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For a healthy lifestyle, taking care of health has become important in today’s hectic routine. Day by day individuals are becoming aware of their health and body weight. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. To track daily progress, the weighing machine proves to be a useful item. The best weighing machine brands are, thus, quite in demand.

Through this portable machine, fitness freaks not only take care of their weight goals, but the machine also comes in handy for measuring trivial things in the house including suitcases before a trip or moving houses etc. Since these machines are digital nowadays, several questions come to the mind of the buyers regarding their strength, accuracy, and quality. Here we have brought for you some of the best weighing machine brands known for their quality and standard in the market. 

List of Best Weighing Machine Brands 

1. Xiaomi (Mi) Weighing Machine

Xiaomi Weighing Scale
Xiaomi Weighing Scale

Xiaomi Corporation, also known as Mi or Xiaomi Inc, is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of consumer electronics, associated software, household products, and home appliances. Xiaomi has already been ruling the smartphone market of India. According to the newest Counterpoint study, Xiaomi has surpassed Samsung to become the world’s leading smartphone seller. The weighing scale offered by Xiaomi is the best in class. It provides precise body data and smartly integrates with the Mi Fit App to provide hassle-free health data to the users.

Top-Selling Xiaomi Products: 

  • Mi Smartphone 
  • Redmi Smartphone 
  • Mi Weighing Scale 
  • Mi Smart TV 
  • Mi Horizon laptop 

2. Realme 

Realme Weighing Scale
Realme Weighing Scale

Realme is a Chinese electronics company owned by BBK Electronics – the parent company of OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, and iQOO. Former vice president of OPPO and CEO of Oppo India, Sky Li launched Realme on May 4, 2018. Since then, Realme has come out with a range of smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, laptops, and other lifestyle accessories. The smart weight scale by Realme comes with 360 days (about 12 months) of standby battery, 50 G of High-precision, and 16 types of health measurement features. Users can track daily reports by using Realme Link App.

Top-Selling Realme Products: 

  • Realme Smartphone 
  • Narzo smartphone 
  • Realme Smart TV 
  • Realme laptop 
  • Realme Smart Watch 

3. ActiveX 

ActiveX Weighing Machine
ActiveX Weighing Machine
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ActiveX is a sub-brand of IOSX Trading Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest-growing lifestyle and healthcare companies in India. ActiveX offers the best weighing machine and high-quality fitness solutions and service that surpasses clients’ needs. All the products offered by ActiveX are designed and developed in Australia by a committed team of designers that creatively integrate user experience and technology to produce premium and user-friendly designs. All ActiveX Smart Bluetooth scales include the ActiveX App. It has a variety of tools that assist users in setting, tracking, and achieving fitness goals. 

Top-Selling ActiveX Products: 

  • Bluetooth Scale 
  • Bathroom Scale 
  • Kitchen Scale 
  • Rechargeable Scale 
  • BMI Scale 

4. Dr Trust 

Dr Trust Weighing Machine
Dr Trust Weighing Machine

Dr Trust is the world’s leading fitness and wellbeing brand. The products meet the most demanding CE and FDA criteria and are highly endorsed by health care professionals. Dr Trust offers the best weighing machine for body weight measurement. The scales are created in the most excellent manner to provide unrivalled accuracy and functionality. The weighing scale can be connected to a smartphone for better tracking the data. Because of user-friendly ease of operation, the weighing scale by Dr Trust is appropriate for both novice as well as experienced users.  

Top-Selling Dr Trust Products: 

  • Weighing Scales 
  • Blood Pressure Monitors 
  • Glucometers 
  • Oxygen Concentrators 
  • Physio Electric Massagers 
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeters 


OMRON Weighing Scale
OMRON Weighing Scale

OMRON is a personal healthcare brand offering innovative, real-time health monitoring and therapy equipment. The weighing machine by OMRON comes with 4 sensors accuracy technology for accurate measurement. The scale automatically turns off after 16 seconds which helps in saving batteries. OMRON also offers a full body composition scale which not only measures body weight but also in terms of skeletal muscle, visceral fat, and more compositions. The smart scale offers guest mode and 4 users’ memory space. 

Best-Selling OMRON Products: 

  • Weight Scale 
  • Body Composition Monitor 
  • Nebulizer 
  • Thermometer 
  • Electric Massager 

6. Healthgenie Weighing Machine

Healthgenie Weighing Machine
Healthgenie Weighing Machine

Healthgenie is a New Delhi based company founded by Manu Grover. It began with remarkable momentum in July 2011 to serve the healthcare industry of India. Healthgenie is one of India’s leading online retailers of healthcare items and exercise equipment for men, women, and children. Healthgenie provides the best weight machine for home along with vast categories of fitness and healthcare related items. It offers weighing scales that are proven and tested to meet international standards. 

