Cute Headbands for Your Baby Girl

Colourful Headbands for Babies

Headbands are a popular accessory among mothers of little baby girls. Mommies love to dress up their baby girls in pretty dresses and matching headbands. From bowknot slim bands to broad knotted ones, polkas to stripes, solid colours to glittery sprinkle, there is a wide variety in designs and patterns that you can choose from. The materials used are soft and so is the elastic; they fit well, stay in place but do not cause pressure marks to the baby. Here is a quick list of headbands that you can pick for your baby or for the purpose of gifting.

Colourful Headbands for Babies

1. Palay Bowknot Headbands

If your baby girl loves wearing headbands, this pack gives you a lot of choices. It contains a dozen hairbands in solid colours that are elegant enough to be worn every day. The material used is comfortable, soft, and gentle, chosen specially for your delicate baby girl. The size is best suited for girls of 0 to 12 months of age. The bowknot shape makes them a pretty accessory for all occasions.

Colourful Variety

These headbands come in 12 bright and lovely colours that can be matched with the baby’s attire.

Editor’s Choice

2. BabyMoon Flower Headbands

From BabyMoon, this is a set of 6 headbands that is absolutely soft and comfortable to be worn by your baby girl. They come in solid colour bands with a lovely net floweret on the top. The set includes common colours like red, pink, black and blue that go well with a number of pretty dresses.


These headbands are super stretchy and can easily be adjusted by stretching with hands.

Popular Choice

3. Techpugs Knotted Headband

Available in a polka dot print, this knotted headband for girls is perfect for adding sass to your girl’s trendy outfit. These headbands are made with soft fabric that does not irritate the baby’s skin and keeps their hair sorted throughout the day. You can pair them with dresses, tops and jeans, overalls or even with onesies.

Comfortable and Pretty

Each headband is crafted with care to offer maximum comfort to the kid and features pretty prints.

Most Loved

4. BabyMoon Turban Knotted Hairband

Perfect for every occasion, this turban style headband by BabyMoon is cute and stylish. The lovely knot on the top gives it a slightly retro look. This pack contains three headbands in different prints and colours. The band elastic is adjustable and grows with your baby, ensuring that it does not feel uncomfortable to wear.

Soft Material

The material used for these headbands is soft on the baby’s skin. The prints go well with all kinds of dresses.

Premium Choice

5. Anna Creations Multi-coloured Headbands

Available in a set of three, these hairbands from Anna Creations have a unique style. They are smooth and soft to touch and do not irritate the baby’s skin at all. At the same time, they fit well and stay secure all day. These trendy headbands are comfortable for newborns, toddlers, and older babies. In this pack, you get three different colours – white, black and dark pink.

Trendy Design

These headbands have a glittery shine that makes them suitable for party wear and other special occasions.

Affordable Option
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