Exclusive Peek On The Upcoming iPhone XI & XI Max’s Unique Camera Bump Design

Only a few hours ago, we presented to you the exclusive renders and 360-degree videos of iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. While the information in earlier posts was almost accurate, it did not give a detailed depiction of the rear camera bump engineering. So hold your breath, as we, at CashKaro, now bring to you a comprehensive description of camera bump designs of the two flagship devices. This post also features the high-resolution images of the Camera Bump Design.

iPhone XI XI Max camera bump final - CashKaro

What’s New About The Cameras Of Apple’s Next Series iPhones?

Various reports suggest that Apple’s product development and design process is one of the most successful processes ever implemented. The company follows a complex yet unique approach to bring an appropriate finish to the design of each component of its devices.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once stated ‘Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail’- We believe that minor details that offer a unique look to phones deserve a significant mention. And such is the appearance of iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max’s camera design.

Our observation of the product images unveils that Apple’s iPhones XI series will astound the users considering the distinctive features of the devices. Here, take a look at what’s different about the cameras of this series.

iPhone XI XI Max camera bump final 3 - CashKaro

As confirmed through our previous leaks, iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max feature a unique rear panel formed out of a single piece of glass, which includes the squarish camera bump. Additionally, both the devices of this series characterize a Triangular-shaped Triple Camera Arrangement.

iPhone XI XI Max camera bump final 2 - CashKaro

What remained unseen in previously released renders is that the squarish camera bump actually encloses three smaller individual bumps surrounding the camera lenses that slip inside. The smaller bumps give a 3D sort of effect, visible through the glass of the main and larger square bump.

iPhone XI XI Max camera bump final 4 - CashKaro

Not just this, these renders also reveal the presence of a circular glass appearing on top of each of the three camera lenses. These are then surrounded by a thin ring, offering a refined look to the camera.

Apple’s XI Series’ Cameras – A Comparison To The Previous Version

While iPhone X and iPhone XS featured a rear camera – a standard rectangle curved from the corners, the design and engineering of cameras in iPhone XI’s series’ devices is quite distinctive. As against the dual rear camera of the tenth series, the new one features a Triangular-shaped Triple Camera Arrangement. Apart from this, Apple has also focused on detailed engineering of the camera bump design on the back panel – details of which have been mentioned above.

360° Video Of iPhone XI And iPhone XI Max’s Cameras

This unprecedented introduction by Apple is surely going to stupefy the users this year. Do make use of the comment section below and let us know your thoughts about the upcoming Apple phones’ design engineering.

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