Top-Selling Healthgenie Products: 

  • Weighing Scale 
  • Oxygen Concentrator 
  • Digital Upper arm BP Monitor 
  • Stainless Steel Stethoscope 

7. Hesley 

Hesley Weighing Machine
Hesley Weighing Machine

Hesley Inc was founded in 2016 and has since grown and thrived in the industry to become India’s leading brand for healthcare products. Hesley provides the best quality weight machine for home use alongwith a vast range of products in personal care, healthcare, fitness, sports, and kitchen industries, and prides itself in introducing exciting and innovative ideas in the market. Hesley is enthusiastic about high-quality products and utilises its technical expertise to master vintage design concepts and introduce household goods technology.

Top-Selling Hesley Products: 

  • Digital Weighing Scale
  • Bluetooth Body Fat Weighing Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Oxygen Saturation Monitor
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Smart Kitchen Scale

8. Eagle Scales 

Eagle Weighing Machine
Eagle Weighing Machine

Eagle is a popular brand from the EG Kantawalla family that provides weighing solution products for several purposes. The company’s simple foundation of importing measuring tools has evolved into a 100-year tradition of offering the highest quality products and maintaining long-term client connections. Eagle has been established as an industry leader by providing commendable services and a diverse array of solutions. The Eagle Scales offers the best weighing scale for home, ranging from basic weighing, dynamic weighing, bulk weighing, weighing newborn infants to calibration offerings that satisfy global standards.

Top-Selling Eagle Scales Products: 

  • Personal Scale (Analogue Scale/Battery Free Scale/Body Fat Scale/Electronic Scale/Smart Weighing Scale) 
  • Kitchen Scale (Electronic Scale/Pet Scale/Waterproof Scale) 
  • Home Diagnostics (Blood Pressure Monitor/IR Thermometer/Oximeter) 
  • Healthcare (Baby Scales/Height and Weight Scale) 
  • Luggage Scale 

9. Vandelay 

Vandelay Weighing Machine
Vandelay Weighing Machine

Founded in 2008, Vandelay is one of India’s top-rated brands focused on research, development, and distribution of personal and health care products with the goal of customer satisfaction. Vandelay is among the best weighing scale brand with a global presence in India, United Kingdom, USA, and the European Union offering a range of weight loss, health care, and well-being products. Vandelay offers fast delivery, 1-3 years warranty, and free shipping depending on the product sold.

Top-Selling Vandelay Products: 

  • Digital Electronic Weighing Scale 
  • Blood Pressure Monitor for Arm 
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator 
  • Electronic Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer 

10. Venus Weighing Machine

Venus Weighing Machine
Venus Weighing Machine

Ace Incorporation is the parent company of one of the best weighing scale brands in India, Venus. It offers a wide selection of Digital Weighing Scales that are made from quality raw materials purchased from reputable suppliers in the Indian market. The category includes Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scales as well as Manual Body Weighing Scales. Because of their daily usage, these scales are widely sought after in the international market too. The weighing scales from Venus are distinguished in the market for their moisture resistance, dust resistance, and excellent precision. 

Top-Selling Venus Products: 

  • Body weighing scale 
  • Digital personal bathroom weighing scale 
  • Jewellery weighing scale 
  • Electronic hanging scale 
  • Kitchen weighing scale 

Best Weighing Machine Brands – Price List (Updated)

Brand Price* 
Xiaomi (Mi) Starting at Rs 1999 
Realme Starting at Rs 1399 
ActiveX Starting at Rs 1799 
Dr Trust Starting at Rs 1499 
OMRON Starting at Rs 1499 
Healthgenie Starting at Rs 1199 
Hesley Starting at Rs 1149 
Eagle Scales Starting at Rs 1095 
Vandelay Starting at Rs 899 
Venus Starting at Rs 849 
*Prices are subject to change 


Which manual weight machine is best? 

The weighing machine by Venus is one of the best manual weight machines in India right now. 

Which weighing scale is the most accurate? 

Both digital and analogue weighing scale are great options. They are manufactured with international weight standards set by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, which is followed by all brands on our list. 

How do I choose a good weighing machine? 

A good weighing machine can be chosen by numerous factors. These include design, accuracy, smartphone wireless connection compatibility, and other factors as per user needs.

Q. Which home weighing machine is best? 

Ans: Some of the best types and designs of home weighing machines are offered by various brands. These include ActiveX, Dr Trust, Hesley, Venus, Healthgenie, Eagle Scales, and more. 

Q. Which weighing machine is best – digital or mechanical? 

Ans: Both mechanical and digital weighing machines are best in terms of measurement. Both come with their pros and cons. A digital weighing machine has the advantage of showing point to point weight but requires a battery. The mechanical weighing machine doesn’t require any battery, but users can face a little bit of difficulty in point measurement. 

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