10 Best Pencil Brands in India for Smooth and Clean Writing

Pencils have been a crucial tool for artists, writers, and students alike. Whether you’re using it to take notes, do crossword puzzles, sketch, or scribble down a shopping list, a pencil always comes in handy.

Pencils come in various types and grades, each with its unique characteristics. It is a functional tool that is needed in our everyday life. They are portable, versatile, and come in a wide range of options for creativity and expression. Pencils are also eco-friendly and can be sharpened and reused multiple times, reducing waste and saving resources. In this article, we will discuss the best pencil brands in India, so that your children can receive the best stationery products.

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How Do We Choose the Best Pencil Brands for You?

In India, good quality pencils cost anywhere between Rs 45 and Rs 350. Before you go through our suggestions of the best pencil brands that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.


The first thing you should consider when choosing a pencil is its quality. Graphite in pencils is what makes the mark on the paper, so it’s essential to choose a brand that uses high-quality graphite. It should be smooth and consistent, allowing you to write or draw without any interruptions or smudging.

Wood Quality

Another important aspect to consider while buying a pencil is the quality of the wood. The best pencils are lightweight, durable, and resistant to breakage. A good quality pencil should have a sturdy body that can withstand the pressure of writing and drawing without breaking.


Next, you should think about the preferred shape you want for your pencil. Round and triangular pencils are better for learning purposes. On the other hand, hexagonal pencils are fantastic for general usage. Premium pencils often have a hexagonal form. 


Pencils can quickly become useless if they are not sharpened properly. Consider a pencil brand made from soft wood that is easy to sharpen.

List of 10 Best Pencil Brands in India



Apsara is one of the most well-known stationery brands in India. For a long time, the pencils were simple and elegantly finished. However, you can now buy Apsara pencils with a glossier finish. Apsara has established itself as a leader in the pencil industry.

Prominent Features of the Apsara Pencil:

  • These pencils have a 0.5 mm lead size and are constructed of wood that is of the highest quality
  • The pencils come in a broad range and feature a solid graphite foundation
  • Apsara pencils are intended to improve legibility while writing


  • Extra dark lead for long-lasting, legible handwriting 
  • Dark lead requires less pressure to write with
  • Soft wood makes for simple sharpening

Why We Picked the Apsara Pencil?

Apsara is a stationery brand that has been a constant in Indian households for a long time. The brand is a part of the Hindustan Pencils Group and produces a wide variety of pencils that provides legible handwriting and dark strokes.



Another invention of the Hindustan Pencils Group, Nataraj is one of the biggest exporters and producers in India. These pencils are a favourite in practically every home and feature a superb lead core. The crimson and black texture of Nataraj pencils makes them instantly recognisable everywhere.

Prominent Features of the Nataraj Pencil:

  • The user has a very firm grip because of the superior wood quality
  • The lead of the pencils is of the highest quality and is non-toxic
  • The superior bonded lead of the pencils avoids breakage


  • Long lasting tip
  • Sharpens easily
  • Smooth writing experience

Why We Picked the Nataraj Pencil?

Nataraj pencils are reasonably priced and are trusted by Indians. It is regarded as one of India’s top pencil brands, and people of all ages use the brand.

Faber Castell

Faber Castell
Faber Castell

Faber Castell is associated with stationery products and supplies. This brand of pencils is loved by both students and artists worldwide and is made by one of the most reputable companies in the world. They stand out due to their excellent aesthetic appeal and affordable rates. These pencils are sold in sets of ten and come with a metal sharpener and an eraser.

Prominent Features of the Faber Castell Pencil:

  • Better control is provided by a triangular form, which enhances handwriting
  • The pencil lacquer is phthalate-free and child-safe, making it a popular choice
  • By putting their name in the designated spot on their pencil, children may customise it


  • Triangular shape
  • Non-toxic
  • Helps improve handwriting

Why We Picked the Faber Castell Pencil?

Faber Castell is the top producer of wood-cased pencils in the world. The brand offers a wide selection of items for writing, sketching, and creative design, as well as cosmetics. Faber-Castell is famous for its superior, cutting-edge goods, dedication to tradition, and environmental consciousness.



Camlin Pencils is among the finest and most reliable pencil brands in India. The defining characteristics of this brand include high-quality lead and durability. Writing with these pencils is a unique and exceptional experience. They also come with an eraser and a sharpener. 

Prominent Features of the Camlin Pencil:

  • They have a highly eye-catching glossy surface and the pencil comes in a range of colours.
  • The top-notch lead of Camlin pencils makes writing a pleasant pleasure 
  • The pencils are commonly available in packs of ten and are easy to sharpen


  • Long-lasting
  • Wide variety available
  • Easy to sharpen

Why We Picked the Camlin Pencil?

Camlin Pencils are known for their durability and strong lead. These pencils are affordable and provide dark strokes, making your handwriting beautiful.



If you’re looking for pencils that are high-quality, durable, and reasonably priced, Doms is the brand to choose from. The Doms pencils live up to their name because of the smooth, soft lead and robust wood. This company has quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality stationery. 

