exactly need it for. In this article, we have listed some of the best whiteboards in India based on their size, material, and quality. While we really love the products from OBASIX and YAJNAS, let us know which ones you picked.


1. What are the best whiteboard brands in India?

OBASIX, AmazonBasics, and YAJNAS are considered some of the best-selling whiteboard brands in India.

2. What are whiteboards made of?

Whiteboards are generally made of porcelain, melanin, or glass with aluminium frames.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of qualified researchers who try and study several products before creating these lists. For the whiteboard blog, we considered factors such as material, size, and quality to create a useful list for you. Since our goal has always been to make online shopping a hassle-free experience for you, we never add any shady products to these lists.

Sanskriti Mathur
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