Whether you are teaching at home or ideating a presentation at the office, a whiteboard is a great way to present your work. It is easy to write on and erase, which makes it reusable. Many whiteboards even come with a reverse green surface that can be used to write with chalk, while some also feature a magnetic surface to stick quick notes using magnets. If you are looking for a perfect dry-erase whiteboard for your home or office, our list of the best whiteboards will help serve the purpose.

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Best Whiteboards in India

1. AmazonBasics Magnetic Whiteboard

Best Whiteboards
AmazonBasics Whiteboard

This magnetic whiteboard from AmazonBasics measures 23 x 35 inches in size and features a dry-wipe writing surface that allows for easy edits and quick start-overs. The board wipes easily without any stains. The surface is magnetic and allows for attaching papers such as shopping lists or small notes and receipts.

A versatile pick, this whiteboard is our top choice for best whiteboards and rightly so. The black MDF frame adds strength and durability to the whiteboard. The whiteboard features wall clips that allow it to be mounted on the wall easily. It comes with a dry erase marker and magnets to attach anything from photographs to menus, invites and reminders.

2. YAJNAS Whiteboard

Best whiteboards online
YAJNAS Whiteboard

This double-sided whiteboard from YAJNAS is a 1.5ft x 2ft portable memo whiteboard suitable for homes, offices, and study rooms. It features a non-magnetic lightweight aluminium frame, and the resin-painted steel surface offers ease for writing, painting, drawing, and erasing. It is perfect for presentations, teaching, to-do lists, planning work schedules, and more.

This whiteboard’s dual advantage is that you can write with a marker on the white surface and chalk on the reverse green surface. One of the best whiteboards out there, the YAJNAS whiteboard features a lightweight, portable build.

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3. Pragati Systems Whiteboard

Best whiteboards in India
Pragati Systems Whiteboard

This magnetic whiteboard from Pragati Systems has all that it takes to be on the list of best whiteboards. It features a super-white resin-coated steel writing surface which is 100% smooth and scratch-free to ensure the maximum pleasure of writing. The 2×3 ft board has a surface that can be used to stick magnets or magnet impregnated objects.

The satin-finish aluminium frame with built-in wall-hanging clips allows it to be mounted on a wall in a landscape and portrait orientation. This board offers excellent erasability with no ghost marks with easy wipe properties, and maximum readability with minimum glare. This whiteboard features a magnetic surface that allows you to stick magnets or magnet impregnated objects on it.

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4. Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard

Best whiteboards
Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard

This non-magnetic hanging whiteboard from Jaykal measures 2×3 feet and is suitable for use at home, offices, and schools. Well, this whiteboard has all the hallmark features of the best whiteboards. It features a super-white writing grade melamine surface that works with any whiteboard marker. It is made with a precision-engineered paper honeycomb core to make the board 100% flat and warp-free.

Its white surface offers excellent erasability with no ghost-marks, high scratch resistance and maximum readability without any glare. More so, it is a dual-sided writing board with a white surface and a green surface that works as a chalkboard, making it a great choice for both kids and professionals. However, this whiteboard does not allow you to stick magnets.

5. Roger & Moris Whiteboard

Best whiteboard
Roger & Moris Whiteboard

This non-magnetic whiteboard from Roger &Moris measures 3ft x 2ft in size and is large enough for most of your writing requirements. It can be easily hanged on the wall of your study room, office, or classroom using the included wall-mounting hardware. The board is sturdy and gets a perfectly flat surface, promoting an easy and hassle-free writing experience.

The entire frame is made from anodized aluminium to prevent it from rusting and offer a durable build to the board. The laminated surface of this whiteboard delivers excellent erasability without any stains and ghost marks.

6. BKDT Marketing Writing 2 in 1 Board

Best whiteboards in India
BKDT Marketing Whiteboard

This dual sided writing board on our list of best whiteboards is a must have learning board for kids and professionals alike. This two-sided board has a white front side and a blackboard on the other side. You can use a temporary marker to jot down ideas and pointers on the white side.

It features an aluminium border to strengthen the build of the board. However, this 2 in 1 whiteboard does not have a magnetic surface. That said, it is a doable option given the affordable pricing if you are looking for budget-friendly whiteboards.

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List of Best Whiteboards in India

Best WhiteboardsPrice*
AmazonBasics Whiteboard
YAJNAS Whiteboard
Pragati Systems Whiteboard
Jaykal Hanging Whiteboard
Roger & Moris Whiteboard
BKDT Marketing Whiteboard

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