Prominent Features of the Doms Pencil:

  • Users will find their outstandingly bonded and high-quality lead and wood to be quite pleasant to hold
  • The pencils are made of soft treated wood and are available in a variety of designs and lovely colours
  • The high-end graphite lead of the pencil provides an amazing writing experience


  • Soft and well-treated wood
  • Premium graphite lead
  • Quality writing

Why We Picked the Doms Pencil?

Doms is regarded as one of India’s top pencil suppliers. Some of the varieties of pencils are packaged in unique plastic jars, which are suitable as gifts.



Pentonic pencils are among the safest pencils available, particularly for children who have the propensity to bite the pencil’s back end. They are composed of wood that is very robust, has international-grade lead, and has non-toxic components. Pentonic pencils are recognised for their exceptional quality and strong break resistance

Prominent Features of the Pentonic Pencil:

  • For easy sharpening, Pentonic pencils are made with specially treated wood from certified forests
  • The pencil has a high break resistance lead and has a good sharpening ability
  • Since the pencils are extra dark, they require less pressure to write


  • Triangular shaped design
  • Smooth sharpening
  • Non-toxic international quality lead


  • May not be very dark



Johann Sebastian Staedtler established the Staedtler Group in 1835 with the goal of selling pencils all over the globe. The company produces pencils of the highest quality for writing, sketching, and drawing on paper. Due to the wide variety of pencils available under the Staedtler brand, it is best suited for students, artists, and graphic designers.

Prominent Features of the Staedtler Pencil:

  • These pencils are extremely durable due to the break-resistant super-bonded lead
  • Rubber tip pastel barrel colours suitable for use in schools and offices
  • Additionally, the pencils are easy to sharpen and erase


  • Easy to sharpen
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Dark strokes


  • Expensive

Kabeer Art

Kabeer Art
Kabeer Art

The pencils from Kabeer Art are quite smooth and not too thick. Drawing with them is more relaxed and flowing since they are nicely balanced and you can hold them without contracting your hand muscles.

Prominent Features of the Kabeer Art Pencil:

  • You won’t get graphite all over your hands since they are coated 
  • The pencil is angled in comparison to a standard pencil to produce broad lines and facilitate shading
  • These pencils don’t need sharpening as you can just shade in while maintaining the length of the tip and letting it roll a little


  • Woodless and smooth
  • No need for sharpening
  • Comfortable grip


  • Delicate and may break easily if dropped



Reynolds pencils are designed with interesting, vibrant patterns to make writing enjoyable. They feature unique body colours, ultra-dark leads for precise imprints, and are break resistant so you can write for longer. Additionally, the soft wood enables crisp and tidy writing and is simple to sharpen. 

Prominent Features of the Reynolds Pencil:

  • Every word you write will have a striking effect thanks to Reynolds pencils’ super-dark leads
  • Ideal for office and school supplies since they are built with strong, break-resistant lead
  • Composed of soft wood, which allows for simple sharpening and clean and orderly writing


  • Dark leads for easy writing
  • Break-resistant lead
  • Soft use helps in easy sharpening



Brustro Pencils are constructed of premium graphite that has undergone a precise bonding process. This makes them both simple to sharpen and break-resistant. The pencils write smoothly on paper and produce dark erasable writing. Because of the latex-free rubber eraser at the tip, the pencil is non-toxic and suitable for kids.

Prominent Features of the Brustro Pencil:

  • The pencils come already sharpened and prepared for use, saving you the headache of having to sharpen each one individually
  • These pencils are very durable since they are constructed of wood of the highest grade
  • Made with premium graphite, which gives the writing a smooth and black tone


  • Non-toxic
  • Break-resistant cores
  • Easy to sharpen

Final Word

Based on our research, Apsara, Nataraj, and Faber Castell are our top picks for the best pencil brands in India. We also considered factors like lead quality, wood quality, shape, and sharpening, while making our recommendations. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


What are the best brands of pencils?

According to us, Apsara, Nataraj, Faber Castell, and Camlin are the best brand of pencils in India. The brand produces high-quality pencils at affordable prices for both students and artists.

What is the most famous pencil brand?

Blackwing is the most famous pencil brand. The Blackwing 602 pencils initially showed up in the 1930s and are distinguished by their flat, golden ferrule with a movable eraser. Numerous well-known authors, poets, and musicians have long used these pencils. The leads’ wax content gives velvety black markings and extra-smooth handling.

Which is the world’s best pencil?

Ticonderoga is the world’s best pencil. This brand is celebrated across the globe for its unique graphite core and satin-smooth finish.

Why are Faber-Castell pencils so expensive?

The Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil “Ultimate” Limited Edition is available for $12,800. Only 10 of these iconic pencils, which have an eraser and sharpener built in and are constructed of 240-year-old olive wood and 18-carat white gold, have been produced, and only roughly 5 are in existence.

What was the original pencil?

Originally, graphite sticks were first wrapped with string to write. The wood-cased pencil was created later when graphite was put inside hollowed-out wooden sticks. 

What is the old name of pencil?

The word ‘pencil’ originates from Old French ‘pincel’ and Latin ‘penicillus’, meaning a ‘small tail.’ The term ‘pencil’ originally referred to an artist’s fine camel hair brush in the Middle Ages. However, the usage of a sort of brush for sketching dates back to the early petrograph or cave drawings. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the best market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations of the best pencil brands have helped you out. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

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