Bestselling Durjoy Datta Books Of All Time

Bestselling Durjoy Datta Books Of All Time

Durjoy Datta is an Indian novelist who has won the hearts of the young Indian audience. Apart from writing teenage love stories, he also indulges in screenwriting and running a publishing house. He is also one of the many motivational speakers at TEDx conferences in colleges across India. Datta started his writing career while pursuing his final year of engineering. Ever since his books have been topping bestselling lists across the world.

In 2009, The Times of India recognized Datta as a young achiever. Whistling Woods International also chose him as a young achiever in the field of Media and Communication in 2011. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Teacher’s Achievement Award. Datta’s debut show, Sadda Haq won a Zee Gold Award in 2014 and the Indian Telly Award in 2014 and 2015.

Durjoy Datta Books Price Rating
Of Course I Love You Rs.111 3.7/5
Till The Last Breath Rs.97 4.4/5
Our Impossible Love Rs.110 4.1/5
Now That You’re Rich Rs.158 3.9/5
If It’s Not Forever Rs.129 4.3/5
She Broke Up, I Didn’t Rs.147 3.7/5
Oh Yes, I’m Single Rs.133 3.8/5
The Boy Who Loved Rs.159 4.5/5
You Were My Crush Rs.128 4/5
Someone Like You Rs.117 4.1/5

1. Of Course, I Love You

Written in collaboration with Maanvi Ahuja, Of Course, I Love You is a youth-centric novel. Discussing the concepts of love, breakup, turmoil, and friendship, the tale revolves around Debashish, a Delhi lad who takes pride in his multiple love interests. Real love didn’t exist for Debashish until he met Avantika who turned his life upside down and ultimately dumped him. The book explores love, fantasy, heartbreak, and frustration, all of which one can relate to.

Year Of Publication: 2008

No. Of Copies Sold: 300,000 copies sold

Price: Rs.111

2. Now That You’re Rich

Now That You’re Rich is a tale that revolves around four overachieving nerds who land themselves in jobs that pay them higher than their spending. Things become twisted when Abhi, Garima, Saurav, and Shruthi start working under bosses who are straight out of hell. As the matters of love and work proceed, things become even worse and ultimately, the time of recession drifts the once close friends apart.

Year Of Publication: 2009

No. Of Copies Sold: Over 250,000 copies sold

Price: Rs.158

3. She Broke Up, I Didn’t

The story revolves around the picture-perfect love between Deb and Avantika. Until one night Deb ends up ruining his relationship by kissing one of his classmates. Tackling the questions of infidelity, loyalty, and love, She Broke Up, I Didn’t is a novel that describes the mistakes and misunderstandings that we see in relationships today.

Year Of Publication: 2010

Price: Rs.129

4. Oh Yes, I’m Single

Co-authored by Niti, Oh Yes, I’m Single exhibits the reality of modern relationships and how staying in love is the actual test. The story is based on a Casanova who goes through a series of relationships and is still unsure of who is the right one for him. A girl named Natasha breaks his heart and leaves him depressed. This is the time when his ex-girlfriend, Manika returns to take care of him. This emotional rollercoaster will unravel love, laughter, and tears.

Year Of Publication: 2011

Price: Rs.133

5. The Boy Who Loved

Wonderfully realistic yet dangerously unreal, The Boy Who Loved is about an introvert boy named Raghu who lives with the guilt of letting his closest friend drown in the school’s swimming pool. He punishes himself by hiding the reality from the world and shying away from love and friendship. However, no matter how hard he tried to resist, his fascination towards Brahmi was only growing with time. If you’re looking to read something warm and romantic while equally dark, edgy and quirky then this is the right choice.

Year Of Publication: 2011

No. Of Copies Sold: Over 100,000 copies sold

Price: Rs.159

6. You Were My Crush

Written in partnership with Orvana Ghai, You Were My Crush is a novel that accounts the transformation of Benoy, a spoilt brat. His life seems perfect on the outside but the reality is that he suffers every day on the inside. Benoy journeys from being a reckless boy to a responsible and sincere man with the help of Diya, the love of his life. The book illustrates meaningful messages relating to family, love, and life.

Year Of Publication: 2011

Price: Rs.128

7. Till The Last Breath

Pacing towards death, Till the Last Breath is a story about two diverse patients brought together in a hospital room. One of the patients is a nineteen-year-old medical student who is suffering from a fatal disease and the other is a twenty-five-year-old drug addict who is suffering from multiple organ failure. As their doctors bend the rules of medicines and even their ethics to keep them breathing, the two share their tragic and inspiring stories. The book is sure to swell up your throat with its emotional storyline.

Year Of Publication: 2012

Price: Rs.97

8. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love

Written in collaboration with Nikita Singh, If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love is a novel that starts with Deb escaping a bomb blast at Chandni Chowk. Scarred and haunted, Deb visits the blast’s site again and finds a half-burnt dairy written by someone who died on that fateful day. He decides to journey with his friend, Shrey and girlfriend, Avantika to hand over the dairy to the man’s beloved mentioned in the diary. The book reflects the essence of love and responsibility.

Year Of Publication: 2012

Price: Rs.129

9. Someone Like You

Structured to center around friendship, love, and betrayal, Someone Like You is a novel that accounts the story of five characters and their journey through college. Co-written by Nikita Singh, the story’s protagonist is Niharika who is transformed into a confident and attractive girl before entering college. There she meets Tanmay and Pia, who become her best friends, Akshat, her love interest and Karthik, her mysterious college senior. The book records their unusual yet exciting experiences and bond while keeping you engaged till the very end.

Year Of Publication: 2013

Price: Rs.117

10. Our Impossible Love

Centered on the growing years of Aisha, Our Impossible Love is a novel that accounts her journey to self-discovery and romance. Aisha comes from a close-knit family of four, an ailing mother, a father who works in a different city and a brother. Aisha’s life turns into a nightmare when the family discovers that her younger brother is gay. The book explores human relationships and their complexity.

Year Of Publication: 2016

Price: Rs.110

Awards: Crossword Book Award, Popular Choice Award, Fiction in 2017


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